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Truthful Tuesday, March 9, 2010!

by Deborah Cruz

Once again, it is Truthful Tuesday. I am being truthful today about the fact that this Tuesday I will be in a right terrible mood. Why,you ask? Today is the first day in a long line of days of when my husband will be working a new job, out of town. What this means for me is that I will miss my husband, whom I actually like and will miss seeing every day. I know some couples are good with seeing each other only a few days a week but we have always been a very close couple and he is a very hands on Daddy. That leaves me lonely, busy, and probably quite crazy by the end of every week.I am not looking forward to Never getting a break within the 24 hours. I am a little scared of the ramifications it will have on my girls. Thank God we will see him at the end of every week, and that will truly be something to look forward to but that leaves me , the dancing monkey, trying to fill the space and time that will be left by his absence. We’ve done this before and it didn’t work out very well. There were meltdowns galore, tantrums, crying spells, misplaced anger and confusion and that is nothing to say of what it did to the children:) So , my confession today is that I will miss my husband terribly and , hoping not to sound ungrateful, I hope that something closer turns up sooner than later. I’d much rather have him close and here to kiss good night every night and for my girls to have him to run to every evening when he gets home from work with excitement and wonderment in their eyes (because to them Daddy is simply amazing).Today my confession is that I will miss my husband, my best friend, more than I am allowed to tell him for fear that he will feel bad about having to go. So, I am telling you girls to get it off of my chest.Happy Tuesday!

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Aging Mommy 2010/03/09 - 2:57 pm

I totally understand. My husband was away for 7 days in Germany and just got back. I miss him but my daughter just doesn't understand why Daddy has to go away and he missed her dreadfully. When he is not traveling he often works very long hours and goes for days without seeing her as she is in bed when he leaves in the morning and again when he gets home at night. It's tough on everyone in those situations, so I hear you! I hope he finds something closer to home soon.

Peggy 2010/03/09 - 7:35 pm

Oh my sweet friend. I totally understand. Praying for something closer. Here is my truth for the day. I have always been one of those Mom's who loves my children and have enjoyed every stage, but I am not one of those that cries at the thought of my babies growing up. I love them now, but I am also excited about the stuff we can do when they are more self sufficient. However, here is one thing I don't like about them growing up…We are a very close family who is very routine oriented and we like our quirky little family rituals. We eat dinner together 5 out of 7 nights, we set the alarms early so we can all cuddle every morning, and we watch Disney Channel shows together every night. Now that they are getting bigger and involved in more things, we are having to adjust…eating early to accommodate swim lessons, tball practice twice a week, a very tired boy who could use a little more sleep in the morning, I seem to be running around daily like a chicken with my head cut off between preschool, bus stops, doctors appointments, car repair, etc. I am missing our boring life.

~J 2010/03/09 - 8:25 pm

I don't blame you a bit…I whine because my husband is gone 14 hours a day..but you just put that into perspective for me. Big hugs to you hun!

Boobies 2010/03/09 - 8:25 pm

I don't blame you a bit…I whine because my husband is gone 14 hours a day..but you just put that into perspective for me. Big hugs to you hun!


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