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moving, motherhood, being sick, new home. relocating

Moving & Trying Not to Die is Hard

by Deborah Cruz

moving, motherhood, being sick, new home. relocating

I’ve been moving and trying not to die. I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth once again. Seems like I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I told you all awhile back that our house sold and that we were closing on a house. It’s all been a cluster, as everything we ever do always is. Long story short, there were foundation issues. So on to the next house. We found another house, made an offer and closed last Friday. We are ecstatic, except for the fact that I have a tradition that I’d love to quit.

This is so sad but true. Just one more verse to what seems like the longest summer and saddest country song ever. I thought  “and my dog died” was the end. I mean, isn’t that the punch line? But no, there is more. We do everything the hard way around here, apparently.  On the day of closing, I woke up so sick that I, quite seriously, thought I would cry. Mind you, this was after a week of a raging case of the stomach flu.

It felt like I had swallowed razor blades. I had gotten no sleep and the pressure and pain in my head was only second to the unrelenting snot that was blocking every possible air passage that I have. I couldn’t breathe people. Just to add an element of surprise, I began randomly vomiting pure foaming snot. Yes, beautiful visual. Think morning sickness with quadruplets and a tequila hangover. It was not pretty folks.
This is not conducive to moving weekend. Did I mention that the last time we moved, I had to do it in the rain, by myself (my husband was out of town) and in the rain? I did.

Moving is hazardous to my health

This time, thank God, I hired long distance movers that will provide professional moving services on Friday, but we didn’t close until 6 pm on Friday night and by the time we got the truck (because it was the last truck available in the history of the universe) it was almost 8 pm and pouring rain. The truck had to be back by 9 am. You can guess what happened next? Yes, we moved in the rain (again) into the wee hours of the night.

By this point, I couldn’t breathe and I look like a drowned rat. My eyes were sore; my head was aching. I was sure that I had west Nile, the Ebola virus or the freaking bubonic plague. You all know that I seem to catch the most outrageous diseases; whooping cough, herpangina and scarlet fever…all kids diseases, and I have caught them all as an adult since having children. So, it would be perfectly normal for me to assume that I had caught the plague from one of my carrier children via the elementary school aka cootie central. Damn it.

I just knew I was going to die. There was one point Saturday where I was so dizzy and my fever was so high that I swore I saw Jesus, right there in my living room. I’d assumed he’d come to take me and put me out of my misery. No such luck, it was just the appliance deliveryman. Too bad there was nowhere to deliver the appliances, as the kitchen has to be redone. But they are beautiful and shiny, stainless steel. I just wanted to lie against the appliances to cool down before I had a febrile seizure. But I couldn’t because on Saturday, I had to unload two pallets of wood flooring into the house. Never mind, that I was so sick that I could pass out at any moment and my eyes were rolling back into my head. Who cares if I were hacking and yakking on everything in sight? The house has no flooring right now so that took priority.

Just let me say it, moving is hard

I received no sympathy from anyone while moving, until Sunday when I could barely get mobile. Then I was told to stay home (because home is still my in laws because we couldn’t move into a house with no functioning kitchen or floors with small children) but it was said with the definite look of  “you should stay home if you are too much of a pussy to work. No problem, we will all work at YOUR house while you sleep in a plague-induced coma”. So, I did what any self –respecting woman would do, I got up, rubbed some dirt on it and took my daughter to the Nutcracker auditions, then picked up lunch for everyone helping with the moving and worked until I literally couldn’t breathe anymore. So for those who’s thinking of moving to a new house or thinking of an office relocation (kontorflytting Oslo), you should leave the tedious workload of packing and moving to the professionals, if you are having trouble storing your stuff in your new home, learn more about One Stop Self Storage.

Monday, I woke up determined to go to the doctor, the emergency room, anywhere that could prevent my untimely demise. My plan was to go get meds and then sleep until pick up. No such luck. The Big Guy woke up and said he too was sick. I made him go to the doctor. We’re both sick. He has Strep throat (but you’d think he was dying) and I have acute sinusitis with a side of ear infections because I am special. His comment to me on our half-dead ride home, “Man, you really were sick. I don’t feel like moving, just sleeping.”

“Yeah, me too asshole. All three days that I had to move in the rain while trying not to vomit on myself from the snot in my belly and the excruciating pain in my head.”

Next time we move, he’s paying professional movers or doing it himself. It’s too hard on my health. But as soon as these antibiotics kick in, I’m moving into my new old house and finally, after 3 years, we will be a normal family again. The kids are ecstatic.

What’s your worst moving story?

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Delfin Joaquin Paris III 2012/09/12 - 9:39 pm

One time the movers left a strange looking box that definitely wasn’t mine amongst the others stacked high in the living room. I decided to open it – inside was a severed head.

/true story!

//well, okay, I lied. I just wanted to seem like a big shot

Venus 2012/09/13 - 1:15 pm

Crap, I hope you’re feeling better!!! My worst moving story involved an apartment (rented over the Internet from across the country ) that was soaked in cat pee. Including in the air ducts. The previous owner’s cats had used the cold-air return as a litterbox for a VERY long time. We had to do an emergency move to the mom-in-law’s for a week while hunting out a new apt. So I feel at least a small iota of your pain. But at least a) we were both healthy; b) had no kids at the time; c) it was not raining at any point’ d) we had help with the move. Ok, so really, we got nothing on you.

Clay Hudson 2012/09/15 - 6:06 am

Really it was a very bad time for you.But after 3 years you’re now happy again and also your kids are ecstatic. I also wish your better life next.

Kristen Daukas 2012/09/18 - 10:52 pm

Without a doubt when we moved from NC to Philly. The husbands new company was paying for it – but on a budget. The Rooster picked up the phonebook (how quaint!), called the first ones on the list and they didn’t bother to show up to assess the situation – just took the information over the phone to determine the size of truck we needed.

Moving day arrived, movers were 2 hours late and pulled up in a truck that we knew would never fit our stuff. Sure enough, 8 hours later they came to us and said it would never fit and we had to decide what we wanted to leave behind.

Uhm.. ‘scuse me? After a lengthy discussion on why it wasn’t possible to leave 1/3 of our stuff behind, they managed to get another truck and move everything on to that. THEN we get to Philly and the hubs new company is slow paying the bill and the moving company threatens to sell our stuff.

Did I mention that in addition to all of this, I was planning our wedding? Which wasn’t in PA or NC but in Vegas?

Glad to hear the worst is behind you now.. just think – you’ll be settled in time for the holidays!!

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Great service!

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