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media kit, how to write a media kit

How to Write a Media Kit for your Blog

by Deborah Cruz

What Do You want Your Media Kit to Say about You?

media kit, how to write a media kit

How to write Media Kit for your Blog ~ We all want to know where to begin when writing our media kit but it’s one of those secrets of the trade that no one wants to share. On the rare occasion that someone actually gives you feedback, it’s cryptic and vague. I am here to decode it for you.I figured since I already spilled the beans on how to write a Mommy blog and how to navigate Twitter, the next logical step is how to write a media kit for your blog. Above is a screenshot of my current media kit. There are two pages in total. This is page one.I came up with my media kit by doing lots of research on the internet, consulting other ( more experienced) bloggers to look it over and having those people who actually receive sponsorship proposals to give me their honest feedback. I hope this post is helpful to you. If it is, don’t be stingy pass it on to your fellow bloggers and leave me a comment with any questions or suggestions that you might have.

  • ย Contact information. For the love of God, make it easy for companies to contact you via your media kit, your blog, etc. If you don’t, do not be surprised when no one contacts you. You can’t pitch companies to work with you or to sponsor you to conferences if you are not even professional enough to make yourself easily accessible on your blog and media kit. They want to know that if they need to reach you, they can. Make it easy. Be accessible.
  • Your blog the Brand. Your blog is a representation of you. Your media kit should reflect your blog’s brand. What message are you trying to send? I would advise using the same color scheme and graphics that emphasize your brand. If someone is familiar with your blog, there should be no mistaking that your media kit is for your blog. I even include a screen shot of my blog within my media kit. Same color scheme, same theme across the board…blog, media kit, business cards, Facebook landing page, Twitter background.
  • ย The Right Pitch. An elevator pitch is a short, concise explanation of what you do. What is your blog about? The TRUTH about Motherhood isย  a brutally honest, laugh out loud funny, raw account of navigating this new lifestyle that we Mommies find ourselves drowning in after having children. It’s what happens after the “They all live happily ever after” takes place.

Your Media Kit is Your Online Introduction

  • ย What’s Your niche? What’s a Niche? Where do you fit into the grand scheme of your niche? Ask not what the company can do for you but what your blog can do for the company. After you’ve stated your elevator pitch, you can now give an explanation of your blog’s niche (Mommy Blog) , why you are an important part of that niche ( I’ve spent the past three years blogging, building my brand and growing my community), and why you are a good fit with a potential vendor or PR representative ( because I am well respected and known. I am trusted and people know me via my blog. I’m more than a nameless face behind a computer. I have laughed and cried with my community. We’ve consoled one another,cheered one another on and helped one another through difficult wins and losses. We are friends). This is the place to sell your brand. What makes you a better fit than the next blogger? What can you do that is unique?
  • Statistics. When discussing traffic statistics, include the following; total monthly page views, uniques, feed subscribers, new visitors, pages per visit and time on site. I also include my social media reach. This includes my Twitter followers, Klout score ( though after they reconfigured the algorithm, Klout has killed everyone’s score), Facebook Friends/ Fans, Google Page rank and Alexa Traffic. Definitely include your social media reach because even if you only have 300 blog followers but you have 10,000 Twitter followers or 3000 Facebook fans, your reach is far wider than you might think. If you have it, provide a link to your portfolio so potential partners can see that you are diverse and that you reach is even greater. Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Be loud and proud but not obnoxious.
  • Just how influential are you, really? If you don’t feel like your statistics are as high as you would like them to be, focus on your influence and how you reach a specific audience. Include your demographics, especially if your key demographic reflects that of the company you are trying to work with. Your influence isn’t just online. Do you have a large circle of people who you influence in real life? Are you active at your child’s school? Church? The Junior League? Any social groups? Also include awards you’ve received that are relevant to your influence. This exemplifies your reach. Mention it.
  • Advertising Guidelines and Pricing. I don’t put cost information in my media kit but rather have them contact me directly for more information. If you are going to provide specifics, I recommend; What sizes of advertising will you offer (e.g., 125×125, 120×600)? How much does each size ad cost for a week? A month? A year? Will you give discounts for clients who book advertising over several months time? I also provide a laundry list of different ways that we can work together; i.e.

media kit

If this was helpful, please share it and since GFC is abandoning us Wordpress blogs in March please consider subscribing via RSS or email.Give the company no excuse to not work with you. Make yourself available and irresistible. If you only have one chance to make a first impression and everyone judges a book by it’s cover, let your media kit be the right cover on the book of your blog.

Let Your Media Kit Make a Statement

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Coffee Lovin' Mom 2012/02/07 - 9:37 am

Thanks so much for this! I am severely lacking in this department – your kit is the bomb!

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/07 - 9:59 am

THanks sweetie! Hope it is helpful in guiding you to make your own:) It’s much easier when you have an idea what the heck is actually needed on it, right?

JIll V / TerraSavvy 2012/02/07 - 9:45 am

Thanks! I have another bloggers guide to Media Kits and with yours now too, I will get crackin’ on putting mine together finally!

Thanks so much for sharing! Very generous of you!

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/07 - 10:03 am

Awesome! You will feel so much better once you have one in your arsenal:)https://motherhoodthetruth.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form

Susan @ Real Life Travels 2012/02/07 - 12:25 pm

Great Post! I love the design of your media kit, I never thought about doing a cool design to make it stand out. Nice Work!

San Diego Momma 2012/02/08 - 12:50 am

Your media kit is gorge and fab: Readable, pretty, and informative.

Like this post!

Thanks for sharing.

Lucy 2012/02/08 - 12:55 am

Great post! I am an ad free blog but at times I think about it and this was very helpful!

Tracy 2012/02/08 - 12:10 pm

Thank you so much for posting this! I really like how you’ve done your media kit. I can’t attempt to make money with my blog yet because a) it’s not big enough and b) I’m an ALIEN and don’t have my green card yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I’m definitely bookmarking this for (hopefully) future reference.

Anne Flournoy 2012/02/08 - 5:02 pm

Hi I found this post through a tweet by Alexandra of GDRP. Your post is beautifully laid out, clear and so specific! Thank you for sharing these hard-to-come-by details.

Kate SD Deals and Steals 2012/02/08 - 10:50 pm

This is great info – thanks! I have a media kit but I am not very happy with it – these are great tips that I plan on applying – thanks!!

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/09 - 9:36 am

Great. GLad I could be of some help. Hope your media kit becomes everything you want it to be to represent you:)

Loukia 2012/02/10 - 2:07 pm

I love your media kit – this is so useful! Thank you! Did you make it yourself? I cannot possible make mine look so good, so any help or leads in the right directions would be appreciated! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Galit Breen 2012/02/10 - 4:41 pm

What great information! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Timmy Sarnes 2012/02/16 - 3:46 am

I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.

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Evin 2012/02/17 - 8:44 am

This was super helpful!!! Thanks! Some questions that are probably dumb now. 1. What is it? A doc you email brands? A stand alone web page and you send the URL to brands? And 2. Do you send it unsolicited or wait till they ask for it?

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/17 - 2:17 pm

No dumb questions ever. EVery question is important and if you don’t ask you will never get the answer. So here they are
1) My Media kit was done in Indesign, I have it saved as a pdf.
2)I email it to prospective brands that I want to work with or when soliciting sponsorship proposals. Brands want to know what you can offer in exchange for them paying you:)
3) It is not a stand alone web. I do however have a link to it on my PR page so that PR companies can access it if they are interested in me.
4)I have sent it unsolicited when I am doing the initial contact. For example, you normally have to inquire about a conference sponsorship and a media kit and even a screen shot of your most recent analytics are helpful ( If you have not gotten around to writing your media kit).
Any other questions, please feel free to contact me:)

Jess WhoaMamma 2012/02/18 - 2:10 am

Thank you, Debi! This is so wonderful and timely. I’m fairly newish to the blogging gig but it’s changing my life. What started out as an outlet to save my sanity (I’m a SAHM with 3 ckeeky minxes 6 and under) is becoming a big part of my life. Not being in paid employment the past 6 years has made it harder on my husband as sole earner. I love blogging and writing so much I’m starting to consider making earnings from it. I have a larger Facebook following than subscribed readers on my blog. I love the sense of community I have with my followers. They’re a gorgeous bunch. I’m now being approached by random companies all wanting me to push their brands, most I’m not interested in, and have yet to take up any offers.

I’m so thrilled I’ve come across your fabulous blog, and thank you for all your invaluable tips!
Jess xx

Truthful Mommy 2012/02/21 - 1:36 pm

All followers, no matter the avenue, are part of your reach. THere are many ways of parlaying your blog into money aside from sponsored posts and ads, you can always freelance write at one of the online publications. They usually have submission forms on their sites. Good luck to you!

Omar Alanis 2012/02/18 - 1:03 pm

Everything is very open with a clear description of the issues. It was definitely informative. Your site is useful. Thanks for sharing!

Retirement Communities in Delaware 2012/02/18 - 2:33 pm

I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site?

Media Kit 2012/02/18 - 3:28 pm

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Kerry 2012/02/22 - 11:47 am

Awesome information. I am definitely going to come back to this in the very near future so I can begin working on my own media kit. Thanks for all of the great information.

I found your blog through the blogger comment club- thanks for letting me visit!

Byn 2012/03/22 - 12:09 pm

Great, informative post! It was well written in a concise, clear manner that even my ADD self could pick up tips. Thanks for sharing!

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Nice post! I love your blog
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cip 2012/05/08 - 10:19 am

Thanks Debi ! i am a gig in bloging and i found this p verry usefull so now hope i can start and i will try to start to work on my own media kit hope i will have succes !

Someone to Love Me? | Damon Braces Adventures 2012/06/05 - 10:21 pm Reply
Selena 2012/07/12 - 2:30 am

Hello Deborah, I totally agree with you when you mentioned the secrecy behind the media kit. I was told that they send that to a company that inquires about advertising but they didn’t elaborate when I asked for an example to go by. I like your layout for the media kit because it is neat, divided up with your information and it gets to the point. Thank you for sharing this. I will follow it as an example to create my own.

One question: Is there a general price list you use for charging for advertising? For doing product reviews? Running giveaways for a product?

Thank you!

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yves 2012/09/10 - 8:18 pm

media kit? I had to read it all the way just to get what you meant..am i too slow…yup..I think so too! But this post is a real help!

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