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Steubenville, Ohio, Rape, football

Steubenville Ohio Where Football Trumps Respect for Women and the Fear of God

by Deborah Cruz

What the fuck is going on in Steubenville, Ohio? I am a Midwesterner and I am mortified by the kidnapping and rape case perpetrated by these football players. I have been biting my tongue about the Steubenville case because I wanted to read all the information out there and know what the hell I was talking about. I have now read every piece of disgusting media on this sick and twisted Steubenville cover up.

The jist of it is this; defendants Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond are the two 16-year-old football players at Steubenville who are actually charged with raping and kidnapping the 16-year-old West Virginia girl. Michael Nodianos, 18-year-old, is the big-mouthed drunk idiot, not unlike many of the football players I encountered at parties in high school, who made the asinine video in which he made very rude remarks and jokes about the “alleged” rape victim referring to her as a “dead girl” because she, of all things, did not react to sodomization because she was so drugged. The video of his mocking is sickening.

The Steubenville “Rape Crew” all found his jokes very funny and can be heard laughing like jackasses in the background of the video.

Turns out there are a whole network of assholes in Steubenville who were allegedly aware of the behavior these boys were exhibiting; parents, coaches, boosters, friends and even law enforcement. There are many cities all over the country where there is nothing more exciting than the local high school football team. I know it. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived in those towns like Steubenville. The town starts to revolve around that one small accomplishment and the boys who bring that pride to the city are held close as local heroes. They can do no wrong.

They are given tutors to help with grades. Teachers grade them with a bigger curve than the rest of us. The girls throw themselves at these boys because they are the popular boys and the girls know that popularity is contagious. Moms are proud; Dads puff their chest out just a little bit because junior scored the winning touchdown. Strangers pat them on the back and thank them for giving the city something to be known for besides that one stoplight. Soon, these boys are getting perks all over town from free meals to discount cars. These are usually good people who get wrapped up in feeling special.

The problem is that all of this power and pride is bestowed upon teenage boys who are filled with hormones, no life experience and little common sense and teen boys run in packs like dogs. The one thing they have a whole lot of besides testosterone is a sense of loyalty. They start to feel untouchable. It’s a recipe for disaster.

These boys knew better. They were pushing the envelope like petulant toddlers and they took it too far. Somewhere along the way they lost all sense of morals and human decency and they began to think that they could do no wrong because that is how they had been treated. They began to believe their own hype. Now, these little fucks have kidnapped, raped, drugged a girl and then had the bad taste to not only take photos and Instagram them but to record video and, in my mind, the entire city is responsible.

Steubenville has failed its children.

Hey morons, you can’t lie when you’ve been caught on tape! To make matters worse, by indulging these children in all their excess and lack of morality, the town, even their own parents, has taught them that they can have whatever they want; all they need to do is take it. Don’t worry about the consequences or who is hurt in the process; we’ll take care of it for you. There is no tab to pay the piper because we’ve got your back.

But no one thinks of the poor girls who were taken advantage of by these boys? They could have killed someone. The thing is they didn’t care because they have been taught to think that everything is put in this world for them to take. This is the worst case of spoiled children getting out of control that I have ever seen.

Has anyone offered an apology to this girl? Nodianos says he is sorry for making jokes and he regrets it (probably because his life is fucked from that Anonymous leaked video) but has he apologized to the “dead girl” because he obviously thought it was pretty damn hilarious when he was saying she was as dead as “OJ Simpson’s wife” and as dead as “Caylee Anthony”. His video is what has sparked such outrage in the world. Nodianos video made me see red and want to see these boys punished to the full extent of the law. There was no remorse or regard for human life in his video only callous disregard.

In my opinion, he’s not sorry for what he did. None of them are. They are sorry that they got caught. Sorry that they made the video and took the photos. But they are not sorry they committed the act because these little pricks think they are entitled and the entire city is feeding that belief by covering for them. Maybe the parents of Steubenville should have spent more time teaching their sons to respect women and fear God than how to pass a football and score a touchdown and maybe then their sons wouldn’t be facing criminal charges.

All that’s needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing! ~ Edmund Burke

What are your thoughts on the Steubenville Rape Crew’s video and Anonymous releasing the names of all of the football team to the public?



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JDaniel4's Mom 2013/01/14 - 2:30 pm

This is terrible! I hope the boys and others learn from this. It looks like there is a lot of work to be done.

Marnie Byod 2013/01/14 - 8:07 pm

This is truly terrible and this must be stop and the Government must implemented a lawsuit against them.

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