How to exude confidence and Be a Priority in your own Life

How to exude confidence and be a priority in your own life.The following post was written over a year ago, when I needed a little self […]

Just say No to Kiwi fuzz

Wasn’t it yesterday that I was cleansing my face with Noxema, wiping it religiously with alcohol & then moisturizer…all in the name of preventing a pimple? […]

The Night my 3 year old gave Me an Emotional Bitch Slap

The past week was spent preparing for and celebrating my ,now, 6 year olds birthday. It was very emotionally draining and, quite frankly, physically exhausting.  The […]

Babies Growing up and Mommies letting go ~The Last Day of Five

Today is the last day that my Bella will be five. It is the last time I will put her to bed and kiss her on […]

The Seven Stages of Second Baby Syndrome

I know many of us have picky eaters. My 3 year old would be perfectly happy to exist on nothing more than chicken nuggets for the […]

NO texting while driving for me…anymore!

Tonight, I settled into my  Sunday evening quiet by turning on the television and mindlessly flipping the dial. I stopped on Extreme Makeover. I NEVER stop […]

How a Backbend Almost caused my Untimely Demise

I hear friends say all the time, “Oh ,how I would love to be 18 again!” I never really thought about it because, to be honest, […]

The Mommy Club;Imperfect parents need not apply

There is a club, it is a large club with a very rigid initiation process.One obvious and arduous requirement; you must conceive, grow and birth a baby. At first glance, you would think this group would be a little more selective in its member selection process, or at the very least a bit more exclusive [...]

Is Mommy Who you are or what you do?

In most instances, people are not what they do, but in Motherhood the marriage of the two is as seamless as the Separation of Church and state in Rome. In no other aspect of our lives does one single event of our life forever define who we are to the outside world as does becoming [...]