American Girl Z Yang Giveaway

Z Yang, American Girl Doll, Giveaway

It’s May, my favorite and busiest month of the year. I don’t only love it because the world seems to be coming alive but I get to celebrate so many wonderful things in my life; birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, end of the year school performances and even the anniversary of this website. There are lots of reasons for celebrating so I will be hosting a few giveaways this month starting with the newest American Girl Doll, Z Yang.

Z Yang, American Girl’s newest contemporary character, is an imaginative 13-year-old from Seattle who develops her own take on the world around her.

Z is the latest addition to American Girl’s new series of contemporary characters and stories designed to speak to more girls’ interests, backgrounds, and experiences.

Z (short for Suzie) is a Korean-American teen who loves staying connected with friends through her vlog, Z’s Crew. Now she’s taking a shot at her dream of becoming a true filmmaker. The 18” Z doll has long dark-brown hair, warm brown eyes, and a beauty mark on her left cheek. The Z doll comes dressed in her signature outfit, along with a paperback of The Real Z by Jen Calonita.

Z Yang, American Girl Doll, Giveaway

American Girl brings its popular stop-motion vlogger character, Z Yang, to life for millions of fans who have come to know and love her as the star of the company’s popular web series, Z’s Crew.

Inspired by the American Girl Stop Motion (AGSM) phenomenon, the series has garnered more than three million views on YouTube and continues to draw a large fan base.

Bonus: An Amazon Original live-action “Z” Special, An American Girl Story: Summer Camp Friends for Life, is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on June 9, 2017.

The full Z product collection includes several creatively-inspired doll outfits and accessories that reflect her filmmaking interests, such as a wooden fold-out desk—complete with a chair and several pretend video-making supplies like a laptop and video monitor, as well as her own filming accessories like a camera, smartphone, and tripod, to name a few.

Z Yang, American Girl Doll, Giveaway

The Z Yang collection is available now.

To learn more about Z and other new American Girl characters debuting throughout 2017, go to, Facebook at, Twitter at, Pinterest at, and American Girl’s Instagram page at To request an American Girl catalog, call 1-800-845-0005.

Through the generosity of American Girl, I am hosting a giveaway.

If you’d like the chance to win a Z Yang doll for the special little girl in your life, enter the giveaway below and leave a comment telling me which American Girl doll you most identify with?

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Comments (24)

I could identify with Lea as she is an adventurer! Thanks!

I like the historical dolls but my daughter likes the girls of the year like Lea.

I always loved Kit. She was so resilient!

I most identify with Z. I love the stop motion videoblogging.

I believe my favorite is this Z Yang American Girl Doll because many of my family members have been adopted from Korea.

Lea is my favorite, I love her hair

I like Felicity because she she is a spunky animal lover.

Our favorite girl is Grace Thomas, we love to bake yummy treats together so she is perfect!

My favorite is Saige because I love to paint too.

We would love to win a Z doll.. My daughters name is Suzie, also!!
She and I have bonded over and most identify with Grace, the baker.. but now she loves Z, as she watches her videos, they share a name and she really wants to start making videos, too.
thanks for the giveaway, opportunity!

I like Kirsten best. She was the one I wanted most when I was a child. I love her story!

The American Girl character I most identify with is definitely Z Yang!! I love making stopmotions, films and taking photos just like her! I have wanted her since she came out so this giveaway is like a dream come true!!!

My favorite is Z, I like to make videos too.

We love Z most because sheereminds me of my daughter who has been making stop motions amd short films for years. (Also, i realized as I was pressing the enter button above on the follow on instagram entry that I wrote my instagram user name wrong. It is @jellibeanlane.

My favorite American Girl doll is the retired Caroline. Her story reminds girls that you should not be limited by labels.

I identify most with Kit. When I was a child I dreamt of being a writer for the longest time. Kit’s story also really embraces her hardships as things she can work through, ones that won’t conquer her, and that meant a lot when my family and I were having a multitude of difficulties in our lives. When I was younger I had Samantha and although she was and still is dear to me, I was overjoyed when Kit finally came into my life last year. Kit’s character has always meant so much to me and honestly, it always will.

Ariyanna Williams

I could identify as Melody because we both like to sing and we both go through some problems at times!!

I am most like Caroline because she has curly hair too!

I most identify with Kit Kittredge for her love of writing and her spunk.

My daughter and I really love melody.

Grace has been our favorite for her baking, but now my daughter has been loving Z’s videos, she’s so excited they’ve made her for real!!
Thanks for the chance to win her!!

Oops…I thought my comment before didnt post before… I was having trouble seeing the comments… I see them now… lol… enjoying your blog!! Thanks!!

i like Maryellen because she is cute and i like the era she is from

I relate most with Maryellen, especially her interest in science!

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