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Throat Punch Thursday~ Am I Ugly Edition

Am I Ugly? Teen Girls are asking the world, “Am I Ugly?” ~ This is a recipe for disaster. As if the media is not already […]
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Like Giving Candy to a Baby~ Candy for Children as Reward for Behavior

Candy for Children as a Reward for Good Behaviors Candy for children as rewards is like giving candy to a baby, and about as responsible. In […]
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Change~I just had a Come To Jesus Meeting..with Jose!

*Change anyone?* It’s that time of year again. You know what ‘m referring to, no not back-to-school, that was Monday. It’s a little over a month […]

Letting my Full Figured Freak Flag Fly

Today , I stopped over at The Curvy Girls Guide and read an article about all these brave women telling the world their weight and posting […]

A journey of 1000 Miles starts with a Single Step; The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Well, after last weeks posts,most of you are aware that I have had some  issues with my weight. Or should I say that I have struggled […]