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A Mother’s Day Surprise that I will Never Ever Forget

Do you like surprises? Me, neither. Unless it’s, here’s a bag filled with a million dollars sort of surprise. Still, I got a big one this […]
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How to Survive the “Science Fair”

Have you survived your first science fair as a parent yet? This may sound like a helpful post but really, be forewarned, there is no actual […]
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Saturday, May 4, 2013, my Bella received her first Holy Communion. In the Catholic religion, communion is the third sacrament that our child receives. It is […]
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Life in Vivid White

My daughter is about to celebrate her birthday in a few days. I always seem to get a bit emotional around birthdays. Logically, I know my […]

Change is Inevitable

As you may have noticed, change is inevitable in life in general for all of us and, more specifically, on my site in the last few days. […]

Like a Virgin; I am Flying, Baby!

Flying for the First Time In a couple weeks, I will be flying on an airplane for the first time ever. Not that I’ve ever flown […]

The End of an era

Bella just lost her 2nd tooth over the holiday break, December 28th to be exact ( 2 months to the day that she lost the first one)  and now ( *gasp) Gabs has started saying “I”. Yes, my sweet , sweet baby who ALWAYS says, “MOMMY , ME…..” just this second ( inspiring this post [...]

A Field trip, a Goat, and a Gas Leak

Last Thursday (10/7/10) was Bella’s first field trip. It was to be to a farm with a pumpkin patch at which all the children were going […]

Baby Of Mine

Kindergarten has been a big step for our Bella and it doesn’t seem that the firsts show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. I have […]