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Dear Fat Chicks Please Wear Clothes That Fit You~Throat Punch Thursday

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday,fat chicks, mean peopleI saw the following on a message board. Am I surprised? No, because people are kind of assholes and people really act like assholes when they can hide behind a computer screen.

“WHY do SOME very obese women wear clothes 4 sizes too small?”

Apparently, we’ve never heard of the phrase, live and let live. Look, I am not so tragically obese that I roam the aisles of Wal-Mart with my belly hanging out below the bottom of my shirt as I scour the joint for Pork Rinds and Mountain Dew but I do take offense to this statement.


I have been every single size between a 4/5 ( in the 90’s, which I imagine with vanity sizing being what it is would be a size 0 today) and I have been as large as a size 20 and I have never walked into anywhere with my belly hanging below my shirt or my clothes being 4 sizes too small.

But before you condemn someone and chastise them for choosing to be a “fat chick” and not wearing clothes that fit, maybe you should consider a few things; maybe she just had a baby and does not yet fit back into her prematernity clothes, perhaps she is destitute and can not afford bigger clothes, maybe she has something wrong with her physically that prevents her from fitting into said clothes, maybe she has a mental deficit that prevents her from knowing any better, or perhaps she is just so fucking comfortable with her body she doesn’t give a shit ( which we should all be so lucky). It appears to me that these Fat chicks wearing clothes that are too small are not the problem but maybe your very narrow minded view of the world and obvious sizist attitude are the problem.

The comments were equally as bad calling heavy women everything from classless to tasteless. Maybe they are doing the best with what they’ve got. Live a day in their skin and then see how easy it is to just dress “appropriately” for your size. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of smaller women who wear clothes that are too small for them as well with body parts hanging out all over the place and you don’t see anyone complaining about that. I think they are both equally offensive.

fat chicks

What do you think about people hiding behind their keyboards to be mean to other people?

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D.J. Paris 2013/07/11 - 3:25 pm

You had me at “fat chicks.”

KalleyC 2013/07/11 - 10:02 pm

Amen sister! We should just live and let live. Never mind how someone else decides to wear their clothes. Like you said, there could be a number of ways why they are dressed the way that they are. We shouldn’t judge.

Natalie 2013/07/11 - 10:39 pm

I get this.. I do and for the most part I agree. I try not to judge what others look like in their clothes or if they’re a little snug b/c LORD KNOWS I’ve rocked a muffin top a time or two.
BUT my MIL is one of those overweight women who wears clothes entirely too small and skimpy for her size. We’re talking about a woman who wears every bit of a 20 with a pair of GG’s on her chest and comes out on the lake in a bandeau bikini top. I should NOT have to worry about my kids being exposed to a slip of the nip while we’re on a family vacation. She’s also notorious for wearing such low cut shirts that you can see her belly button. Which, if you have a hot date- FINE. But to a family dinner or xmas or to a play with her granddaughter? Nope. Not the time or the place.

And also, for the record, I don’t think smaller/skinny girls should be wearing clothing with body parts hanging all over the place. I’m a big fan of modesty these days.

Elisa E. 2013/07/12 - 1:35 pm


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