Just going through old photos, my girls are sleeping, and it just reminds me that taking time to enjoy my girls is what really makes me happy. They will only be this age for a little while, I know that. I need to remember that. This is my reminder. They are so amazing and I am so lucky and blessed to be their Mommy! They are why I am who I am. They have made my life everything, I never knew, I always wanted. Happiness truly is the smile of your child, the sound of their laughter,  their cuddles and snuggles.It is priceless.

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Oh my gosh – that first photo makes me want to run out and have six more. But I won't!

Such beautiful girls. I needed to read a post like this because when my little one woke me up at 4 am and then proceeded to scream every time I put her down, I need to remind myself that these moments are fleeting.

Beautiful little ladies and so nicely stated!!!

These pics are beautiful!!!!

These pics are beautiful!!!!

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