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Join Us for a My Girls Dollhouse Twitter Party and Giveaway

***UPDATE* Due to such AMAZING interest tonight I will be giving away 2 #MyGirlsDollHouse and 2 Gift Packages valued at $75 each! But you HAVE to […]
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You Need to be a Priority if You Want to be a Good Parent

As many of you can attest to from being regular readers of this blog, when I am not tanned, I am the whitest Latina on the […]
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What Every Mommy Needs Most

As many of you are aware, I turned 40 a little over a month ago. I was a little unnerved, I’d heard so many horror stories […]
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I’m Starting a Revolution

There was no revolution. I turned 40 a couple of days ago, you may have heard. Oddly enough, it passed quietly with dignity and grace. There […]

The Pen Ready Project ~ Capturing Life’s Moments

To show how easy it is for everyday people to take amazing pictures, Olympus gave over 1,000 people a new Olympus PEN® E-PM1.. It’s all part […]
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What’s the Difference Between Working Moms and Stay at Home Moms?

Over the years, I’ve been asked multiple times if I am a working Mom or a Stay-at-home mom? First off, whether we work out of the […]

Mean Mother Focker

This morning, I was all excited walking around the grocery store.You know, it was Monday..my favorite day of the week.I was in desperate need of replenishing […]

Fashion Police, Puh-Lease!

There is nothing quite as sobering as walking around a “fashion” mall after having children. Instantly, I am aware that since having my children, my body […]

Mothers and Daughters~When the Apple falls Nowhere Near the Tree

Mother and daughters, I never could have imagined the extent of the importance this relationship would someday hold in my life. The very words mother-daughter relationship […]