My Cup Runneth Over

As I look around my house, I see tiny shoes and tiny socks scattered all about. There is a plethora of hand made gifts, drawings of […]

Girls and their Daddies

A couple of years ago for Christmas, Bella ( then 3) wanted to tell her Papi why she loved him. It was her special gift to […]

Sex Ed for Kindergarteners?

 I saw this on CNN  ( obviously, my new favorite online hot spot  as you can plainly see from my recent posts. I may have a […]

Lemur spray to the rescue

Bella: “When I get older..I’m going to punch all of my dolls in the face!”Me: “Why?”Bella: “Umm..They give me the CREEPS! And take that Madagaascar movie […]

National Urination Day?

Just wondering, is there such a thing? I know yesterday was April 20th and tomorrow is Earth Day, but did I miss the memo that today […]