Everything in life worth having, I got in college

Yesterday, here in the Midwest, was Sweetest Day. Not familiar with the Hallmark Day? Well, don’t feel bad. I believe its only celebrated here in the […]

Oh my Mommy heart.

Yesterday was Sunday.Sunday’s are bittersweet around here. They are simultaneously filled with big breakfasts, mass, lazy days of Halloween decorating, cuddling, mostly just being together. Unfortunately, […]

There’s some things that need to be said

I watched you sleep in quietly in my bed you don’t know this now but theres some things that need to be said it’s all that […]

Be A Better Me (You) Challenge -Day 10~Date Night

Yesterday’s Be a Better Me (You) Challenge -Day 9~ Pay Attention to the little things was addressed pretty easily. You guessed it. I nipped that little […]

Be a Better Me (You) Challenge- Day 4 ~Bring Your sexy back

Yesterday’s Be a Better Me ( YOU) Challenge-Day 3~ You are what you think you arewent well. I am trying to be who I want to […]

Fragile; Handle with care

Seems lately, I have been spending a majority of my life in a never ending holding pattern. Think about that for a moment. Really think about […]

Possibly the world’s craziest Bitch

Negotiating Infidelity? Yeah, the negotiation is if you marry me…you are not allowed to have sex with other women. OK, is it just me? Or is […]

Happily ever after

When I was a little girl, way back before I knew anything, I always imagined life and love to be just like every fairy tale that […]

Did you mess my sheets? My 300th post!!

Wow, if you thought dates were important when you were single~ that’s nothing in comparison to how vital they are to married life. When you are […]