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National Geographic, Kids Cookbook, cooking with kids

It’s Sunday, which in our house means brunch, and a day spent relaxing in our comfy clothes. We look forward to Sunday’s every week because it’s the day we do what we want to do. It’s the one day of the week based solely on our own happiness and not obligations.

The girls have really been into cooking lately, especially my 9-year-old. She loves to help the Big Guy cook anytime he’s in the kitchen. I bake but the Big Guy is a real gourmet. The kid is smart she wants to learn from the best.

Lately, she’s been asking for cookbooks for Christmas and birthdays and any other occasion that will allow her to get into the kitchen. Part of me wants to yell, no, you don’t have to cook just because you are a woman but then I realized, her role model in the kitchen is her dad and honestly, if I’m being a true feminist it’s her choice if she wants to cook or not cook so we’ve been building a small collection of kids cookbooks.

One of our latest cookbook acquisitions has been National Geographic Kids Cook-Book A Year-Round FUN Food Adventure. It is packed full of 12 months of fun recipes for every holiday, occasion and month of the year.

National Geographic, Kids Cookbook, cooking with kids, #NGKInsider

Bella has been begging to cook something out of the book since receiving it, so this morning we let her help with brunch. It was a simple recipe for Sunny-Side up eggs, one of the simplest but for someone who’d never cooked it before, it was a big deal and she cooked it perfectly.

Cooking eggs is something as grown ups that we take for granted because it’s something we feel like we’ve always known how to do, like making toast or boiling tea but it’s not. We had to learn, someone had to show us, at least once. There are lots of things we forget that you have to learn before you know.

So, this morning as my husband made the gravy and biscuits, the girls helped. I watched. Brunch is mostly a Big Guy thing. Then when it was time to make the eggs, I watched as Bella pulled out her National Geographic Kids Cook Book and proudly asked her daddy to teach her and he did what any good daddy could, he taught her how to cook her first ever Sunny-Side up eggs and she was proud as could be with her results. I don’t know if it was the circumstances or the cook, but those were the best damn eggs I’ve ever eaten.

National Geographic, Kids Cookbook, cooking with kids, #NGKInsider

Do your children like to cook?

Well, if they do, I am giving away one copy of the National Geographic Kids Cookbook A Year-Round FUN Food Adventure to one lucky reader. Contest open to readers in the U.S. and ends on November 23 at midnight, EST. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to cook with your kids.

Disclosure: I am a National Geographic Kids Insider and the book was provided to me free of charge for review purposes. However, all opinions are my own.

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