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The uDraw GAme Tablet fro teh Nintendo Wii, uDraw,game tablet, Nintendo, Wii

The uDraw GAme Tablet for the Nintendo Wii, uDraw,game tablet, Nintendo, Wii

The uDraw Game Tablet for the Nintendo Wii

The uDraw Game Tablet for the Nintendo Wii is a spectacularly fun outlet for artistic expression for the entire family. It looks very much like a less intimidating version of the Graphic Drawing tablet that I use when working in Photoshop. The uDraw game tablet for the Nintendo Wii is basically a drawing tablet that works in conjunction with the user’s existing Nintendo Wii remote allowing the user the opportunity to draw images on the tablet that will simultaneously transfer to the television.

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The uDraw Game tablet fro the Nintendo Wii used in conjunction with the uDraw Studio game that it is bundled with is fantastic for my household because both of my daughters are very artistic and love to draw. The uDraw Game tablet for the Nintendo Wii allows them to develop hand eye coordination while using their imaginations in a very creative way. The uDraw is very easy to use and comes complete with tutorials. It’s easy enough that with minimal help my 3 year old and 6 year old can navigate the system on their own.

The uDraw Studio game is very versatile with easy-to-use tools. It allows the user to draw and color anything their mind might create from a coloring page or simple doodle to the next Mona Lisa.

Aside from allowing the user to create original pieces of art from scratch, the uDraw Studio game offers a myriad of tools that allows the user, even at the most basic skill level, to create a masterpiece by way of utilizing the stamps or coloring page features. My girls absolutely love it because they can assert their independence, while having a very hands on creatively artistic experience. I love it because I’m not tripping over crayons and markers or having to use the last of my Mr. Clean magic erasers to get paint off my walls. I think it is a brilliant concept.

My daughter only received the uDraw Game Tablet and uDraw Studio game for the Nintendo Wii on her 6th birthday a couple weeks ago, but both girls have already used it several times and spent many hours exploring the features. The uDraw Studio has a save and share feature that we adore because we can save it to the SD card and share it via email. The user can upload the art to their computer and print it off, or email it to Grandma.

It’s not just for children. My husband and I have both taken our turns at creating masterpieces at the urging of our girls. It was very easy to use and the results were impressive.

The uDraw Game tablet was released in November of 2010 and there are four games available Dood’s Big Adventure, uDraw Studio, SpongeBob Squiggle pants and Pictionary. Pictionary is next on our list for family game night. The uDraw game tablet for the Nintendo Wii really is artistic expression for the next generation.

Image credit flickr BirdNerd25 via creative commons

The Udraw Game Tablet for the Nintendo Wii; Fun for everyone

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