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The Internet and the Rise of the Introverts

Have you noticed that even though the world has become so connected with the Internet, almost incestuously so, it’s becoming lonelier? Sure social media and the […]
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Selfies, Sleeping Babies & the Decline of Civilization

Selfies, photos of babies and babies with pets have officially over saturated social media. I know this post will probably not get me any friends and […]
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Who are the Real Moms & Who are the Online Imposters?

Something bizarre happened this weekend, someone pretended to be me; leaving me to wonder who the real moms online are and who are the online imposters? […]
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For All the Comment Trolls that Live Under the Internet Bridge

It’s wordless Wednesday and I am hard at work meeting deadlines so no time to write here but I came across this diddy and I had […]
Nina Davuluri, Miss America, Indian-American, Racism in the United States

Nina Davuluri was Crowned Miss America & if that Bothers You, You Might be a Racist!

I was going to write a post about my girls today, instead I am writing about Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, winning Miss America. Why? Because […]
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How to Write a Media Kit for your Blog

What Do You want Your Media Kit to Say about You? How to write Media Kit for your Blog ~ We all want to know where […]
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Throat Punch Thursday ~ Intellectual Property Plagiarism: Sheisty Bastards Edition

Intellectual Property Plagiarism ~ This one is personal. You all know how I feel about being plagiarized. I think we can all agree that plagiarizing sucks. […]

Twitter; How to tweet your way into the Hearts of Complete strangers without feeling like a Total ass or seeming like a Stalker

Twitter~ Today is Twitter’s 5th birthday! Awww, Happy birthday little guy. This explains why I was so late to the Twitter game. Silly me, I was […]
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How to Start a Blog without Offending Everyone

How to start a Blog? Hmmm, that is the million dollar question. Okay, maybe it’s not. Who cares. Just be honest with yourself and have fun. I have […]