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Happy 14th Birthday to My Teenager, my Best Friend

I know not everyone agrees with this or has this same experience because parenting a teen is a box of chocolates, you never know what you […]
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Love Letter to My Tween

Every year, I write a love letter to my daughter on their birthday because one day, I hope that she’ll read them and get to know […]

Happy Golden Birthday to the Child who Made me a Mom

Happy Birthday, Bella! Ten years ago today, the most important thing in my life happened… I became a mother. I can’t believe I’ve been a mom […]

Babies, Birthdays and Letting Go

As a parent, how do you begin letting go? Today, my firstborn, my first baby, the little ball of warm, fuzzy goodness that came into my […]
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The Hardest Part is the Waiting

When I was pregnant with Bella, I constantly listened to Celine Dion’s album Miracle. Honestly, it was my first pregnancy and I was so in love […]
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Saturday, May 4, 2013, my Bella received her first Holy Communion. In the Catholic religion, communion is the third sacrament that our child receives. It is […]

The Clothing Crisis of 2010

Remember the good old days when you were trying to change your baby who was, in fact a cruiser or even walking but not quite potty […]

Daddy the superhero

Every morning, I keep seeing the Mommies attached to their hysterical children, clinging to their legs/waists for dear life and sobbing uncontrollably.And every morning, I thank […]

Kindergarten~The Begining, the End, & a lot of Deep Breaths Inbetween!

Last night, I came slightly undone from a book ( The Night Before Kindergarten) and then I proceeded to have a complete meltdown when Bella misplaced […]