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Zoloft Does Everything

by Deborah Cruz

This makes me stop because it is so off the cuff. I’m pretty positive a man came up with this campaign. I wish that Zoloft did have that effect on me, particularly on days like today. Nope, I was put on Zoloft for a few weeks before my wedding by my GP to “take the edge off” because I was so stressed. It backfired, I was a raging super bitch who never slept. So, Zoloft pretty much made me stay up and be a bitch for even more hours of the day! Now, that would be a slogan! Maybe Valium would be a better fit for Bitch control? Maybe even wine? Maybe an orgasm? Zoloft may work to make you less of a depressed bitch but not cure bitchiness outright.
The more I look at this seemingly innocuous piece of “art” , the more it is offending me. The whole thing screams “Here, take a pill and stop being such a nagging bitch! Please go be a zombie in the corner and leave me alone”. Hmmm? I wonder if they have a version of this for kids? Oh yeah, that would probably be the Ritalin that the pediatricians are prescribing children at the behest of their teachers and parents who don’t want to be bothered by actual living children.  My next question; If we ladies get Zoloft, the kids get Ritalin, what do the men get? I’m just saying. Something to think about.

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Big Fat Gini 2010/08/05 - 12:35 am

Zoloft actually mellowed me out fairly well. I dunno, maybe it's just for my kind of crazy?

I think the men should just count themselves lucky that their wives don't rip their balls off and shove them down their throats and that their kids don't hit baseballs into their nut sacks America's Funniest Home Videos style.

Donda 2010/08/05 - 12:43 am

I was on Zoloft once too. It was NOT good for me either. I slept and cried so much that my sister felt it necessary to call my dr to intervene.

Truthful Mommy 2010/08/05 - 12:52 am

@ Gini, I have no doubt it works.Apparently, it depends on the flavor of crazy. It just didn't work for mine. I just don't like that the piece is so condescending to women.Like any pill can fix everything. I am cracking up over here at your resolution fro the men.Poor bastards if you ever start doling out punishment:)LOL

Resisting Perfection 2010/08/05 - 11:51 am

Yeah, definitely offended by that ad. I was once on Zoloft and I couldn't sleep AT ALL. It was awful.


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