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krim, leo, lulu, marina krim, daryl raetz, zach sobiechThere is no Throat Punch today. There has been so much sadness this week, so many bad things happen every single day. Today, I need a little sunshine, so I’ve decided to share a couple uplifting stories that just might give you a little perspective.

Oklahoma was devastated and leveled by a tornado that took from it some of it’s most precious residents but there are people all over the country who are rallying together to bring them relief. There is human kindness to follow every tragedy, as there is sunshine and rainbows to follow the rain. That is good news. Here are some more stories of inspiration.

The parents of Lulu and Leo Krim, the two beautiful children slain by their nanny last fall, Marina and Kevin Krim are expecting another child. If anyone ever needed a new baby, that family needs a tiny new miracle. They deserve every ounce of happiness that baby will bring into their life. This rainbow baby is just what they need. I’ve never been so excited for complete strangers to be pregnant.

There is a little girl, Tatum Raetz, in Phoenix Arizona who lost her father, Officer Daryl Raetz, over the weekend in the line of duty. Early Sunday morning, Raetz, 29, was killed by a hit-and-run driver while working a DUI investigation.

daryl raetz, marina krim, lulu krim,leo krim, kevin krim, zach sobiech

Yesterday, the 5-year-old had her kindergarten graduation and hundreds of Phoenix police officers converged on a her Valley school Wednesday morning in a show of support for one of their own.

Because her father couldn’t be there, her Phoenix Police Department family showed up to stand in his stead and celebrate Tatum.

daryl raetz, zach sobiech, oklahoma tornado,marina krim, kevin krim

“She had 300, 400 parents up here for her this morning,” Officer James Holmes said. “It was absolutely amazing. It was bittersweet and it was a bit overwhelming for all of us.”

Officers lined the sidewalk clapping for Tatum and congratulating her as she and her mother walked into the school for the graduation ceremony. Inside the auditorium, it was standing room only with a sea of blue in the back and along the side of the room.

daryl raetz, phoenix police,marina krim, kevin krim,zach sobiech

And if that hasn’t lifted your spirits enough for today, there is a family in Minnesota who lost their precious 17-year-old son to cancer on May 20, 2013 but what an amazing boy he was. He lived every single day like he was dying and though he may be gone; he will not soon be forgotten. We should all hope to leave a legacy of love and integrity that Zach Sobiech has left. Do yourself a favor watch the video. It will change you.

There are good people in the world. It’s not all about the throat punches and cruel inhumanity of random acts of disaster. The world is a beautiful place filled with amazing people with stories that will touch and change you. You only need to stop being angry long enough to see past the fear and hurt and chaos.

Be good to each other and live every day like you are dying. Tell those around you how much they mean to you. Tell your loved ones that you love them. Hold their hand. Snuggle them tight and carry on. Choose to be happy. Choose to see the good in people. Embrace your life, as it is don’t wait for something to change to be worthy for love. Just do it. Forget the rest.

zach sobiechToday, I am grateful for babies being born, my two beautiful girls who fill my heart and life with love every single day, for my husband who is truly my better half on most days, for little girls on big stages dancing their hearts out in their tutus, old friends and best friends who are more like family who know you and love you in spite of yourself, for family who have spent this week ( this entire month) celebrating with us. I am so blessed to have you all. To friends near and far, IRL and online, who make my life sweeter by being part of it. Today, I am thankful to be alive to enjoy this great, big beautiful, chaotic life.

What are you thankful for today?

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