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same-sex marriage, marriage, love, homosexuality, Rob PortmanWould your views on same-sex marriage change if you found out that your child was gay? I woke up this morning and the very first thing that I saw on Twitter was the above photo. It gave me hope and a warm fuzzy feeling. I’ve never understood how a parent could shut their child out or be mad because of who their child was born to love.

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I came across this story while trolling CNN, my favorite source of most of my Throat Punch Thursday posts because apparently CNN has a direct line to all douche baggery in the world. You’ve probably heard this story already. If not, be sure and watch the video and stay tuned. Commentary will follow!


Apparently, there was a student at Rutgers University named Tyler Clementi who had the misfortune of rooming with an asshole named Dharun Ravi. Tyler Clementi,18, freshman at Rutgers University asked his roomate Dharun, also 18, if he could have the dorm room for a period of time in the evening of September 19. He wanted to be alone with a date, another boy on campus. Dharun Ravi left the room but promptly went to his friend Molly Wei’s room and proceeded to turn on his web cam and spy on record the boy on boy action. I’d say this Dharun Ravi character is some sort of perverted psychopath. But it didn’t stop there. No, this creep actually tweeted about it. “Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into molly’s room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay.” OK, can you say sick bastard. First, invasion of privacy and secondly, have you nothing better to do then spy on you room mate and tweet about it, no less. Talk about social media at its best.

To make matters worse, a couple days later , on September 21st, he did the same thing. This time tweeting “Anyone with iChat, I dare you to video chat me between the hours of 9:30 and 12. Yes it’s happening again,” and with that he live streamed the sexual encounter between the boys. I’m convinced this Dharun Ravi character should be locked away in some prison cell, just for this.

The next day, Clementi was dead. He jumped off the  George Washington Bridge. How do we know this? For one his wallet and phone were found on the bridge, and then there is the omnious FB status update “jumping off the gw bridge sorry.”

Didn’t anybody think to go check on this kid? Ring him on the telephone? Go over to his dorm room? In the end, his body was found in the Hudson river. The cause of death was ruled to be suicide by drowning and blunt injuries from the impact of the jump from the bridge. Blunt injuries indeed!

Obvious choice for this weeks coveted Throat Punch Thursday goes to the fucking idiot Dharun Ravi for being the worst room mate in the history of the world. For being a creepy Lester pervert who not only spied on his room mate during an intimate encounter but then exploited it and made a mockery of him. Look, there is a lot of shit I would have killed my room mate in college for live streaming but nothing was ever as heinous as what this mental midget did. I don’t know if this Clementi kid was out to his family yet but I’m assuming not, since such drastic measures were taken to avoid the ramifications of the live stream. I hate that we live in a world where a nice kid can’t love who they want but a perfectly creepy asshole can literally get away with murder.

Ravi and his friend Molly Wei, 18, are each charged with two counts of invasion of privacy for the September 19 broadcast, according to the prosecutor’s office. * Really, is that the best they can do? Two more counts of invasion of privacy were leveled against Ravi for a September 21 attempt to videotape another encounter involving Clementi, according to the prosecutors office. I think this is laughable. These morons played a direct part in Clementi’s suicide. They are as guilty as if they had pushed him off the GW Bridge. I, personally, think they should be thrown off the GW Bridge themselves…especially the room mate. That is a sacred relationship.At the very least, they should be charged with Manslaughter and expelled from the university. There is much more information to support my stance please read the entire story here!

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