The Days are Long but the Years are Short

I spend my days, feeling like I am wishing them away. Don’t get me wrong. I adore my girls but when the girls are screaming, the […]

How to exude confidence and Be a Priority in your own Life

How to exude confidence and be a priority in your own life.The following post was written over a year ago, when I needed a little self […]

Just say No to Kiwi fuzz

Wasn’t it yesterday that I was cleansing my face with Noxema, wiping it religiously with alcohol & then moisturizer…all in the name of preventing a pimple? […]

The Night my 3 year old gave Me an Emotional Bitch Slap

The past week was spent preparing for and celebrating my ,now, 6 year olds birthday. It was very emotionally draining and, quite frankly, physically exhausting.  The […]

Babies Growing up and Mommies letting go ~The Last Day of Five

Today is the last day that my Bella will be five. It is the last time I will put her to bed and kiss her on […]

The Seven Stages of Second Baby Syndrome

I know many of us have picky eaters. My 3 year old would be perfectly happy to exist on nothing more than chicken nuggets for the […]

NO texting while driving for me…anymore!

Tonight, I settled into my  Sunday evening quiet by turning on the television and mindlessly flipping the dial. I stopped on Extreme Makeover. I NEVER stop […]

How a Backbend Almost caused my Untimely Demise

I hear friends say all the time, “Oh ,how I would love to be 18 again!” I never really thought about it because, to be honest, […]

The Mommy Club;Imperfect parents need not apply

There is a club, it is a large club with a very rigid initiation process.One obvious and arduous requirement; you must conceive, grow and birth a baby. At first glance, you would think this group would be a little more selective in its member selection process, or at the very least a bit more exclusive [...]