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hipstapak~ the portland hipstapak

Hipstamatic, the Portland Hipstapak, iPhone,iPad,iPod

The Portland Hipstapak

What is it? Hipstamatic ~ The Portland Hipstapak is a .99 application upgrade for your digital photography Hipstamatic app available for the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. It consists of a lens and a film; the Lucifer VI Lens and the BlacKeys B+W film. I absolutely adore Hipstamatic, which was evident in my original Hipstamatic vs. Instagram post and I love to add new hipstapaks anytime the opportunity presents itself. In fact, I own every one currently available. It’s amazing how simply changing a lens, flash or a film type can change the entire concept of the photo.Or how altering the combination of the three can create a different mood.The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


What does the Portland Hipstapak say it will do?

Lucifer VI Lens

hipstapak~portland Burn baby burn. The Lucifer VI is smokin’ hot and creates a flamin’ look that even the prince of darkness would envy.

BlacKeys B+W Film

hipstamatic,portland hipstapak,filmStraight from grandma’s attic, the BlacKeys Ultrachrome gives your prints a superior monotone look and stamps the month and year directly on the print.

Does it do what it says it will do? The Portland Hipstapak application does exactly what it promises. 

  • Lucifer VI lens allows you to capture your photograph through a variable rose colored glass. You take the photo and an instant red shadow is cast on the photo.It gives a great effect for photos of stills or even candids that you want to add a little extra artistic flair to. I wouldn’t recommend it for,lets say the first photo of your newborn baby because it tends to slightly distort the image.
  • The BlacKeys B+W film gives the photos very subtle monochromatic changes with variances of whites, blacks and grays. I love it. It’s just like real life.  The color scheme creates a very raw and simple photo that packs a powerful emotional punch. I also love that it places a month and year stamp on the photo,giving it that vintage feel. Mine was pretty amazing because it actually teleported me back to 1981, well  according to the time stamp anyways.

Do you need to consult a manual or is it “User Friendly”? No manual needed. All you need is to purchase the application,upload it and enjoy taking photos. That is what makes Hipstamatic so amazing, anyone can use it! The Hipstamatic ~ the Portland Hipstapak includes one lens and one film; add them to the collection that comes standard with the Hipstamatic and factor in all the different combinations of film, lens, and flash; the possibilities are infinite.

The Portland Hipstapak~where possibilities are endless.

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