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I want to thank you all for entering to win the Diva Cup.It really is an awesome menstrual cup. You all had so many great green tips and I will certainly be using a great deal of them. Thank you for sharing your tips and for going the distance and making the world a better and greener place for our children.

Announcing the Divalicious Winner of the Diva Cup

The Winner is Comment #5 Laura.

My best green tip is to eliminate paper towels. I bought a few bulk packages of wash cloths that we keep in a kitchen drawer.I also bought a bulk package of cloth napkins. I keep them all in a little white plastic trash can in the laundry room and wash them when it fills up.So easy and far less wasteful than the three rolls of paper towels  we used each week.

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I have also chosen to share a few of the tips that you all shared, so that we can all benefit from the ideas.

A bottle is eucalyptus essential oil in the bathroom can save some embarrassment, just add a few drops to your toilet bowl before doing anything odorous! If you are adventuresome you can mix other oils with the eucalyptus such as peppermint for an even nicer fragrance that doesn’t come from a chemical based spray.  ~Aurora

My best green tip is to think about the impact of anything you bring into your house — what kinds of resources it took to make and transport, and what impact it will have when you dispose of it. It makes me a lot more selective about how and what I consume! ~ Jennifer

My green tip (s)… cloth diapers! So easy and much better for baby and the environment. Walk or bike instead of driving. Baking Soda and Vinegar are all you need for cleaning supplies. Buy food from local farms or markets when you can. ~Kim

Green Tip: Minimize your household waste by: (1) Buying items with minimal packaging (larger containers or bulk goods) where possible; (2) Recycling as much as possible; (3) Donating or “handing-down” what you can; (4) Composting non-meat/oil food and garden waste–if you have a place where aromas won’t bother neighbors; and (5) Compacting your waste before placing in garbage can. ~Catherine

one of my green tips is using small rags/cloths as TP for pee!  i have *substantially* reduced our toilet paper consumption in our home by doing this.  i have a stainless steel container by my toilet and toss them in then wash and repeat!  i have pinking shears and used them to cut up small squares of an old pair of flannel pj pants. ~Cori

Congratulations to the Divalicious Winner of the Diva Cup

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