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The End of an era

by Deborah Cruz

Bella just lost her 2nd tooth over the holiday break, December 28th to be exact ( 2 months to the day that she lost the first one)  and now ( *gasp) Gabs has started saying “I”. Yes, my sweet , sweet baby who ALWAYS says, “MOMMY , ME…..” just this second ( inspiring this post ) said , ” Mommy, I’m a good girl.” And she said it while holding the dust pan as I swept, no less. This kid is  freaking breaking my heart with all her amazing, freakish sweetness and ginormous brains:)

New Year and looks like the littles have made some resolutions of their own.

Bella has decided that this is the year she is going to start using the word “glockenspiel” in everyday conversation. As of noon yesterday, she had already used it 347 times.  She is loosing teeth like its the end of the world.Hold on, didn’t 5000 birds just fall out the sky this week, for no apparent reason? Maybe her teeth are just one more sign of the times.Mind your P’s and Q’s people, maybe end of days are just around the corner.Nah, she’s only lost the bottom three..when the molars start spontaneously jumping out of her mouth…then, my friends, be worried.But still, the tooth fairy has not been allowed to visited us. By the time she decides to relinquish those teeth, the tooth fairy’s going to have to take out a small equity loan. Actually, a sure sign the world is ending will be the day my littles no longer want chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bella has also apparently resolved that she is going to argue EVERY single point I have, request I make, and food I offer.This does not bode well, as I am resolving to have my own resolution to prioritize and be present. Lucky for her, I’ve resolved to love hard and love often. Lucky for me, I have also resolved to let forgiveness rule my world.She doesn’t listen, I forgive her. Deep breath. So, she can argue at every turn and I will still be there to wrap my arms around her crazy little self and love on her.If its too much on occasion, I can walk to another room, take a breath and not feel guilty that I’m not feeling particularly sunshine and unicorns about her behavior that day. Forgiveness for me! Serenity now!It’s a good thing and I think it will serve us well in our household.

Gabs, aside from resolving to talk like a grown up and break my heart, has resolved that since she does everything her sister does, she too is going to argue every point, request and food that I dare to offer.She has even upped the ante by throwing in bedtime, bath time,and playtime. I’m a lucky, lucky lady. Just when I thought my heart was going to burst from the pain of them growing up too fast, they go and do something amazing like make me want free time by being argumentative.In direct contradiction,Gabs has decided that while whipping me into a breathless tizzy ( from all the deep breaths, obviously) she will toy with me. She has decided that the best remedy for a Mommy who’s head is about to explode from aggravation is to constantly chide her with “I LOVE YOU, MOMMY” well, up until today “ME LOVE  YOU, MOMMY!” Then, just when I think I can’t take one second more, she will lean in and squeeze me around my thighs like I am a puppy from the pet store that she is trying to convince us to buy ( because the dog we have is so not the “in” thing anymore.) Just like that, I melt into a pool of putty in her tiny little hands.

I’m not sure what  this year will bring, but I do know that the girls and I will be growing together;bending and reaching to meet one another in the middle. Hopefully, soon, we will get to join the Big Guy. Because though I did not mention this in my New Year post, my number 1 resolution is to get the Big Guy, our girls and myself back in the same zip code. It feels like the shades are only half open on our lives with the Big Guy not here with us. For now, I’ll keep on inciting my revolution to be the best me, the girls will keep testing my resolve to keep to those resolutions and we’ll try not to drive one another completely crazy while waiting for more angry birds to fall from the sky. I still think they were only trying to get those damn piggies, but that’s just me!

*Update, last night after  I wrote this post, Bella lost her 3rd tooth (Jan 4, 2010). Come to think of it, this kid is loosing teeth at an alarming rate! Beware the apocalypse.

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Cheryl @ Mommypants 2011/01/05 - 7:04 pm

My daughter just lost her first tooth. If they start dropping out of her face I will know for sure it’s the sign of the apocalypse!

Very cute about “I”. These kids grow an alarming rate. Except when they don’t. 😉

Truthful Mommy 2011/01/06 - 7:10 pm

LOL! I’m serious,I’d be more worried if my girls started NOT taking. begging, or wanting the damn chicken nuggets:)

Yes, The girls are certainly growing much too fast for my liking! What can i do?It’s their world, I’m just living in it:)

Wayne Beck 2011/01/05 - 11:36 pm

love the new site

Truthful Mommy 2011/01/05 - 11:44 pm

love you

sarah 2011/01/06 - 12:51 am

I agree, the site looks great. Much easier to read now.

Truthful Mommy 2011/01/06 - 3:06 am

thank you! I felt it was time I moved up to a BIG GIRL Blog design:)

Sasha 2011/01/06 - 1:12 am

How sweet! My 5yo is ready to lose teeth. She has threatened to punch herself in the face to help things along.

Oh no, wait, that might have been me.

I remember when my little one started saying “i” instead of “me”. It really is heartbreaking.

Truthful Mommy 2011/01/06 - 3:10 am

it really is sad. I think the “I” May have been a fluke , she’s been going between the 2 all day today!LOL
AS for my 5 yo, Oh my, those teeth once they started they are coming out like crazy..because the new ones are pushing them out:)LOL This last one was snaggled for like2 weeks.It was driving us all crazy.Funniest thing is I thought there was no way I was going to be able to pull a tooth. My husband has to go with for shots.It makes me crazy to see them in ANY sort of pain, but by the 3rd one..I’m the official tooth extractor.
I guess I need to start giving them booze and cigarettes to stunt their growth…they are growing up way too frigging quick for me.Happy Mothering, my friend!

Bruna 2011/01/06 - 5:31 am

I couldn’t wait to comment on your new blog! Love it, by the way, if I haven’t tweeted that to you numerous times already! I love the way your photos look on the blog too!

As for teeth, my almost 5 year-old CANNOT wait to lose a tooth and have the tooth fairy visit!

Cheers to your revolution and a new year filled with nothing but good stuff for you and your sweet little family:)

Truthful Mommy 2011/01/06 - 2:50 pm


Thank you for your always kind words. I am serious when I say your comments are a bright spot in my days!

I wish my Bela would let the tooth fairy come but she is afraid of the fairy. She says its creepy for them to come to her bed in the night and take her teeth. I can’t argue the point too much.She’s kinda right:)

God bless and may all the good in the world find its way to you and your beautiful family!

BuenoBaby 2011/01/06 - 3:36 pm

Blog looks awesome:)

Truthful Mommy 2011/01/06 - 5:53 pm

Thanks Mama! I must go and spread my comment love to all you wonderful peeps on my community! Without you guys keeping me off of ledges, lots of bad stuff would be happening to unsuspecting people:)

Jenni Chiu 2011/01/06 - 5:45 pm

“Serenity now!” I shall also use this as my mantra. Except it may sound more like “serenity- sweet baby Jesus, pahleeeze!”.

But it true, the spontaneous leg hugs, and I love you, mommy” will melt me every time.

PS- site looks all pretty and stuff. 🙂

Truthful Mommy 2011/01/06 - 5:56 pm

Thanks sweetie! They certainly have the gene that knows how to adapt. In the case of the impending apocalypse,I’m fairly certain it will be the roaches and my girls who survive.

And believe me sometimes my “Serenity Now” sounds more like “THESE PRETZELS ARE MAKING ME THIRSTY!” Deep breaths, I’m dizzy from taking so many!

PS ~I’m loving the new site! I feel like I got my Big girl panties on 🙂

Krysta MacGray 2011/01/06 - 6:06 pm

Hey look at your spiffy site, lady! That’s what I am in the middle of right now! FYI, I left a little blog award for you over at my site. Hope you are well!

Truthful Mommy 2011/01/06 - 6:24 pm

I will be over to check it out and thank you so much! You are too kind to me!
You are always so positive ,like a ray of sunshine! Hope all is well with you!
I actually am feeling a little better today.I feel the plague was of the 24 hour stomach variety.I’m just praying the girls don’t get it now.Yikes!

Happy Mothering! I can’t wait to see your new site!


Marlowe 2011/01/07 - 4:16 pm

Thanks for saying exactly what I think…I love being one of your tweeple!

Truthful Mommy 2011/01/07 - 5:13 pm

Thanks. i love having you as one of my tweeple! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by my blog and show some love.

Here’s to a great 2011!


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