Commuter Marriage~The Sunday When No One Got Left Behind

Reunited after Commuter marriage! It’s over. It’s finally over! It’s the first Sunday in over a year where no one had to leave anyone behind and […]
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Dadchelor Parties~Because apparently Everything’s an excuse for a Pub Crawl

A couple weeks ago I was reading the Huffington Post and came across a post on Dadchelor Parties~because everything’s an excuse for a Pub crawl. Have […]

Happy Accidents

Happy Accident Today is the 12th year wedding anniversary of the Big Guy and myself. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the way we met […]

Daddy Juice ~My water to wine

Sometimes,in those fleeting quiet moments, where coherent thought still exists in the recesses of my mind, I think about the meaning of life. I know it […]

Mothers and Daughters~When the Apple falls Nowhere Near the Tree

Mother and daughters, I never could have imagined the extent of the importance this relationship would someday hold in my life. The very words mother-daughter relationship […]

The Jake Ryan, Farmer Ted, Lloyd Dobbler Dating Litmus

At one time or another, we have all faced the Jake Ryan versus Farmer Ted debacle. If you were young when it presented itself, you probably […]

Love and Marriage

Marriage, I have been thinking about it a lot lately. My marriage has been pretty easy. I know, you are thinking, what the hell is she […]

Friendly Flirting or is Facebook the Top Reason for Divorce?

Facebook is a time machine to your past I ran into a situation on Facebook last week that was foreign to me. It was as foreign […]

Rationale has No place in Affairs of the Heart

Life is too short to waste it on what ifs and whens.If you find happiness you must not only embrace it but take a chance and […]