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This week’s Throat Punch Thursday is being given to GoDaddy CEO Bill Parsons. Why you ask? Now, before you go getting your panties in a twist that I am administering a Throat punch to the man who is CEO of your web host site, let me tell you why. You will be changing your mind after you see what Mr. Parsons has been up to.Let’s just say, it seems that money can buy you just about anything these days. You ever watch the Hostel series? You know Hostel where men with loads of money and too much time on their hands can go over to Eastern Europe and pay obscene amounts of money to be able to experience murdering someone? Yeah, it’s a lot like that minus the human aspect of it. Here, I will show you, judge for yourself. But be warned what you are going to see is by far one of the most vulgar and macabre scenes that I have ever had the misfortune of bearing witness to. You be the judge.

I know that people hunt. I know that people hunt big game. But do most people video tape the entire incident and stand proudly by their victim taking photos with big creepy grins on their face? Something about it struck me as very serial killerish. You know how a killer likes a momento? The only thing missing was a Buffalo Bill skin suit, mommy issues and a wenis dance. Oye, I’m scared. I’m not a hunter so I really don’t know. But is this typical big game hunter behavior? Maybe they all do it? What do I know? I was a vegetarian for 10 years and a card carrying member of PETA. I took more than one class on ethics and animals in university and maybe I am a little biased about this entire situation. Bottom line is that the video, especially the ripping of the bull flesh by the starving villagers touting their “GODADDY” bright orange hats coupled with the AC/DC music, pretty much made me vomit in my mouth. I mean, did he think that music was funny? Or the appropriate soundtrack to this inhumane murder? And I’m positive that I will be having nightmares of that creepy ass look on his face in the photos. It was like a snuff film, but I kept looking for the *April fools or * No animals were actually harmed in the filming of this macabre home video but alas, it never came.

Mr. Parsons it is my duty as a child of the human race to bestow upon you the Chuck Norris Monkey toe round house kick to the head and his head splitting throat punch to the gullet for your heinous crimes against the elephant. And for the AC/DC track you used, I am giving you the Truthful Mommy bitch slap.My advice to you, don’t exhibit such disgusting behavior and if you are going to, don’t fucking video tape it.



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