Nutrisystem Update: Week 9 ~Back to my Pre Pregnancy Weight

This morning marked the completion of my 9th week on Nutrisystem. I stepped on the scale and found that I had lost another pound. This brings my total weight loss to 14 pounds. More importantly, it puts me back to my pre- pregnancy weight. You know, the weight I was 6 years ago before I became pregnant with my first baby. That is AMAZING. More importantly, it is an amazing feeling. Sure,I have visited this weight in the past…as a fluke, when I caught a stomach bug or worked really hard for a few months just to kiss the tip of that weight. But not today, when I saw the number on the scale, I didn’t feel like I had to jump of the scale before it changed its mind. I felt like I earned it and I was just stopping by on my journey to say hi.

Nutrisystem has given me a confidence on this journey of weight loss. I know when I’m eating the food that it’s all figured out for me. I simply follow the plan, and eat some of my favorite foods.Nutrisystem French toast for breakfast,with frozen strawberries is absolutely scrumptious. Add to it a glass of ice cold fat-free milk  or a piping hot cup of coffee and voila, breakfast is served. It tastes great and its good for you. How long have I been waiting for those two concepts to meet? It seems like forever. I wasn’t even sure it was possible. But it is and it is wonderful.

I told you in my last update that Nutrisystem has a really great campaign starting for 2011;Hooray You!NEW YOU Revolution . If you have ever considered trying Nutrisystem out, NOW IS THE TIME. They are running a $100 off the regular $399 cost of the program.The program is only $299 and in addition to that they are including the new Nutrisystem Select frozen foods at no additional charge.PLUS, Oh yes, there is more, they are including  a free extra 7 days of shelf stable pantry food. I know many of you have been asking what the cost was and so here you have it,wrapped up tight in a nice pretty package..delivered to your door. It doesn’t get any better than this! So, I hope you can take advantage of this great deal. I can’t even describe in words, how amazing it feels to have hit my pre-pregnancy weight once again. I feel six years younger:)

If you have any questions about the program and how its been working for me or about how the food tastes, feel free to ask away. You know I always tell you the truth. If you need more assistance, all your answers can be found at Aren’t you ready to start the revolution to the new you?

DISCLOSURE: Nutrisystem is providing their  program to me free of charge in exchange for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program and weekly updates. I am not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed in this post are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

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Thank you! You can imagine how excited I am to be back to pre pregnancy weight. Next stop, pre wedding weight:)LOL

Congrats! I thought about Nutrisystem because it would be easier for me if the meals were all there laid out for me. BUT I would still need to make meals for my family and that would just be too much. How do you organize meals for your family AND not eat it?

I make their food before i get too hungry. I really haven’t had too many instances where I’ve been hungry. In those few times I was, it was because their bedtime fell at my dinner time.SO I had to wait til they were asleep before I could sit down and eat.

Plus, on Nutrisystem you dont just ea their food.You have to eat fruits, veggies, dairy, and protein.SO there are 3 Nutrisystem meals and a snack, plus the other food I mentioned Its really just a matter of learning portion control and eating better foods. I LOVE IT! I’m trying to get to hot mom status by BlogHer11:)

You should give it a try, especially with the deal they are running.The shelf stable food’s pretty good but the Select gourmet frozen food is AMAZING! If you have any other questions that I can answer, feel free to ask!

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