Daddy Juice ~My water to wine

Sometimes,in those fleeting quiet moments, where coherent thought still exists in the recesses of my mind, I think about the meaning of life. I know it surprises me when it happens too. Usually, I’m trying my damnest just to keep babies alive and thriving without traumatizing them in any way that is so awful as to trigger a major mental breakdown in the future. Because, just so you know, I totally hold my parents accountable for my years of therapist agreed with me,so there is that. But in those almost extinct moments of quiet, I ask myself some of the big questions of life. One that crept up on my unusually peaceful drive home this morning in the rain was “Why are there no miracles anymore?” I mean, there are everyday miracles like the sun shining or gravity or a mother’s blind love for her child. But what about the real BIG miracles? What happened to seas parting? People walking on water? Water into wine?

Then it hit me, right over top of the head…babies. Babies are a miracle.  I don’t mean in the they are such a blessing in my life sort of way. I don’t even mean the we tried for 7 years before we got pregnant sort of way. Though in there own respects,they could certainly be considered miracles. No, what I’m talking about is the fact that the goo that was left behind on Ms.Lewinski’s dress meets an egg in a moment of uncontainable passion and , in that moment, something that so closely resembles snot turns into Daddy juice and is on it’s way to having a heart beat and breathing, walking around, smiling, and living in the world. I mean think about it, really think about it. It’s really quite profound, the whole process. It’s like creating something grand from absolutely nothing.It is my very own water into wine. There is so many miracles involved with babies, aside from creating them; growing them, sustaining, the way they make our hearts grow, our minds expand, our lives richer. See what happens when it rains and I have a minute of quiet time? I see the little miracles in my own life. How did I not see this before?

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Miracles #1 & #2


What are our ever day miracles? Do you believe in miracles? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this discussion. Maybe it’s the rain, or spring and all the new life all around but I am seeing little miracles every where. Go enjoy the little miracles in your life.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Comments (20)

Water into wine, indeed.

Water into wine for sure!

Ahhh! Thanks. I just realized I am part Daddy Juice. THX! I can fulfill my day now.



Your “daddy Juice” brings all the boys to the yard….LOL EWWWWW, is that Daddy juice on your dress or are you just happy to see me:)

A Mommy in the City

Babies truly are miracles! Gods greatest gift!

Amen!They are very own miracles. We just need to be reminded some times how incredible they really are in the world.

I think about this all the time (except I never thought of the “daddy juice” part) 😉 People cannot resist a newborn babe…and that’s why. They are simply that…miracles!

Thats the miracle..the daddy juice..from snot to glorious baby love in 9 months flat:)LOL

This is amazing! What a fantastic read! I love the truth behind it. 😀 Thank you.

Thank you!Sometimes its all about having the time to get the right perspective:)

Awww! That gave me goosebumps! Yes, it is miraculous when you think about it.

I think I have to share my first daughter’s conception story sometime soon. No, no dirty parts involved, sorry! lol

Share it! I look forward to reading it. It is very miraculous what our bodies can do

Here it is: http://polishmamaontheprairie/ I really feel it was miraculous. A friend told me that perhaps it’s as simple as my being stressed over becoming a mother that the prayer sort of released my stress, “hand it over God” as she put it. Who knows… 🙂

My little miracles! This is, simply put, wonderful.
Loving your use of descriptive language in this post 🙂
My magic baby born right before I turned 46… miracle for sure!

Thanks for this lovely creation today!

I love the water to wine analogy.

Yes yes yes! and the miracle right now is that this comment appeared on facebook instead of here…weird…

I have thought this same thought a lot lately. I don’t think anyone can truly understand it until they have their own baby. I look at my 6 month old daughter all the time and think, this little perfect human being came from nothing! It is amazing. Sometimes I don’t feel worthy. I feel like if you didn’t believe in God before – have a baby. It is certainly a miracle.

I completely agree. It is such an obvious miracle that I think we are oblivious or maybe its just that once we have the babies we are so busy we forgot how truly miraculous they really are.

I can’t wait to get out of here (work) and go spend this GORGEOUS Spring day with my little miracle!!

Jess@Straight Talk

Seriously. The whole growing babies things gets me all the time. I feel her kick me and think I am growing our beautiful girl inside me. The little creature that runs around like a crazy person some days is here because of ME (ok and dad but I GREW HER).

People who are healed are miracles. I always hoped my mom’s faith would give her one of those miracles, but for those who have gotten them, that’s awesome. Really.

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