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This week, my Bella is star of the week at school. She requested that the family come to children’s mass this morning and see her receive her blessing. It’s all very sweet. I live for these moments.Don’t we all?

We woke up extra early and dressed ourselves appropriately.Sorry yoga pants you will be staying in today. My mom is in town to read to the class tomorrow so Grandma made a special appearance at our church too. We took our seats and watched as the hundreds of little kids filtered in.

One by one, like an ever flowing sea of khaki, navy and white. Each child more devastatingly adorable than the last. Walking past our pew to their appointed pew, taking their knee and uttering prayers of “Please God, let my parents not be so clueless” , “Please God,let Billy love me”,  “please God, take these braces away”,  “Please God, let me get a new Barbie doll for my birthday”. You know… the usual.

Mass started, the priest is the star but all supporting roles are played by the children. The children’s choir sounds like a real life choir of angels. All reading are done by children, songs sung by children, Eucharistic ministers..children. You get the idea?

And it got me to thinking, how truly awesome it is that these children are so active in the church and learning to serve at such a young age. They are comfortable being in front of this crowd of hundreds of their peers and they are all so well mannered, including mine. It was mesmerizing and impressive for me to watch. Then I got this eerie feeling, I imagine this is how the boys were in the Lord of the Flies..in the beginning. Very well mannered and civilized and then…all hell broke loose. Then I wasn’t so sure this was so adorable any more. Maybe it’s just creepy. Children of the corn creepy. After all, we do live in Indiana.

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