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birthday celebration

I’m sure you all are on pins and needles wondering just how my birthday celebration went, so I’m going to tell you..the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH!

The day started off in a bit of a hectic haze. We were trying to get the house in some kind of order before the grandparents showed up for babysitting duty. God Bless ’em! Without these two beautiful souls, the birthday celebration would not have been even remotely possible.
After frantic running around like chickens with our heads chopped off, finally we were dressed, packed and ready to hit the road.Bella decided that at the point that I  was walking out the door would be a fabulous time to cue the tears. Nothing like a raging case of Mommy guilt to start the journey off with. I was determined. I had tickets to the 3 pm production of Romeo and Juliet ( I will elaborate on that in an upcoming post) and I had to go. So, I gave the girls one last hug and kiss and left them for the first time ever overnight.

It was a long night, so I will just post a quick synopsis of the entire night. After the show, we hit the hotel for a quick change into our night in the city outfits. Mine consisted of a black and white dress, 5 inch heels and an application of my nighttime makeup.It really is a miracle what a difference a little bit of time and effort can make in your appearance and your self confidence.

This is me and my little sister sometime after dinner and a couple cocktails.

We had dinner at the fabulous Japonaise downtown. Where we all consumed obscene amounts of sushi, martinis, wine and saki. There was never a lull in the conversation. I was so content sitting in the corner surrounded by some of the people I love the most in the world, my sister and brother in law, my brother in law and his beautiful girlfriend, and my best friend/sister and her amazing husband and last but certainly not least, the love of my life, the Big Guy! As you can see from the picture above, I could not stop smiling all night long. I didn’t even care that I was turning 30 ( for the 8th time). I was in the moment and drinking it all in.

Dinner was followed by dancing at a Latin themed bar. By this time, we are all feeling pretty good. So good, in fact, that my feet were not even bothering me from wearing the 5 inch hooker heels for 5 hours at that point which I found to be a bit peculiar. I went with it. It felt amazing for 1 night to be looked at like I was a woman having a birthday, not a Mommy taxing children to and fro. Of course, you can take the Mommy out of the house but you can’t take the Mommy out of the woman. This became painfully aware while the girls and I were shaking our asses on the dance floor. There were 2 girls, probably about 21, dancing behind me and they kept bumping into me. At first, I ignored it. Then I couldn’t take it anymore. And what was my reaction? Imagine if you will, me 5’7″ ( without heels on) wearing those 5 inch hooker heels..towering above these girls at a whopping 6 foot tall. They were maybe 5’1″. I swiftly turn around, after being knocked almost off my feet for the 10th time..I bend down, pointing my finger and said, “Hey! You girls have got to stop this. You are going to knock someone down!” They said ,”OK, we’re sorry.” They looked completely shocked and that’s when I realized…I just scolded them on the dance floor. You know, like I would do a 3 and 5 year old. They stopped bumping into me, but they were giggling..probably because they thought I was crazy! Funny how if I would have been their age, I would have turned around and said “Look Bitch, stop bumping into me or I’m going to beat your ass!” Funny how being a mother changes you in the most unexpected ways. That and the fact that I’m pretty sure I would have fallen and killed myself had I gotten into a tussle in those shoes:)LOL

The night started to wind down, by this point the top of my foot had been hyper-extended due to an inordinate amount of time in the hooker heels ( which I absolutely adore by the way and will wear at any chance possible) but obviously my foot was remembering that I was not 21 anymore. We were down to 4 troopers left. I was savoring every single moment of this night. Then it happened, you know that moment when you lose all of your good senses and you do that one last stupid thing. Well, I decided to cap off the evening, we all needed two last shots; 1 of tequila and a lemon drop. Talk about buyers remorse! So, we toast to my birthday and we head to the dance floor. Almost immediately, I realized the shots may have been too much. I felt discombobulated, people were moving in slow motion. Then the next thing I remember was standing in the rain, barefooted waiting as my brother in law tried desperately to hail a cab at around 2 in the morning.Flash forward, I remember hugging on to the toilet for dear life. Yes, very mature behavior for someone of my age. Right? The next thing I can logically recollect was waking up, feeling like I had eaten a bowl of cotton, and had a splitting headache.

I decided that I needed to try and get mobile as we had a drive home and checkout was noon. I sucked it up and headed for a shower, after making a pit stop at my best friend the toilet and puking up what can only be classified as pea green bile, I finally got in the shower to wash away the sins of the previous night. I was feeling a little better..refreshed. Then it happened, as I was brushing my teeth…I noticed something looked out of place. Remember in the Hangover when they wake up the next morning and the one guy is missing his tooth? Well, I wasn’t missing a tooth! But I do have a mysterious black eye! After much piecing together of the last hours of the night,the Big Guy and I came to the conclusion that while I was hugging the toilet, I must have began to doze and slipped and hit my head on the toilet rim. Classy, right? Probably explains some of the headache, as well.Thank God its just on the outside rim of my eye, so it looks like I have eye make up on.Imagine trying to explain that one at kindergarten pick up at the catholic school. There you have it, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the unabridged absolutely embarrassing truth. But what a night it was…to a night we’ll never forget! Or is it remember?

Stu: “Why can’t we remember a godd*** thing from last night?”
Phil: “Because we obviously had a great f***ing time.”
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In celebration of my birthday this weekend (yes, I’m turning 30….again!), we are going to have an entire weekend long challenge. Today’s Be A Better Me (You) Challenge- Days 24-26 ~ Celebrate YOUR assets! You heard me right. No matter what complaints you have about your life or maybe wish you could change some things, you’ve got assets girl. You may have forgotten about them because you’re too busy being obsessed with everyone else in the families …everything. But they are there. Maybe its your brilliant mind, maybe you are a social guru, maybe you’re a damn brain surgeon, maybe you are gorgeous, maybe your eyes are bluer than the ocean, maybe your lips are perfectly round, maybe you have the most amazing cooking skills, maybe you can sing like an angel, maybe you are a damn word wizard, maybe you are the most dedicated friend a person could have, maybe you are a rocking athlete, maybe you are genuine, maybe you are empathetic, maybe you are a sales woman,  a butcher, a baker,a  candlestick maker…You get the point. Take a minute to think about it and flaunt it. When you utilize your assets, you feel productive and you feel confident because its YOU! You’re not trying to keep up to some impossible standard, you got this. You know you do. I don’t care what it is, immerse yourself in it this weekend!
Me, well, lets be honest… in my family, birthdays are a BIG  FREAKING DEAL..its not doom and gloom because you are another year older. It’s  celebrating your ass off because you have lived another year in this world with your amazing friends and family. You count your blessings, have some drinks, an amazing meal, and celebrate you and your life with those you love! Believe me, I will be celebrating all of my assets with the people I love most in the world… all weekend! Try  focusing on all that you’ve accomplished rather than what you want to accomplish this weekend. Take an inventory and be proud of your contribution to the world! You are amazing!

And a Shout out to my Big Little brother, Carlitos! Happy 28th Birthday ( Again). Wish we could celebrate it together like we did when we were little..with our shared birthday cake! Love YOU!!!

What a smart boy you were! From the beginning I knew you were something special!

Sharing one of many of our many celebrations together!

You really were the most adorable thing EVER!

Always my best friend and now we are that much closer because we are godparents to each others kids! I am so proud of the man you have become! You are an amazing Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Best Friend,  Coach, Soccer player. You are capable of such greatness! I can’t wait to celebrate another birthday together with you.Love you Forever and then another day or so:) 
We may be separated by geography but you are always in my heart, little brother!

All the brothers and sisters + baby Gabs in my Tummy, minus baby brother, celebrating our birthday 4 years ago.
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