The Mommy Club;Imperfect parents need not apply

There is a club, it is a large club with a very rigid initiation process.One obvious and arduous requirement; you must conceive, grow and birth a baby. At first glance, you would think this group would be a little more selective in its member selection process, or at the very least a bit more exclusive [...]

Is Mommy Who you are or what you do?

In most instances, people are not what they do, but in Motherhood the marriage of the two is as seamless as the Separation of Church and state in Rome. In no other aspect of our lives does one single event of our life forever define who we are to the outside world as does becoming [...]

The Boogie Man; he cometh to suck the boogies

I am NOT the Mommy who tells her kid about the Boogie Man. I decided this a long time ago because well, its just a tool parents use to scare their children into behaving well. I know, this coming from the same broad who tells her daughters that magical kneecap breaking elves are sent from [...]

Tooth Fairy; You creepy little bastard!

Recently, it seems that my girls are growing up at lightening speed. The phrases that pass their lips, the mannerisms, the reading, the attention to detail in their looks, and especially the observations that they make of the world..blow my mind. Here is one of Bella’s gems,as of late. photo courtesy of google images Bella recently lost her very first tooth.It was right around Halloween.She was very excited. Her father and I were, let me honest, pretty sad because, you see, this represents her growing up.This is just another first part of letting go.Bet you never knew losing baby teeth had such a deep meaning, did you? Though we may not be thrilled about what it symbolizes, you know we had to make a BIG GIGANTIC deal about it. This is the FIRST tooth.Grandma sent a little satin pillow to place the tooth in and put under my Bella’s pillow and there was a little book to record the moment. I snapped pictures and wiped away a tear*sniff,sniff* It happened on a Thursday, in the middle of the night and Bella told me that she wanted to wait for her Daddy to be home, so he could be part of [...]

Mommy Friends; Worth their Weight in Gold

We all know that our friends are priceless. A good friend to share your thoughts with and have some camaraderie with really can make life a […]

Sometimes single Mothering

As most of you are aware, the Big Guy works out of town..A LOT! Like several days of the week. Basically, that leaves me to Mother […]

Why did I teach my girls to spell

Remember the good old days when you could spell any word that you wanted your children NOT to understand. I don’t know how many times we […]

To A Night we’ll never forget

I’m sure you all are on pins and needles wondering just how my birthday celebration went, so I’m going to tell you..the truth, the whole truth […]

Be A Better me (You) Challenge- Day 16- Relinquish Mommy Guilt

Yesterday’s Be A Better Me (You) Challenge -Day 15 ~ Be honest with yourselfHow did you do? Did you eliminate the lies from your life? I […]