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A Garden where Love Grows

by Deborah Cruz

Yesterday did not go according to plan. But does it ever? What’s the saying? The road to hell is paved with what??? Oh yeah, good intentions. Probably great intentions.

The entire weekend was pretty awesome. If you disregard the groggy feeling that was induced by the Ambien induced sleep. And I thought I was going to awake well rested and ready to conquer the world. Ha! Then there was the freezing weather that we had to till the garden in if we had any hope of planting this weekend.

I know it was my weekend, and my idea for this lovely flower garden, so what kind of a person would I have been if I sat by and watched my poor husband till the garden in 40-degree weather? So, I helped. The tiller nearly pulled me across the yard and into my neighbor’s yard, that would have been solid. I’m sure that would have gotten me thrown out of the association. If you also have a home garden and you happen to spot pests lurking around, it’s best to quickly contact pest control services, such as the ones who specialize in termite control and other possible pests, you can try to get a repellent light like the breeze tec to prevent bugs eating your garden.

There I am being dragged around the garden like a rag doll as my daughters ran amuck and my husband and I hoping and praying the hundreds of dollars we spent on flowers were not for naught since there was a frost advisory..in MAY!!! What? Did this come in just to spite me and my Mothers Day? Seriously!

Once all was said and done, my husband and I were too sore to cuddle or have any “romantic” time together. That was Saturday. Then Sunday, the Mother of all days, I woke up late, I woke up grouchy, I woke up sore, I didn’t make it to mass, spent the day trying to get the flowers into the garden while my poor husband kept trying to shoo me inside so I could rest. I couldn’t rest when there was so much to be done and I surely am not the type to sit around and sit as he is working like a horse in the garden. Poor guy! We also had to hire https://charlotte.sustainablepest.com/termite-control/ for pest control services since our garden was looking grim with insects.

The girls were underfoot trying to help, slowing the process down even further. God bless ’em they were trying. After all was said and done, I have a beautiful flower garden. We ended the day with a deviation from our usual fancy gourmet meal my husband usually prepares. Instead, we had lovely burgers on the grill, grilled potatoes and corn on the cobb ending the meal with strawberry shortcakes. It may not have been the gourmet meal originally planned, but after a hard day of work, it sure hit the spot.

In the end, this weekend reminded me that it is not what you do (or don’t do) on Mother’s Day, it’s who you spend it with! I was blessed enough to spend mine in my garden with my beautiful family. If the amount of love put into this garden is any indication of how beautiful it will be, I will soon be tending the most gorgeous garden in the city. In my garden of life, a plethora of love surely blooms!

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cfoxes33 2010/05/10 - 1:08 pm

I love your balloons A LATTE!

Ria Thurston 2010/05/10 - 3:18 pm

Thanks for the Friday Follow! Following you back 🙂

parenting ad absurdum 2010/05/10 - 5:16 pm

Makes me tired just thinking about it! I'm sure it will be lovely. Happy Late Mother's Day!

Nikki 2010/05/10 - 10:07 pm

Even though you were sore and it wasn't the best situation…you at least got to spend it with the fam…most important thing!!!
I like the new blog look…the colors are great!

Laina 2010/05/11 - 7:54 am

awwww, it's always the times like these that we fondly remember. When nothing seems to go our way. But your girls and your husband definitely tried to make the best out of it. Glad it all worked out and you got your garden in the end 🙂

sara 2010/05/11 - 10:15 am

Can't wait to see the garden growing!

S Farrell 2010/05/11 - 4:08 pm

That will be a Mother's Day you will never forget! Although I'm sure you could have done without the "frosty bitch". She's been rearing her ugly head here too! BTW, I have an award at my blog for you, I love your posts. Stop by when you can!

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