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How to Maximize Space In A Small Home

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You can easily check off the same things on your wishlist in a smaller house as you can in a bigger one. Some of these ideas for decorating and organizing a small house can make you feel like you’re really living large. When space is at a premium, it’s critical to be creative with what you’ve got so you can maximize your living space. Take advantage of these pointers and tactics to make the most of your limited space and make it more enjoyable to live in your home.

Use Wall Space

The walls of a home are the best resource that isn’t being used. Even though they’re great for hanging pictures, they should be used for much more in a small space.

Use tall bookcases that go all the way to the ceiling, or put up shelves one on top of the other all the way to the ceiling. Hang your bike on the wall by putting up hooks. Try a living wall planter if you want plants but don’t have room for pots on your table or floor. Hang extra chairs and tables that can be folded up. Instead of table lights, use wall sconces.

Choose Skirted Furniture 

Skirted furniture is great because it looks nice and can hide things as well. If a sofa has legs that stick out, you can see what’s under it. However, if you add a skirt, you can use the space under the sofa to hide things. Most of the time, furniture with exposed legs makes a space feel lighter and airier and makes a small room feel bigger. However, skirted furniture is the way to go if you need more hidden storage.

Use Your Doors

Most of the time, the space between the top of the doorway and the ceiling is just right for a shelf that can hold books, storage containers, or other small items. If you’re short on space, don’t forget to look up.

Put hooks on the back of all your doors so you can attach whatever you want. Use the outside of cabinet doors as well, not simply the doors that separate rooms.

Use Double Duty Furniture 

In a small space, it’s always a good idea to choose furniture that can be used for more than one thing. For example, instead of putting a side table next to your couch, you might want to use a pretty side chair. So, when you have guests, it can also be used as an extra seat. Use a bench with hidden storage instead of a coffee table. So, you get a table, a place to sit, and a place to store things all in one. Think about sofa beds and other furniture that can be used in different ways.

Store Your Stuff

Sometimes home is just too small to accommodate all of your belongings. This might mean getting rid of some things, but that would be a shame if they are mementos and important to you. 

Instead of disposing of them entirely, you can use storage units to keep them safe and to ensure your home remains clutter-free. Look for special storage deals to keep costs down.

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Tired of Waiting Around? 6 Benefits of Learning to Do It Yourself, DIY

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand waiting around for other people to do things for me. I’m not sure if that’s the control freak in me, me being the oldest child of six, being a mom or my type-A personality poking through but whatever it is, I prefer to be able to do things for myself.  I love having people in my life that I can count on but I’m so independent that the occasion where I take advantage of having those people around, is few and far between. I pride myself on being capable, but I’m wise enough to also know my limitations.

As a homeowner, I’ve come to realize that every home is full of unexpected costs even if it’s a new build. Things come up that slowly but surely drain your savings accounts and sometimes, feel like a never-ending to-do list of repairs, replacements, cleaning, and just about everything else you can think of. If you’re like me, you’re probably tired (maybe even a little annoyed) of waiting around for the “handyman” (the Big Guy) to be available to do the things you need done.

Why keep waiting? If you’re reading this, you are a strong, capable woman who has probably grown and given birth to a human being, you can do hard things, Girl, you got this. Forget about waiting for someone else to do the things you want to be done. Learning to DIY is an excellent skill that means you never need to wait for someone else to do what needs to be done, ever again. You’re thinking, “But Debi if DIY is so simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?” Because some people prefer leaving things out of their wheelhouse to the professionals. I do too, in some instances. Let’s be honest, I can’t do everything.  But if I can do it right, I’m all about rolling up my sleeves and learning to do it myself. 

No More Waiting Around 

The best reason to learn to do it yourself is so you don’t have to wait around for someone else to do something you are completely capable of doing. You might be surprised at how many repairs around the house are actually pretty easy to fix, whether you need to replace door handles or fix the dryer heater element to make sure everyone’s clothes are ready in time for school or at the very least they don’t go sour. 

By taking a proactive approach to your home, you can overcome small issues quickly. You won’t need to put your life on hold while you wait for the repair company to come over, which means you can get on with it yourself and focus on the next repair. 

Save Money and Time 

Since you’re not waiting around any longer, you can save time, even if it takes you a little longer to repair it than it would a professional. Everyone has been there before where the repair company comes in, twists a nut or bolt, and leaves. You don’t need to waste their time (or your money) anymore.

This also makes saving money around the house so much easier. While some companies are happy to come out for free quotes, they will still charge you for the work and materials (especially with the price of gas right now) which is often much more than you’d have to pay if you did it yourself. 

Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill is always a great way to boost your knowledge and help you feel better about yourself. With so many DIY tasks simpler than you think, it’s easy to expand your horizons. 

What’s more, as a student for life I can attest to the fact that the more you learn, the easier it is to learn other things, too. You can use your existing repair knowledge to identify different ways to approach problems around the house and fix them without causing significant damage. 

Pass the Knowledge onto Your Kids 

Parents always need to teach their kids how to survive in the real world. I mean they don’t even offer home ec in school anymore. And let’s be honest, without that class, most Gen X latch key kids might have starved to death. What would I have done without learning how to cook an egg in a basket and how to stitch and make my very own pillow? While our kids may not need DIY skills or other essential life skills right now, they will once they move out of our house, whether they go to college or find a place of their own on the other side of the country. 

Learning DIY skills gives you a great chance to pass your knowledge on to them. They don’t need to help you out all the time, but asking them to be your assistant and encouraging them to watch will give them the basic knowledge they need to approach DIY safely. They’ll know to switch the water off at the source while fixing pipes, and they’ll also know to turn off the mains so that they don’t electrocute themselves. They’ll also build self-confidence from being self-reliant and if all else fails, they’ll know they can call mama for some advice because mama can get things done.

You will Be More Active 

One under-appreciated benefit of DIY is how it can help you be more active. People often don’t think about all the heavy lifting or regular work, even if it doesn’t feel like hard work. 

If you wish you could be more active but don’t love going to the gym or running, DIY could be an excellent way to burn some calories and move, and the more projects you attempt, the more intense and ambitious your activities become. 

You Gain Respect 

People love people who know what they are doing, especially if you don’t look like you have a handy bone in your body. If you want to surprise friends and strangers alike, learning DIY and coming to their rescue is a solution that’ll make you popular. 

You might even be able to make some money off them once you show off your skills, as neighbors will be happy to pay you for your time, so they don’t need to wait around for the handyman.

Just Do It… Yourself

Learning DIY brings a wide range of benefits that can help your family just as much as it can help you. If you’re tired of waiting around for the handyman to get back to you and arrange an inspection or appointment, you can get ahead of all your home’s demands and upkeep by learning to fix common problems all by yourself, and you’ll be thankful you did. 

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How to Stop Your House from Becoming a Money Pit, home maintenance

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

As a homeowner, you find out pretty quickly that there are always unexpected issues and costs. Surprise, the central air isn’t working! Surprise, the house isn’t level! Surprise, an opossum is living in your attic and it smells like he died! Staying on top of your home’s many unexpected issues and covering the costs of them can not only be stressful but costly, as well. But there are ways to cut those costs with a little diligence and maintenance (which is less effective than fixing something that has already broken). It’ll take some awareness, planning, diligence and elbow grease but it’s cheaper than the alternative. Let’s talk about how to stop your house from becoming a money pit.

Sure Money Pit was a funny movie but no one actually wants to live that life. So if you feel like your home has become a huge financial drain on your family, now is the time to do something about it. Below are tips and ideas to help you to start making small positive changes that will save you money.

How to stop your house from becoming a money pit

Clean Everything Regularly

One of the first and most important things you can do with your home is make sure that it’s kept properly clean and in good shape at all times. By doing the basic things like this, you can make sure that no bigger issues arise later on because that’s not what anyone wants. When you clean the home inside and out on a regular basis, you can make things like mold issues less likely. It’ll help avoid problems later. I’m not saying anything crazy like dusting every week, making the bed daily or even putting away that folded laundry, I’m saying basic upkeep so you’ll notice when things aren’t right.

Create a Savings Fund for Home Maintenance

The fat is not lost on me that this is easier said than done. But if you want to make sure that you don’t get hit financially upside the head by the cost of looking after your home, creating a savings account that allows you to cover those costs without having to forgo eating and obliterating your finances in the meantime. Putting just a little money aside each month that can go towards maintaining your home and making sure all of those costs are covered is a good idea. And any savings that aren’t used can be put to use when a bigger repair needs to be made in the future or a family vacation.

Get an Energy Audit

Getting an energy audit carried out by a professional is a good idea if you want to reduce the running costs of your home. From day to day, we all use energy in the home. And it makes sense to use less of it, both from a green and eco-friendly point of view, and a money saving point of view. When you have an energy audit carried out, you’ll get to see how and where you’re currently wasting energy and what kinds of changes you can make in order to improve things.

Ensure the Ground Slopes Away from the Home

One of the problems that many homeowners face relates to water and how it impacts the foundations of the home. If you have lots of standing water around the home, that’s not going to be good for you. Make sure that the ground around your property slopes away from the house. By doing that, you can make sure that any rainwater flows away from your home and not towards it. It might sound like a small thing but it’s massively important especially if you got a “great deal” in a flood zone.

Inspect the Roof Every 6 Months

Inspecting the roof is something that you should try to do at least once every 6 months or so. You never know when a problem might arise, and when it does, you want to get it checked out as soon as possible. The truth is lots of roof problems go unnoticed for a long time, and when they are finally noticed, it costs a lot of money to get them fixed. So be sure to consider that and think about having your home’s roof inspected at least a couple of times a year.

Put a Home Warranty in Place

Putting as many measures in place as possible to ensure that home repairs don’t end up costing you a fortune is a good idea. And that’s one of the key reasons why you should think about putting a home warranty in place if you haven’t done so already. This will mean that if you do suffer any issues in your home, some of the costs will be covered for you by the warranty. It’s the kind of security measure that you definitely need to have in place if you want to avoid big financial impacts in the event of something going wrong.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Having a regular maintenance schedule in place is something that can help a lot when it comes to taking care of all the things that need to be taken care of regarding your home. It’s so easy to overlook or forget about certain things when you don’t have a schedule in place that you can follow and fall back on. That schedule can be followed week after week, month after month, ensuring your home stays in the best condition possible.

Make Sure the Carry Water Away from Your Home

We’ve already talked a bit about the impact water can have on your home and its integrity. If you want to go further in making sure that standing water around the base of your home doesn’t become a big problem for you, you should think about the role your gutters might play in that. If the gutters are dumping water next to your home, you have a problem. Ensuring the drainage system is doing everything it should do and that water is being carried away from the home safely is going to be key.

Replace Heating and Cooling Filters Every Few Months

Your heating and cooling system is something you won’t want to overlook when it comes to avoiding financial disasters. When something goes wrong with it, it can be very expensive to fix. That’s why you should take extra care to maintain the system well and have someone look at it for you regularly if you’re not sure how to do it yourself. One of the most important things you can do is replace the filters every few months, or even monthly if you want to be extra cautious.

Fix Gaps and Damage to the Home’s Exterior Right Away

If you notice any gaps in the exterior of your home or holes that simply shouldn’t be there, it’s a good idea to have these filled and fixed right away. Any damage to the exterior should be dealt with sooner rather than later and that’s something that you can take care of yourself in most cases. The first task, however, is to check the exterior on a regular basis and make sure that you’re noticing these issues sooner rather than later.

Install Stronger Locks on Doors and Windows

Installing the strongest possible locks on the doors and windows of your property is another thing that you might want to consider. If you don’t do this, you’ll always run the risk of these entry points causing you security problems. Stronger locks and doors will avoid damage being done via a break-in and, most importantly, avoid the break-in from happening in the first place. So that’s definitely something to think about.

As you can see, there are lots of things you can do to stop your home feeling like such a financial burden for your family, so be sure to make the most of each of the tips and ideas discussed above. By making the right changes in the right areas, there’s no reason why you can’t save yourself a lot of money.

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DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas for Your Home. DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas for Your college dorm, DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas for Your apartment

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Lacking storage space in a house or apartment is a common problem that many homeowners can relate to, especially at this time of year, as kids are packing up their entire lives and moving into college dorms and houses. In these instances, sometimes your bedroom is the only room that is actually yours. The space inside of a bedroom has its limitations, usually of the space variety.You need creative DIY bedroom storage ideas for your home, apartment and college dorm to maximize your spaces and make it your own. Our bedrooms are where we decompress. You want it to be functional and inviting at the same time. To do this, it helps to have some clever storage solutions.

Here is a compiled list of some of the best DIY bedroom storage ideas.

Install Shelves Along the Perimeter of Your Walls

When you have a small bedroom, like a dorm room, the easiest way to make it look bigger is by adding shelves along the perimeter of your walls. You can also go crazy and install a wardrobe for your bedroom. Not only will this give you more storage space and an uncluttered feeling in your room because there won’t be so much stuff on display, but they’ll also offer some privacy for when you’re changing clothes.

Use Crown Molding as a Shoe Rack

If you’ve got so many shoes (like me) and don’t have much bedroom space for storage, this is something worth considering. Turn your crown molding into an instant shoe rack! All it takes is some mounting hardware to attach the bracket at just the right height off the ground so that you neatly arrange your heels where they belong. Plus, because it’s hidden behind doors or curtains, what more could anyone ask?


A basket can be a great way to store things in your bedroom without an immediate home. For example, you might want to keep some lotion or sunscreen on the bedside table but not always within arm’s reach when getting out of bed. Instead of taking up space with multiple items on your nightstand, put them all into one container and place them on the side of the nightstand (in a drawer or under the bed) where they won’t move around too much.

Built-in Nooks

Built-in nooks are a great way to increase your bedroom storage space. If you have an unused closet or wall space that you can fill with shelves and cabinets, this option might work for you.

They take up floor space, but the payoff will be more than makeup for it. You won’t need to worry about getting out of bed whenever you want something from under the bed anymore because everything will be within arm’s reach on built-in shelving units. Plus, when guests come over, it’ll look so cozy with all those books lining your walls. So there’s no downside to taking advantage of available surfaces like these!

Shelf Dividers

To easily organize items on your shelves, it’s a good idea to have dividers. It makes seeing what is in each section much easier than just one big pile of stuff you can’t see through. Plus, they’re cheap compared to buying new shelves and nails for them. 

Use Your Radiator As Shoe Rack

If you live in a small space and don’t have much storage, use your radiator as a shoe rack. For example, you can buy a shoe holder that fits your radiator and then use it to store shoes.

The best part about using the radiator for storing shoes is that they’ll be off the ground and out of reach from pets or children who might accidentally get into them.

With these tips, you can have a cozy and neatly arranged room. Of course, some might work better than others, or perhaps a combination of these would be best. Whatever solution you find may require an investment in time and money, but it will pay off with the extra space that comes with it.

What’s your best DIY bedroom storage ideas for your home, apartment or college dorm?

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Wayfair, settee, Quinceanera, Sweet 16

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

It’s funny how changing something as simple as a throw pillow, a blanket or a chair can change the whole vibe of a room. Don’t even get me started on a paint color or art. When we bought our current home, it was a fixer-upper but we saw the potential because it “had good bones” as my Father-in-law would say. It wasn’t going to be instant gratification; it wasn’t our dream home but it had a charm and was in the perfect neighborhood for a young family. So we bought it.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post written in partnership with Wayfair, but, as always, all opinions are my own.

We’ve grown with the house. As we’ve renovated and changed every single thing in this house in the past 9 years, we’ve also changed in every single way except for one, we are still that oversharing, possibly co-dependent family who does everything together. We laugh, cry, scream and shout together. We lift each other up and face change head on, just like this old house. We’ve got good bones.

Latina, Latinas, Stereotypes, DEvious maids, Latinos, racism, business, motherhood, raising daughters

This house has welcomed friends and family for dinners and holidays, it’s hosted several Halloween and Ugly sweater parties. Echoed the sounds of newest additions to the family and enveloped the cries of pain and sorrow of loss. It’s witnessed love in more ways than I ever thought possible. With its meager structure, it’s brought us through a pandemic. Now, it will see our daughters turn 15. In fact, our Bella turned 15 during the first week of the pandemic. Out Gabs will turn 15 next spring.

15-years-old is the age a Latina girl becomes a young woman in the Latino culture. It is the same age that the Catholic church recognizes children as adults. Being a Quinceañera is something all little Latina girls look forward to from the day they attend their first Quinces party and realize that someday, they will get to wear the big dress and crown and be the princess in not just their parents’ eyes but to everyone. She will be celebrated in a way that most girls may never get the chance to be.

We had such a beautiful celebration planned for Bella. It was as big and grand as any wedding and years in the planning. Friends and family for all over the country were planning to come. Bella, who is a shy and humble introvert, was ecstatic to celebrate this Latina rite of passage. I wasn’t able to have my own Quinceañera because my parents couldn’t afford to throw that party 3 times, and they had 3 girls so it’s something I’ve always dreamed of giving my girls. 

She had the dress, crown and shoes. Months of practicing professionally created choreography by her world-renowned ballet teacher with her damas and chambelanes. Decorations, food, outfits and even a special settee for our princess, to serve as her throne for the night. Months of organizing and planning, saving and working towards goals all to be taken away by a global pandemic.

Then the pandemic hit and snatched it away from her on her actual birthday, 1 day before her the biggest party of her life, the CoVid pandemic caused the country to come to a screeching halt. She was inconsolable. I didn’t even know how to reason it with her. How do you reason with a 15-year-old who just lost something she was looking forward to for years? Think of trying to reason with a bride who just lost her wedding the night before the wedding because the world had other plans.

We tried to reschedule for August but, as we all know, the pandemic was not done (still isn’t). Family and friends sent her well-wishes and tried to cheer her up. But the dress still hangs in the corner and all the decorations are boxed up in our theater room. Champagne flutes and Mexican candy for 200 are collecting dust next to the decorations and atop all of it there are two crowns and a last doll, as a constant reminder of what never was. But the settee, the one that was to hold her in her big dress on her big day, now sits in our dining room and is where she sits to do virtual school. It’s where she often naps when she’s feeling down. It’s where her and her sister sit, cut up, laugh and plan their TikToks.

Wayfair, settee

This settee is more than just a place to sit, it’s a place to reflect and feel your feelings. It not only changed the room in this old house, it occasionally changes the moods of my daughters. Most importantly, next June, it will hold my Bella on the day we celebrate her and her sister, Gabs, in a post-pandemic double quinceañera celebration like you’ve never seen. I guess now, I’ll have to order another one so each princess has her own thrown. When they move out someday, I will send these settees with them so they can always remember their big day and the family who loves them more than they can even imagine.

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family moving unpacking

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

When you decide as a family to move, for a new start ( and who hasn’t), or for a job change, there are many things that need to be considered, including our children’s well-being. I know because I lived that commuter marriage life for almost 3 years. While moving away is an exciting idea, it can be stressful especially if you’re moving abroad with your family.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be present that moving has given you, it is for the best!

It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the move to make further changes in the child’s life, such as expecting them to learn a new language (if needed) or perhaps wanting them to take up new hobbies. Their rationale is that it does not matter so much to the child if there will be one or two changes because it will be difficult for them in any case; so the key to transition is to ensure it is done smoothly. Just make sure they know that you’ve got their back and use all the moving hacks you can find.

Moving to a new house may end up being a much harder change for the child than the parents imagined. If the child is required at the same time to adapt to additional changes such as learning to walk if they are a toddler or being expected to help out more with other siblings, this could be overwhelming to them. Therefore, it is best to wait patiently for the child to successfully adapt to the new home and only then carry out further change processes.

Things take time, and that is OK.

In conclusion, parents have two particularly important roles with their children when moving away: helping the child to part well from the previous place, and at the same time helping them to adapt well to the new place. You should also note that this change will be hard for you too, so don’t pressure yourself.

Especially when moving abroad, take things slowly and keep the spirits and mood lifted as much as possible, after all this is a positive change you’re making. In essence, you must allow the child to carry out a gradual process of separation from their friends and educational environment.

Talk to them clearly and empathetically about moving home, and do so at the right time – not too early when the child is young and not too late when the child is older.

Introduce them to the new home and the new environment; as well as their new school as this may be the toughest challenge.

Encouraging them to make new friends is good but you should never force them to adapt immediately as change takes time. It also depends on the age of the child, the younger the child, the easier it will be for them to make the change. If they are older, there may be more resistance.

Communication is key as well as having them involved as much as possible, without too much stress arising! 

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back to school, office envy, wayfair, virtual learning,

Back-to-school looks a little different this year for many families, mine included. I’ve been a work-from-home for the past 13 years, so I’m used to the rigorous scheduling of being a stay-at-home mom while balancing working full-time, only this year, I decided to add going back to school to earn a Master’s degree in the middle of a pandemic. On top of that, and the world being on fire, my girls are embracing virtual learning because I have a dreaded “underlying condition”. We had to make some concessions and tweaks on expectations because it’s hard, all of it, for all of us.

Disclosure: I am a Wayfair homemaker ambassador and this is a compensated post, however, all opinions are my own.

I’m sure that we can all agree that the “new normal” is not normal at all. My girls are learning from home because it’s the safest option for our family. I actually love having this extra time with them, when our time is so limited. In a couple of years, Bella will be heading off to college and that fact is not wasted on me. I know these CoVid days at home are a gift to us. Still, working from home while going to school with both girls learning virtually and not being able to do the things we normally do or even the simplest things like vacation, is absolutely exhausting.

READ MORE: What is Coronavirus and what every mom should know

So, we try our best to find the extraordinary in the ordinary moments and appreciate the challenges for giving us fresh perspective on our blessings and still, even with all the positivity we can throw at it, it’s still been really hard on all of us. I’ve learned to pick my battles, as a wife, mother, student and freelancer, let things go and give grace to others. I’ve become more forgiving and understanding and even still, there are days when it’s almost too much to bear.

One thing that has helped me throughout this pandemic and not leaving our house has been to be able to change our spaces. It sounds simple but some plants, some paint, a little blood, sweat and tears and a few new pieces of furniture can be a simple way to create a completely new feel in an old space. Aside from refreshing bedrooms to make them more calming and relaxing, streamlining bathrooms and scrubbing kitchens, the most important refresh I’ve done is creating functional schooling areas for the entire family. For mi kids, I discover a list of  the best Adderall alternatives which improved their focus, this has been the most effective since learning at home makes them  easily distracted.

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I have a home office but normally, there is just me at home. With three people going back to school in a pandemic, in Zoom meetings, trying to read, write papers and stay focused, there had to be more than 1 office. We can’t all squirrel away in our bedrooms and work, that would be too depressing. I spruced up the office with a mini makeover and the cutest Ghislain daybed because during a pandemic, even big kids need naps sometimes. We also got another HVAC installed, which you can get from CM Heating’s services.

back to school, office envy, wayfair, virtual learning,My latest spruce-up efforts have been directed towards the virtual schooling oasis AKA our living room. It just didn’t feel particularly uplifting and definitely not inspiring. The furniture is big, heavy and dark-colored. The walls were actual 1970’s brown paneling. PANELING! It felt like being stuck in the past. We removed the paneling and primed and painted the walls in a more contemporary grey with bright white molding. We painted the brown shelves and beams white. I covered the brown leather couch in a teal couch cover. Covered the cold hardwood floors in a white furry shag rug and placed a matching throw pillow cover on the sofa. We also upgraded our internet connection with EATEL – wi-fi since the kids can’t lag during their classes.

back to school, office envy, wayfair, virtual learning,In addition to that I updated the look with, my favorite piece, the Janelle End Table that replaced the oversized wood tables. Since it was going to be transformed into a study area for one of us, I also added a new lamp to provide better lighting and added some plants for fresh air. Throw in a small modern shelf with some classics and inspiration is everywhere. I love the way it feels and looks. The more open, bright design and concept feels like a breath of fresh air when your brain feels too tired to go on.

What would you do to freshen up your virtual school area?

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The holidays are here and I’m feeling like I want to renovate the entire house. It’s like a new year on the horizon, new starts for everyone, including the house. If you’re like me and feel like your kitchen is in need of a little kitchen remodeling or makeover then you should go for it. Renovate that baby. Of course, doing this will add to not only the enjoyment of your house short term but the value of it long term. It’s important to know that refurbishing your entire kitchen doesn’t have to take a huge chunk out of your wallet and if you update everything slowly then you’ll soon realize that you can get way more for your money.

Paint as Much as you Can 

Paint is quite possibly the best and the easiest way for you to make an inexpensive change to your kitchen. There’s not much in your kitchen that you can’t paint, so really get creative. Paint over dated wood cabinets as this will make your kitchen seem much bigger and brighter. If you have cabinets that are in poor condition, then opt for a faux finish instead. This will hide all of the blemishes and it will also make it easier for you to bring out the right finish.


A stained or even an outdated countertop can easily ruin the look of your entire kitchen. Instead of replacing it, you might want to think about laminating it instead. Laminate improvements are far cheaper when compared to buying new countertops and they are light and easy for a single person to install. As if that wasn’t enough, they also come in a huge variety of colors, styles and finishes. If you are not quite sure how to go about applying the finish, then you should hire a professional because if you try and do it yourself without the right experience then you may find that you end up wasting a lot more money.

Cabinet Hardware

Changing cabinet hardware is another way for you to really boost the look of your kitchen. It can be really surprising to see how one change can make a huge difference. Cabinet handles are widely available, and they come in a range of sizes, textures and colors. If you know that your cabinets have hinges on show, then it may be worth replacing these so that they match. Of course, if you want to do this then you’ll need to make sure that you budget accordingly.

Drawer Fronts and Cabinet Doors

Replacing the cabinet doors and even the door fronts are way cheaper than installing brand new cabinets. If you don’t feel as though your kitchen is suited to a new lick of paint, then this may be your next best option. If this is out of your budget, then think about replacing the inner panels with lattice inserts. They are super unique and they are ideal if you want to add a very interesting texture. Sometimes you can also add some clear glass as this will help you to show off all of your glassware and favorite dishes. Frosted glass is very classy and modern, so if you’re stuck for what to choose then this is a great option.

Updating your Appliance Panels

If you cannot afford to replace your fridge or even your dishwasher then why not consider covering it up instead? Appliance panels and trims are super inexpensive and sometimes they are available in over 200 colors and designs. You can get a stainless steel trim or even one that is much more colorful. Either way, if you are stuck here then try and choose something that is going to fit in with your other appliances. If you have hopes of replacing them soon then now is the time for you to settle on a color scheme.


It’s super easy for you to buy appliances for a very affordable price. If you go online and find the right discount code, then you’ll soon find that you can save up to 50%. This is a fantastic way for you to get a great deal and you would be surprised at how many choices you’ll have as well. If you are stuck as to where to get great voucher codes, then NetVoucherCodes.co.uk is a fantastic option.

Due to today’s advancements in technology, a lot of homeowners are shifting to induction cooking. You’ll be able to purchase the best induction appliance that suits your kitchen by first reading reviews, like those empava induction cooktop reviews.

Replace the Floor

Nothing will make your kitchen look dirtier or even more outdated than an old kitchen floor. Replacing it really doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming project either. A lot of kitchens have a square design and this makes it very easy to do yourself. If you don’t like the idea of tiling then you can easily put down a vinyl if you want. This is very quick and easy to do, not to mention that it’s self-adhesive. This means that you can easily lay it down without having to worry about a thing. If you are concerned about doing it all yourself then hiring a professional may be the way to go.

Light Fittings

Another thing that you might want to do is to replace any light fittings that you have. This is especially the case if they are an eyesore. Track lighting is ideal and most of the time they come in a huge variety of widths. They are also prewired and very easy for you to install. A lot of feature halogen lights can also be pointed at key areas in the kitchen and this gives you an additional level of light.

Sink and Faucet

Think about it, how much time are you going to be spending at the sink? Probably more than you realize. If you think that your sink could do with an update, then it may be worth looking into an under-mount sink. Undermount sinks essentially sit right underneath the counter and this makes wiping them down way easier. You might also want to think about having a cast iron or even porcelain sink if you are sick and tired of that stainless-steel look. If you know that you just can’t afford to have the whole sink replaced, then why not think about replacing just the faucet? There are so many different shapes, finishes and sizes available, so you just need to think about which one is going to look the best in your room.


Backsplashes are often ignored or unused. If you want to change this then why not make it both colorful and practical? You can easily add a bit of color by choosing to paint it or even retiling it. You can even put up a decorative print if you want. This will make your home seem more personalized to your needs and it is again, another affordable option


Believe it or not, your kitchen window can essentially operate as a greenhouse. It probably gets a good amount of light, so why not capitalize on that? Buy some nice, cheap houseplants and then put them on the windowsill. The empty space can easily take a few herbs and you may also be able to add some silk plants if you want. When you do, you will soon find that you are able to improve the overall appearance of the room without having to worry about a thing. If you are finding it hard to choose some plants, then succulents are a great option and you would be surprised at how many variants they come in as well. Some house plants come in lovely pots that you can put right outside your kitchen window too, so whenever you look out of your window, you will have a nice selection of color without having to break the bank.



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Do you love succulent plants? There is just something appealing about the idea of something beautiful and green that doesn’t require a lot of attention. Succulents are the cats of plants. They are everywhere these days. They’re cute and succulent care is easy. Put them in a cute gold hanging planter pot and voila, you’ve got an instant conversation starter.

succulents, boho, Wayfair, succulent plants, succulent care

I’ve been redecorating my office; updating and streamlining. I’m trying to make my workspace a more peaceful place with less distractions. I want more light and less clutter. A workspace should be a place of inspiration and warmth, especially when you are a creative type. I’m a writer. I thrive in natural light, free-flowing energy and clarity.

Succulents remind me of driving to my grandpa’s house in Mexico when I was a child. Yes, we drove from Chicago to Mexico every summer. At that time, there were five of us kids ( later there would be six) and it was a long, hot drive in August. One of the things we looked forward to the most was the change of scenery. We didn’t have cactus and deserts in Chicago so we always thought it was pretty cool to see.

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Succulent plants have been on my list for my office for quite some time. Between watching all the dormify Youtube videos with my teenage girls and just wanting something more natural, something that could actually lighten the air in my office, I finally bought myself a small collection of succulents. Now, I need to figure out succulent care and how to keep them alive and thriving.

succulents, boho, Wayfair, succulent plants, succulent care

The thing is that I don’t know too much about succulent care other than my rule #1, when you have these types of plants, you have to plant them in pretty planter pots. It’s the only way to do it, right? There is just something about a tiny, hearty succulent sitting in your line of sight that conjures up thoughts of warm weather and the summers of my childhood.

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Since I don’t want to be that person who buys beautiful plants and then lets them all die because I don’t know anything about succulent care, I’ve done some research. Turns out that it’s pretty simple to take care of succulents but do you actually have to give them some love and attention.

Succulent care for Newbies


  1. Choose a succulent that you love but that is appropriate for your home.
  2. Provide a very well-draining potting soil. You do not want moisture staying in there too long.
  3. Choose a beautiful succulent plant pot. This is where you can really make your succulents shine as a part of your décor.
  4. Place your potted succulents in a bright and sunny location. Mine are in my office window.
  5. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. When watering, be sure to soak the roots.
  6. Last but not least, be sure to fertilize your succulents at least once a year.

Succulents are great because they are hearty and hard to kill. They are perfect for someone who wants to care for plants but who might not necessarily have the time to care for something fickler like orchids. A succulent garden is every bit as beautiful as any other kind of plant and sometimes even more so because each plant is so different and they come in such a variety of textures and shapes. It’s also a great way to teach kids responsibility and caring for living things. My 11-year-old loves hers.

Do you love succulents? What is your best tip for succulent care?

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daybed with trundle, Ghislain Daybed, wayfair, home office make over, Marie Kondo, organization

As many of you know, we’ve been in the midst of a full-on Marie Kondo-ing of our entire house and this is when I realized how a daybed with trundle could transform our home office. I was hoping we’d be done by the end of January but, alas, it’s going to take more time. Even though January was an entire year long, so many things came up.

There are some things that I’ve realized that I want to do since beginning this organization journey 1) Stop acquiring “stuff” 2) Minimize what I do have 3) Minimalize our home. I want to focus on experiences and making memories not having stuff.

I’m finding that all this “stuff” not only clutters my home, it clutters my mind and my life. Let’s be honest, as a mom, I don’t have room in any of the three for clutter. Clutter overwhelms me and keeps me from being present. The stuff keeps me from entertaining because the stuff is literally in the way and taking up too much room.

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In my quest to embrace minimalism, I decided to not only get rid of stuff but replace things with more efficient things. For example, my home office is in desperate need of being streamlined. It’s a small space with a lot of stuff. Stuff that belongs there and stuff that’s found its way there while trying to escape another room. My girls have a tendency to believe that “cleaning” their room means moving all the extra stuff that doesn’t have a place to my office.

My office is supposed to be a bedroom. But I need an office since I work from home. My family comes to visit from out of town a lot and I need a place for them to sleep. One of the things I’m doing in my pursuit of streamlined minimalism is replacing the uncomfortable futon in my office with a stylish daybed with a trundle. This will give me adequate seating space in my office, a great place to shoot video in good light and bonus, a sleep space for 2 people. At the very least, I can put my girls in there and give their beds to adults who stay over. If you’re also looking to revamp your home office and furniture shops.

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daybed with trundle, Ghislain Daybed, wayfair, home office make over, Marie Kondo, organization

We decided on the Ghislain Daybed with Trundle in gray. It is very modern and aesthetically pleasing daybed but also very functional and purposeful. You can’t believe how a simple piece of furniture from a furniture showroom can transform not only the space but the functionality of that space. It also helped to streamline the space in a way that makes it more usable.

Have you ever owned a piece of furniture that not only changed the space but changed the way you used the space?


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