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Like a Virgin; I am Flying, Baby!

by Deborah Cruz

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Flying for the First Time

In a couple weeks, I will be flying on an airplane for the first time ever. Not that I’ve ever flown without an airplane. I don’t have wings, have never jumped off a building or been catapulted across a field or shot out of a canon. Yes, I do realize that I am forty and have never flown. In case you were wondering, it has nothing to do with a fear of heights or death. Though, honestly, I would prefer not to die on my first flight. I’m not counting on one of those ironic moments where I waited half my life to take my first flight only to crash. That would be completely uncool. No, I’ve never flown because I’ve just never had the opportunity.

The Big Guy has always liked to drive long distances. He had never flown either until the last couple of years. Believe me, I begged him to drive on our honeymoon to Florida. He refused and ever since, everywhere I’ve gone, he’s gone and he drove. But in two weeks, I am flying to Phoenix. I’m excited and now that I have my ticket, a little terrified. I’m afraid of bad food, cheap seats and some stranger falling asleep and drooling on my shoulder. I’m afraid of being uncomfortable and hating my first ever flight. Not of the aforementioned heights but of not making it to my gates, losing my luggage or having an attack of claustrophobia.

I’m not full on freak out claustrophobic. I’ve been in caves, rickety old elevators and packed concerts but at some point in my adult life, I have developed a desperate need to have an escape route out of any situation. I’d love it if life had an escape hatch. Shit gets to serious, eject. Is it weird that I’d prefer to be ejected into the unknown than face a truly uncomfortable situation? I’ll take my chances with the unknown every single time.

So, why do it? I’m doing it because I love to travel and I hate being stuck in a car for hours on end. I like to enjoy the destination. Plus, I want to be a good example for my girls. I am fearless in many ways. I can’t very well preach taking chances and being fearless if I won’t board a damn plane, right?  Once I conquer this, my next stop is speaking in public without talking a mile a minute or turning tomato red.

And now I have a compulsion to write my girls and the Big Guy a goodbye letter. You know, just in case, the whole ironic thing happens somewhere between here and Phoenix. I’m hoping not because I would really like to see my girls grow up and preferably not from the perspective of the helicopter mom who won’t crossover and just keeps on haunting them. I’m also thinking that a phone call to my doctor may be warranted just in case an attack of claustrophobia makes me get all wild eyed on the flight. Horse tranquilizers may be in order. Good talk.

I am however looking forward to the TSA pat down, it’s been 15 years since I’ve been fondled by a stranger.

Any pointers for my first flight? No horror stories, please. That would totally not be cool. That would be like telling a first time mother-to-be the truth about the pain of labor. Definitely not cool.

What is your favorite thing about flying?



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Marnie Byod 2013/01/16 - 8:05 pm

I honestly don’t experience riding in the airplane and it sounds really weird right? By the way Good luck to your first time to ride in the plane wish you more good luck.

Virginia 2013/01/17 - 8:48 pm

When I flew overseas for the first time, I watched the sunset and the sunrise, just a few hours apart, during the flight. It was beautiful.

When I flew to Japan, I could see the tip of Mt. Fuji poking up from the cloud line.

I’ve sat next to people who didn’t want to talk, but I’ve also met some VERY cool people by striking up conversations.

Pointers: Wear something with sleeves. Bring a book or ereader, but make sure the story is light and fluffy and easy to jump in and out of. People watch — there’s nothing like people watching in airports.

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