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Lemur spray to the rescue

by Deborah Cruz

Bella: “When I get older..I’m going to punch all of my dolls in the face!”
Me: “Why?”
Bella: “Umm..They give me the CREEPS! And take that Madagaascar movie out too. The Lemurs freak me out too!”
Yes, Money well spent! Now,  I must go convert my Febreeze Chicken Spray ( you know to eliminate Chickens that hide under little girls beds at night) into Lemur Spray! Oh, the humanity! I refuse to spray down the FAO collectible dolls. She may be on her own there. I could hide them somewhere in a closet. But what the hell will that do to her psyche if she unsuspectingly stumbles onto that craziness. I guess if I were 5 years old lying in bed and all these dolls were eyeballing me..I’d be a little freaked out too. Maybe…

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cfoxes33 2010/05/26 - 10:30 am

Too funny!

Mrs. Beer 2010/05/26 - 12:35 pm

Thats hilarious!!

~J 2010/05/26 - 2:51 pm


Boobies 2010/05/26 - 2:51 pm


Nikki 2010/05/26 - 9:24 pm

Seriously, certain dolls totally freak me out too!!! I wouldn't want those things staring at me at night!!!
Pretty funny about the Lemurs!!


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