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True Detective

I am a huge fan of HBO series; The Sopranos, Deadwood, True Blood and my latest addiction, True Detective. Since having kids, the Big Guy and I have little “alone” time or “date” nights, so we really look forward to watching our series together after the kids go to bed. It’s the one time a week when we get to feel like adults.

True Detective, HBO, Best Buy

Next week is Father’s Day ( June 15th) and what’s more perfect for the Father who has everything than giving him the gift of some adult time. No, I don’t mean sex but hey, I am sure if you have little kids, he could use of that too. Nope, I am talking about a good meaty, sink your teeth into it series that makes you think.

Get your fix of HBO at Best Buy! Best Buy is releasing True Detective Season 1 on June 10th and I think it’s a great gift for the dad who has everything. Plus All HBO series are on sale from 6/8-6/14, in stores and online plus it comes with a digital copy which you can “borrow” for yourself. I know the Big Guy can only has one neck so anything over tie number 365 is not going to get much play in the tie rotation plus why not give him something fun?

Not familiar with HBO’s True Detective? It’s about two detectives, Rust Cohle ( Matthew McConaughey) HBO True Detective Available at Best Buy Just In Time for Father’s Day) and Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) who become entangled during a 17-year hunt for a Louisiana serial killer. It’s gritty, dark and suspenseful. It is definitely a thinking man’s show. For more information about this amazing series check out True Detective on HBO’s website.

So what are you getting the fathers in your life this Father’s Day?


I have been provided with a copy of True Detective to review but all opinions are my own.

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