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All You Need is Love

by Deborah Cruz

Why is it that toddlers always want to watch the same show on repeat over and over again?

Maybe it’s something about the comfort of routine or maybe toddlers just have really addictive personalities. All I know is that there were a couple years when I thought the Wiggles were going to drive me insane. This is one of the perks of being a Netflix stream team member, there is a great variety to choose from.

But whether it’s the Wiggles, Calliou, Yo Gabba Gabba or Max and Ruby little kid’s like to sink their teeth into a show and never let it go. I can’t tell you how many times I wished there was a compromise where they loved something that wouldn’t drive me batshit crazy listening to it.  I mean why couldn’t there be a cartoon made up entirely of contemporary hits, maybe a really cool cartoon featuring 1980’s new wave music ( like an animated John Hughes movie for toddlers) or how about a kid’s show that highlighted some classic rock that we could get down with?

Giveaway, Beat Bugs, Netflix, Stream Team

Well, the wait is over, because Netflix has created a new cartoon for kids called Beat Bugs and it features not only awesome life lessons for the kiddos but the soundtrack is all Beatles all the time. What? Yes, finally we parents can be jamming out to good solid rock songs in the background as we perpetually clean the house, cook chicken nuggets or try to wrangle babies to bed. It’s a game changer. Finally, no more whining Calliou in the background adding insult to injury. Sure, I’m still holding my breath on that whole John Hughes soundtracked animated feature but Beat Bugs is definitely progress.

I watched the first few episodes with my daughters who are a little older than toddlers, 9 and 11-years old to be exact, and they both thought the cartoon was cute but they loved the soundtrack so much that they’ve been listening to it on repeat on iMusic for a couple weeks and I don’t even feel a little bit like I want to throw the speaker out of the window.

We think the music alone makes Beat Bugs great for all ages but if that’s not your cup of tea, Dawn of the Croods is back with a new season, XOXO is a great movie for tweens and for the adults, I just binge watched Blackstone, a fantastic drama series that takes place on a firsts nation reservation in Alberta, Canada.

No matter what you like to watch on Netflix, thanks to Netflix I am offering one lucky reader a 6-month free subscription card. All you need to do is enter and one lucky winner will be chosen. Mandatory entry: Share your best #BeatBugs performance in a photo or video using the hashtag and sharing the link with me here in the comments.

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