Hi, my name is Debi, also known as Truthful Mommy! Why Truthful Mommy you ask? Well, basically because I am a horrible liar. My face contorts, I repeat myself, eyes start rolling, hives appear so basically its not something I can physically do. Another reason, because why lie? I think this bullshit with women being in competition with each other, especially with other Mothers is ridiculous and a little bit despicable. Why can’t we all be supportive to one another, or at the very least be honest that way the rest of us don’t feel like complete losers when we are not perfect. Let’s be honest, I have too much important stuff on my plate to add to it; pretend my world is all unicorns and sunshine while blowing smoke up your ass. Plus, I have absolutely no filter between my brain and mouth and when I am around other adults, unfiltered diarrhea of the mouth has been known to ensue. So, I decided to write a blog…my unfiltered, brutally honest, Mommy manifesto, if you will.

This is what happens when you are planning to someday meet the man of your dreams. I met the big guy while we were in college. You know, your average story; friend introduces you at a college bar, you can’t really stand one another, 3 days later, you are dating, 3 months later you are engaged. 16 months later you are married. 5 years down the road, you go on a romantic getaway to celebrate your 5th year of wedded bliss. You return home with one souvenir that you hadn’t even known you’d gotten. BAM..10 months later and New Orleans changed everything.

This is what happens when you are planning to plan to have babies.This is the first part of my heart, my Bella. Isn’t she beautiful? Before this little crumb snatcher was born, I don’t remember life being quite so meaningful .To be honest, the Mommy brain is so bad on most days , I can barely even remember my name, little lone life before my girls were born.  This princess is full of wit,charm, and says things that I could never dream up in a million years.She is loving and gentle until you cross her and you better watch out because ” Meow, this kitty has claws!”

Speaking of claws, this is the other half of my heart, Gabs. She is my sunshine and joy. She can make anyone smile.She is sweet, tender hearted and loves giving big squeezes to her Mommy and Daddy and randomly blurting out that she loves us all. That is , of course,  when she is not torturing her big sister by calling her Bella Baloney or trying to claw her eyes out! (You can’t win ’em all)

In this blog, I write honestly about what I know…my life, Motherhood as I experience it ( the glory and the gory), the good, bad and ugly of the day to day of raising children, being a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, and anything else that strikes my fancy on any given day. Because, I’m a woman and that’s my perrogative. It may not always be pretty, but it will always be honest! You are welcome to read and comment. I love hearing what my readers really think. So be honest. No judgment.Sit down, pull up a chair, and get a cup of coffee…I have a lot to say. I share my experiences so that you know that you are not alone in this madness that we call Motherhood. Happy Mothering!

P.S. Do NOT steal my content.All content on The TRUTH about Motherhood is copyrighted, and as such may not be reprinted without my written consent. That includes everything on my blog ( photos, posts, hilarity, sarcasm, innuendo, my life). Basically,  if its on the blog….it’s all mine, so no stealing! In other words, steal my stuff and bad karma will come around and bite you right in your ass, along with a slew of rabid attorneys! Happy Mothering!