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First year

Ward Miles, Benjamin Scot, Lyndsey Miller

I am sharing this video of Ward Miles’ miraculous first year because this powerful video embodies a parents love for their child and you can feel the pain and all encompassing love of parenthood that words can’t bring justice. The love that only a parent knows because to love your child is like loving nothing else.

Ward Miles – First Year from BenjaminScot on Vimeo.

Ward Miles was born 15 weeks prematurely, scored the lowest he could on a test for bleeding in his brain and spent his first 107 days of life in a hospital with soaring heart rates. At 25 weeks into her first pregnancy, Lyndsey Miller started having cramps at work and went into labor. Her son was born four hours after she arrived at the hospital that day.

Her husband, Ben, a photographer and filmmaker,made this video of Miles first year as a gift for Lyndsey’s 32nd birthday, which coincided with a year to the day that little Ward came home from the hospital after 107 days.

It’s beautiful and I hope each of you that watch it is as touched by it as I was when I saw it.

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