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Throat Punch Thursday ~ Intellectual Property Plagiarism: Sheisty Bastards Edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday~ Intellectual Property Plagiarism

Intellectual Property Plagiarism ~ This one is personal. You all know how I feel about being plagiarized. I think we can all agree that plagiarizing sucks. I’m not some Pulitzer prize winning writer, I talk about a lot of crazy off the wall shit and it’s not normally popular opinion or written in the usual rainbows and unicorns fashion, so when you plagiarize my intellectual property…it doesn’t take me too long to figure it out. Not to mention that I have taken some pretty extensive steps to catch plagiarist. Oh yeah, I’ve got my blog boobie trapped assholes. I’ve even written entire posts about how to catch a plagiarist and stop them from plagiarizing you.

Intellectual Property Plagiarism Not a Victimless Crime

I don’t think that some people understand that I have ownership over my blog posts because I author them and when they take them without my consent and without acknowledging me as the true author, they are stealing. I don’t adhere to the adage that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It’s not. The sincerest form of flattery to a writer is to pay her for her writing. When someone copies my thoughts, ideas, words and actions; when someone tries to be who I am by using my mission, my formula, my title and name…that is plagiarism and it pisses me off. It seems the more traffic I get, the more well known my blog becomes the more likely people are to try and hitch their wagon to my star. I’m not saying that there is anything special about what I do but it’s mine. It’s me! I feel like these plagiarists are turning all Single white female on me. It is literally happening almost on a daily basis at this point.I’ve written so many cease and desist letters that the formula is tattooed on my brain.

Intellectual Property Plagiarism is Real & punishable by Law

This latest case of intellectual property plagiarism is what has my panties in a bunch today. Earlier this week, as I was perusing Facebook I stumbled on a Community page using my blog name The TRUTH about Motherhood. Did you even know that this was possible? Can you say blatant intellectual property plagiarism? This piqued my curiosity. I may not be a Dooce or Jessica Gottlieb but I’ve been around long enough for a substantial amount of bloggers to know who the hell I am. It always gives me a little knot in my stomach when I ever see my title used or very close to it because then I have to check it out to see what else it has in common with me. Imagine my reaction when I was reading the description of the page and it read;

Witty, honest look at Motherhood from the trenches. The agony and the ecstasy of being a Mother, from pregnancy, through labor and delivery, to bringing the first baby home and to infinity and beyond. Where other mothers pretend to be Bree Van de Kamp,Truthful Mommy lets it all out there for the world to see. If 30’s the new 20, then imperfect parenting is the new perfect.

I was trying to place the words. I went back through my posts and I saw bits and pieces here and there but not the exact quote.But I knew it had been said. I knew it was something I had said. Then I remembered, it is the verbatim description of my blog on the Babble top Mom blogger nominations. My head was spinning. Then I realized that they had labeled the page Community. To me, that infers that they are the community page for The TRUTH about Motherhood website ( which they are not) especially since they had the balls to use my exact description of my blog and even refer to TruthfulMommy( ME). I contacted them and they refused to answer and removed my comment from their wall. I reported them to FB for intellectual property infringement and they were forced to remove the description. Some of my followers also told me that they reported the page for being a duplicate. I think that since they refer to themselves as the community of The TRUTH abut Motherhood it is still under the guise of being associated with my site and should be forced to change their name, as well. We will see what Facebook does about the situation. I have made my feelings clear. I hope they have to change it or remove it in it’s entirety. This is just one more instance in a long list of times that someone has stolen my brand.

Intellectual Property Plagiarism Parasites

Today, I am throat punching the hell out of PLAGIARIZING PARASITES. I make no bones about it, if you are copying someone else’s thoughts/actions/words give them the acknowledgment and link back, at the very least try to do so. I will not tolerate this anymore. If I find out that you are plagiarizing my intellectual property, I will go through the proper channels and I will take you down.

Hope you will link up your Throat Punch Thursday posts with me. All you have to do is grab the Throat Punch Thursday button ( listed under the buttons tab at the top of the page), put it in your blog post and link up. If you’d like to stay in the Throat Punch know, I’d love it if you would email subscribe ( as GFC will stop working soon).

*Just checked and the FB page for the “community” calling themselves The TRUTH about Motherhood has been taken down! FTW! Thank you FB for having some integrity.

Have you ever been plagiarized? What did you do? Did you go after the plagiarist assholes who stole your property? Did you give them a throat punch? We need to keep an eye out for one another and let one another know if we come across one anothers material on sites not belonging to the original writer. We are bloggers hear us roar ( right before we throat punch your ass)! Fellow bloggers, let plagiarists know that intellectual property plagiarism will no longer be tolerated by any of us.


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Jessica 2011/12/01 - 10:57 pm

How aggravating. I really don’t get what people think they are going to gain by doing this. I have had my posts taken and put on shady sites quite a few times. Such a pain. So glad you got that one taken down.

Rowena@ Custom Suits 2011/12/02 - 6:17 am

Well, I have a share of that. In my sports blog, my stats said that my articles had been copied nth amount of times in a day. Can you imagine reading that report everyday that comes in your inbox. I search google with part of my article and I saw lots of them. Some of them didn’t even try to value me by linking back on my site! I’m really disappointed. I work my soul out by writing those articles everyday and then the thieves will come, copy it and post it on their blog as if its their own!

Mommy2¢ 2011/12/02 - 8:45 am

That would be very infuriating! Lucky for me I don’t have to worry about it because no one would ever want to pass my grammatical mess off as their own! lol 😉

I hope you don’t mind but I threw a Junk Punch in my post too because there are some people just deserve an extra kick in the privates!

Mommy2¢ 2011/12/02 - 8:50 am

LOL See what I mean! What I meant to say was – because there are some people WHO just deserve an extra kick in the privates.

That’s what happens when you have 5 million questions being fired at you by two kids while trying to type a comment!

Truthful Mommy 2011/12/06 - 9:42 am

LOL! I Love junk punches! SO many people deserve them on the regular and most definitely the plagiarizing asshats of the world:)

Jenni Chiu 2011/12/02 - 6:33 pm

OMG- you poor thing. This seems to happen to you quite a bit… I think it’s because you are so brilliant.
My panties are now in a twist for you!
Glad it’s taken down… or I would’ve had to kick some facebook ass.

Charlene 2011/12/04 - 7:44 pm

I would have been fuming mad as well. Glad you got it removed. I posted a blog today but I am not sure if it would fit your hop. Would love if you would take a look. It sure feels like a Punch in the Throat!! LOL

Truthful Mommy 2011/12/06 - 9:30 am

THanks. I will go check out your post. If it feels like a Throat PUnch it usually is:) Feel free to link up to Throat Punch Thursday. I do it every Thursday. The only think that I ask is that you please include my button in your post:) Headed over now.

Welding Electrodes 2011/12/18 - 2:52 pm

Hah, seriously? That’s rediculous. No way

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