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How do You KNOW When You are Done Having Babies?

We are on baby watch 2014. My brother-in-law and his wife are in the hospital, as I type, being induced with their first child. I am […]
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Knowing the Last Baby You Had was Your Last Baby Ever

What would you do if you knew the last baby you had was your last baby ever? I used to read my friends posts about how […]
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Everything, I Never Knew, I Always Wanted

Naming Your Baby is Giving them a Sense of Self Naming your baby is a big decision. The minute we knew we were having a baby […]
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A Father’s Daughter

A Father’s Love Father and his Daughter~ It’s difficult to understand the relationship between a father and his daughter. This topic has been on my mind […]
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Embracing Motherhood in the Quiet Moments

Embracing Motherhood in the Quiet Moments ~ Those few and far between moments of motherhood when I can drink in the love of my children and […]
Jackie Burkle

Throat Punch Thursday ~Twins in Jackie Burkle Trunk Edition

Jackie Burkle ~What is wrong with the mother’s of the world? Honest to God, what the fuck is wrong with all these sub par, crazy bitch […]
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Navigating the Play Date Arena ~Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Breaking Up is hard to do even with your play date~ We’ve all been there. That’s the moment in a relationship when you know it’s not […]

Mommy Kryptonite~That New Baby Smell

New Baby Smell ~ Kryptonite for the Mommy soul. Oh yes, I’ve got baby on the brain big time. I know I have pledged myself to […]
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Ugly babies in the Cradle,Pretty at the Table

Let’s talk about the old saying, “ugly babies in the cradle, pretty at the table.” I had never heard of it and quite frankly, took great […]