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Sportline Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer

Sportline Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer

Sportline Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer

What is it? Sportline Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer Clip this sleek little pedometer anywhere or slide it into your pocket. The new Qlip Any-Wear pedometer, powered by the Infiniti Motion Sensor, will accurately track your steps, distance-traveled and calories-burned in any orientation and from just about anywhere on your body. It’s the perfect training companion; small, smart and sexy.

What does it say the Sportline Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer will do?

  • Clips in multiple locations on the body
  • Accurately tracks steps and distance
  • Accurately calculates calories burned
  • Accurately monitors speed
  • Monitors total time in activity
  • Time-of-day clock
  • Removable holster clip

Does it do what it says it will do? The Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer does do everything that the label says it will.I really enjoyed the fact that it was so small and sleek. I also appreciated the fact that the clip actually held it’s place because I have worn inferior pedometers and they have fallen off when walking vigorously. In fact, it has happened to me so many times that I was pleasantly shocked when this one stayed firmly in place!Kudos for that feature Sportline.

Do you need to consult a manual or is it “User Friendly”? The Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer is small and compact and it looks really trendy. You can wear it almost anywhere and no one will even know that you are wearing a pedometer. I love that aspect about it. I like to be inconspicuous about my work outs. But, I would have to recommend consulting the manual before operating. This is not to say that it is overly difficult to use, only that it offers so many wonderful functions that to utilize the pedometer to it’s full extent, I feel, you would be served well to read the manual. With a quick once over to figure out how to access each function, you will be on your way and probably never have to consult the manual again.

*As a reminder be sure to remove the battery insulator tab, or you will find yourself perplexed as to why your new Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer is not working. I speak from experience.It’s not the Sportline Qlip Any-Wear pedometer, it’s the user.

Sportline Qlip Any-Wear Pedometer and Go

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