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by Deborah Cruz

I’m really starting to understand how style and fashion work. Always, it seems, whats old becomes new again and when it does all those clothes  that you should have thrown out 15 years ago, but you hoarded instead, become vintage! I know when I was in my late teens bell bottoms came back in style..all the 60’s stuff was really big. I thought I was so cool because I had a bunch of my parents clothes from the 60’s. Now, in the late 90’s/early 00’s the “punk” style came back into fashion. Great, I had a plethora of that clothing from when I was a teenager…of course you look a little retarded dressing like a punk rocker when you are in your 30’s..just saying. If you are not actually Sid Vicious or a card carrying member of one of the original punk bands and you are over 30..you’ve not earned the right to be all anarchist in the USA …after 30. Now, all the neon colors,high tops, lace,acid washed, ripped shit from the 80’s is coming back. That stuff was horrible the 1st time around..why are we letting it come back again? Thank God my kids are too young to partake because I burned all my evidence stuff from the 80’s. The only thing that was good was the fact that I was in my teens in the late 80’s, John Hughes was making some killer movies, and the new wave/punk/ industrial music was awesome. My last word on the subject to anyone who remembers the 80’s, is it just me or are skinny jeans just an updated version of the tight roll jeans of the 80’s? You know who you are…If Kelly from saved by the bell was doing it….I know your ankles were turning blue doing it too!LOL What’s next, Shaker sweaters? Cross color jeans? MC Hammer? When will this madness end?
All I know is that watching fashions come in and out of style makes me feel really old, especially when it happens so quickly. Here’s to being “Vintage” may we get better with each and every new version of ourselves!Now to entertain you with a little flashback….

Truthful Mommy (Iridescent green dress) circa 1990

                                       Truthful Mommy (Right hand side) circa 1996
Please, Don’t hold it against me!I was young, and apparently buckled to peer pressure…or maybe I just didn’t know any better:)

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Robin 2010/04/27 - 3:13 pm

80s fashion was horrble. And that includes 80s hair. Everything else was awesome. 80s music will killer. 80s movies were the best. PRETTY IN PINK, THE BREAKFAST CLUB, SAY ANYTHING, BETTER OFF DEAD, THE PRINCESS BRIDE, and the list goes on. I hate neon.

Lanita @ A Mother's Hood 2010/05/04 - 9:13 am

I was once told that if you were old enough to wear it the first time around, you had no business wearing it the second time around. Food for thought….


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