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Change is Inevitable

by Deborah Cruz

change, first communion, dress, growing upAs you may have noticed, change is inevitable in life in general for all of us and, more specifically, on my site in the last few days. If this is your first time here, you probably only noticed that holy smokes this woman likes her pink, like her men, hot! But really what you don’t know is that yes, while I do like the Big Guy hot, like my pink, my site has gotten a complete overhaul this past weekend. Thanks to my tech guru/ web design genius, the Big Guy. Hey, you know what they say, it’s cheaper to keep him. No way could I afford what he would charge for the pain in the ass kind of person I am to design for, especially since he undertook this task on my shark week. He is so brave. This was by far my favorite Valentine’s Day gift thus far.

But change does not stop there. My little blog that could is growing and my babies are growing into little girls. One day they were being born and the next, we’re planning slumber parties, losing teeth and prepping for first communion. Not necessarily in that order but you get the idea.

Today, Bella, Gabi, Grandma ChaCha and I went on an excursion to find the perfect communion dress for my 2nd grader. We’d looked briefly a few weeks ago but we were at a stand still because suddenly my princess wanted nothing to do with the grand dresses with all the tulle and crinoline and I, my friends, refused to go the more sophisticated, grown up look. She is, after all, only 7 and wasn’t it just last year that I was chastised for bringing to her consideration any dress without a crinoline slip attached? Honestly, is she allowed to be this hormonal at 7?

After the stand off, the Big Guy and I went on our own Holy communion mission while the girls were in school one day. We found about 3 that we loved and deemed appropriate but we are not dictator parents. We knew that there was no way in hell she was getting the mermaid type, spaghetti strap number that she wanted and belonged in a hookers wedding in Vegas but we wanted her to have a say in what she wore on her big day. So we did what we always do, we narrowed it down then I took her shopping and I presented her with the three choices and a couple more and gently nudged her in a direction.

She tried on dress after dress, on what had to be the craziest shopping day of the year at the local bridal store. Apparently, every girl within in 300 mile radius of our house got engaged for Valentine’s day and these gals were not wasting any time looking for a dress. It was honestly a madhouse of epic proportions.I told Grandma ChaCha to hold our Gabi tight, lest some crazed bride with marriage on the mind swoop my little one up for a flower girl.

As I took dresses on and off my Bella, one by one, I could feel it happening. She was growing up before my very eyes; in slow motion and at warped speed all at the same time. I should have taken a damn Xanax before I went. I will definitely have to do that when we go wedding dress shopping in 20 years or so ( because the rule in our house is you must finish grad school/med school/vet school/law school before you even think about getting married).

And then it happened, just like it did when my mom and I found my wedding dress; she looked like an angel. She knew it. She could see it in the glaze of tears that were filling up my eyes. She looked beautiful in all of the dresses but this one, it was IT! You know it, like you knew the man you were going to marry was it and the dress you were going to marry him in was it. The way you know the end is it and the beginning is it too. You know it when you feel it and this was it.

So this is it, one of the firsts of many dresses that I will buy my daughter to mark the inevitable change that comes with growing up and letting go.

change, letting go, first communion, dress

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Greta @gfunkified 2013/02/17 - 11:18 pm

I love the look (hot pink is my favorite color!) and I love seeing pictures of your girls. They’re gorgeous!

Deborah Cruz 2013/02/18 - 10:09 am

Thanks sweet lady. Obviously, I’m loving the hot pink and white and gray pallet. I can’t get away from it. I love it. I just needed an updated. A fresh coat of bloggy paint on the wall if you will:)
ANd thanks for your kind words about my girls.I think they are gorgeous inside and out but of course, I am biased. They are growing up too fast. I need them to just slow down!! But then I guess, I’d miss what comes next.

Allie 2013/02/18 - 5:21 pm

She is beautiful!! Brings back memories of my first communion. I was terrified!!! The priest that was hearing our confessions and doing the ceremony was so scary!! I wonder what happen to him? Whatever.

Just wanted to let you know to cherish her as little cuz she will soon grow boobs (like mine is now) and then, well, she’s just not so little anymore. But you know growing into a beautiful young woman.


Jenny 2013/02/18 - 11:12 pm

That dress is just stunning. Your daughter is beautiful. I thought I was okay after I registered my oldest for kindergarten two weeks ago. Now it’s hitting me. She seems to have grown up overnight. Can we wallow together about this growing up thing? Because I’m not ready yet.

Chaunie@TinyBlueLines 2013/02/19 - 7:53 am

Awww! I had the same reaction when I bought my then three-year-old a flower girl dress. I’m going to be such a blubberball come time for her wedding!!

Sleeping beauty | tranquilamama 2013/03/17 - 10:04 am

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