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Lubrigyn Feminine Hygiene for All Ages. #GetIntimate

by Deborah Cruz

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lubrigyn, a new way to keep moisture where it belongs. All opinions are my own!

I have used special moisturizers on my face, neck, arms, legs and hands since I was 18 because I want my skin to be soft and supple. I use sunscreen on my face; wear huge Jackie O-style sunglasses, and I should own stock in giant sun hats…the bigger the better.

I take care of my skin because I want to grow old gracefully but, for some reason, I never even considered extending the courtesy to my lady bits. Who knew that you needed to moisturize your vagina? Did you know that your vagina could dry out just like the skin on your face? Not that it’s the first thing people see when they meet you, but I don’t want to look youthful in my face and feel 87 in my bits.

Apparently, vaginal dryness can happen at anytime but it gets worse as we get older, especially after menopause. Menopause can cause vaginal dryness, but so can diabetes, antidepressant drugs and birth control pills.

Really, I should have been moisturizing my vagina just as long as I’ve been moisturizing my face, but no one ever told me. No one spoke of it. It’s not like my mom gave me a bottle of Lubrigyn and instructions when I turned 18!

What is Lubrigyn, you ask? Lubrigyn Lotion is a cleanser, moisturizer and lubricant that can be used with or without water. A packet of wipes is included with the lotion for on-the-go use. Lubrigyn also comes in a cream, which is a more concentrated version of the lotion, and is especially effective for lubrication.

Lubrigyn has been successfully selling across Europe since 2004, and is now available at CVS.com and in many of their stores. The cream is FDA approved but does not require a prescription.

A creamy, lubricating, moisturizing and cleansing formula, the lotion can be used everyday, in the shower as a regular soap substitute or applied without water. Besides its soothing, softening and refreshing ingredients, sodium hyaluronate attracts and holds on to water.

Lubrigyn Lotion doesn’t foam like most feminine hygiene products; instead, it maintains the natural protective barrier of our vaginal tissue. The vaginal tissue retains moisture and protects the skin from germs and fungi. As we age, vaginal tissue dries out and loses elasticity, which can lead to itching, bleeding and pain during sex. I’d prefer supple and moist, any day of the week.

If, like me, you never thought about moisturizing your lady bits before, maybe now you realize that you should. It’s about more than vanity, it’s about being comfortable and sexually healthy at every age. I encourage you to try it today.

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