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Judgemental Doctors, Throat Punch Thursday, Doctors

Throat Punch Thursday~ Victim of a Judgmental Doctor Edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday,Judgmental Doctor,doctors, obesity,weight management

Judgmental Doctor You Suck

Tonight’s Throat Punch is brought to you by a judgmental doctor. Don’t get me wrong some of my favorite people in the world are doctors; my brother in law, one of my best friends to name a few. I realize that they are, in fact, human; just like you and I. But I expect a standard of professionalism when they are practicing medicine. What they say at home, that’s between them and their HIPAA conscience. But when a doctor brings assumption and judgment into the exam room, we have a problem .

I’ve been having persistent coughing fits for the past 2 weeks and decided to go to the local RediMed, as I don’t have a GP here yet. The doctor walked in the exam room ( after I had waited 2 hours to see her) with a less than enthusiastic attitude, as if I had done something to deserve to be sick. It was apparent from the moment she walked into the room looking through her nose at me, that she was a judgmental doctor.  Worse still a cold bitch, as the room dropped 10 degrees when she walked in.

She began by asking me the standard questions. How long have you had the cough? Are you feeling any sinus pressure? Are you feeling any pressure in your ears? I say yes. She asked, “Pressure? or PAIN?” Her tone was as if I had misunderstood her question. I had not. She had a very thick accent. I’ve grown up immersed in thick accent as my fathers mother tongue is not English. I don’t usually have an issue understanding accents but hers was quite thick.

Judgmental Doctor, Throat Punch Thursday, Doctors, Body issues, weight, body dysmorphic disorder

Judgmental Doctor You are No Lady

“Do you have any allergies?” Yes, I have seasonal allergies.

“When you cough are you bringing anything up? Yes (I’m assuming she was referring to phlegm).

This is when it all fell apart.

At this point she is looking at me, as if I have totally done something wrong, “You really have to watch what you are eating late at night!”  I eat at 5:30 every night.

I have no f*cking idea what she is talking about.

“You must cut back on the greasy food! Take some Prilosec and stop eating these kinds of food!!!! ” She’s practically yelling. I feel as if I am on trial.

“Stop drinking all the sugar, sodas and coffee at night. You need to watch what you eat so you don’t destroy your esophagus with your unhealthy eating habits.”

I don’t!I don’t! I don’t!

What the f*ck is she talking about? Since when did a cough warrant a scolding on non-existent eating habits?

Judgmental Doctor Say What

Then it hits me like a ton of rocks hurled by sizists at the fat kid. Somehow, when I was explaining to her that when I lie down at night the coughing fits get worse, she heard “I’m a big fat asshole who has acid reflux because I can’t control my binge eating at night. I drink 2 liters of soda and pots of coffee with reckless abandon because I just don’t give a shit about my health!”

She was being very condescending and rude.

I know I am out of shape. I am heavier than I ever wanted to be.


I HAVE NEVER HAD HEARTBURN. I don’t even know what it feels like.

I came in for COUGHING FITS not a judgmental doctor with a side of asshole bedside manner. Who did she think she was?

I seldom drink caffeine, never at night. I’ve never been a binge eater. I’m a restrictor. To add insult to injury, I’m pretty sure that the reason I am as heavy as I am now is partly from all the damage I did to my body when I was in the throes of my 8 year battle with eating disorders. Doesn’t this bitch know I have body dysmorphic disorder?

Of course she doesn’t, she’s just the freaking drive thru of doctors and she doesn’t have my full medical records. That insensitive bitch just used her judgmental doctor powers on someone who has to talk herself into accepting herself on a daily basis. I’ve never felt so ugly in my life.

I was deflated. Enraged. Wanted to throat punch her and cry simultaneously. On top of everything else, it’s shark week and I’m not feeling especially happy with excessive water weight that I’m holding.

Thanks for the pep talk, Dr. Kevorkian.My throat Punch goes to the wicked stupid, judgmental doctor with the sizist attitude and atrocious bedside manor.

Hope you will link up your Throat Punch Thursday posts with me. I wanted to extend a personal invite to all of you to link up any posts in which you air a grievance, call out any asshatery,or just dole out a well deserved throat punch to one of societies shortcomings or political douche canoes. If not this week, I do it EVERY single Thursday and would love for any or all of you to join in! All you have to do is grab the Throat Punch Thursday button ( listed under the “about” tab at the top of the page), put it in your blog post and link up. If you’d like to stay in the Throat Punch know, I’d love it if you would email subscribe ( as GFC will stop working soon). Just say No to a Judgmental doctor.

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Bleeping Amazing 2012/01/19 - 11:25 am

What a shitty thing to have happen to you! I love it, too, when they pinch your arm and tell you that you’re teetering on obesity when the reality is that you are probably two percentage points above the national average. Thanks, *sshole. AND, I once had a doctor tell me I probably just had a random rash that would go away in a day or so when I sat keeled over in pain in his office. Yeah, I SO had shingles. #fail.

Truthful Mommy 2012/01/19 - 9:40 pm

I don;t understand why they think it’s ok to talk to people in such a demeaning way just because someone is overweight. They don’t know the reason behind it. What if I had a condition that caused me to be overweight? She just went ahead and insulted me. Really, she has no business to talk to anyone like they are an asshole because they are heavy. That doesn’t make a person less than who they are.

Jennifer 2012/01/19 - 11:35 am

Years and years ago I had to pick a PCP. I didn’t know who to go with so I just picked someone. I went to him two or three times and every time he commented about my weight. At the time I weighed WAY less than I do now. The final straw was when I was sitting in his office with a puke bucket in my lap and he told me it was probably because I ate to much. I reported him to the insurance company and the licensing board.

Truthful Mommy 2012/01/19 - 9:38 pm

OMG, What an asshole! I can’t believe that people get away with this. Good for you for reporting his ass.

I can say one thing, that bitch did motivate me to want to loose weight. She made me feel awful. I don’t ever want to be judged by my weight again.

Tracy 2012/01/19 - 11:56 am

I had never been the victim of a judgmental doctor until I told my son’s pediatrician that he had been to a chiropractor. She made me feel like I had ruined his life. Well screw you, pediatrician, he’s never had an ear infection in his life and it’s not like I gave him botox or Vicodin.

It’s great that your doctor decided to completely ignore your symptoms and make you feel like shit. There must be a special class at med school for that.

Truthful Mommy 2012/01/19 - 9:33 pm

Nothing like imposing their personal opinion on you.
I NEVER have had an experience like this and I hope I never do again. It also made me painfully aware what it feels like to be on the receiving end of preconceptions and judgment. It sucks. Maybe it reminded me not to judge people solely on their actions without knowing their story.

Sorry, your doctor made you feel like a bad mom. That’s the worst.Jackass. THey need a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the back of the head.

Erin Margolin 2012/01/19 - 9:18 pm

OMG. This is precisely why I am always lecturing the hubs about his bedside manner! What a rudey ruderson! So sorry you had to deal with that!

Truthful Mommy 2012/01/19 - 9:28 pm

It was so ridiculous because she was OBVIOUSLY insinuating that my diet was the reason for my imaginary acid reflux. Her misunderstanding gave her cart blanche to insult me.I was so insulted.I have enough body issues,I didn’t need her scolding me for bad habits that I don’t have and for having an ailment that I don’t have. I know that doctors are human and have bad days, like I said I know several doctors personally, but she was over the top.That bitch hurt my feelings so she got a throat punch. I only wish I could have given her a real one.

KalleyC 2012/01/20 - 10:41 am

I can’t stand doctor’s who do this! It’s so annoying, one doctor was saying that I have to have high blood pressure (because at the time I was very overweight), and I told him I don’t have it because it’s impossible for me to develop it in 2 days after seeing my OBGYN.

They are always lecturing about weight when that has nothing to do with the issue! The last time I went to the doctor and his bedside manner was just horrible, I cried for 2 days!

No more, now I just tell the doctor off. I will not be quiet anymore!

Carri 2012/01/21 - 12:35 am

I’m surprised you didn’t knock her out!

Truthful Mommy 2012/01/21 - 11:06 am

I think I was too shocked to believe that it was actually happen to gather my thoughts.

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Beverly Hills Botox 2012/01/22 - 7:07 am

Hate doctors like that!

Leighann 2012/01/22 - 12:13 pm

We have so many dr.’s like this in our emergency rooms. they just float in, do a quick one two, and then leave. But the destruction they’ve left behind is irreversible. They are the kind of dr.’s that missed my gal bladder being diseased for 6 months!
Get a second opinion please and forget that terrible woman!

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Beverly Hills Botox 2012/01/23 - 4:45 am

That punch looks rather painful too.

How To Relieve Sinus Pressure 2012/11/02 - 8:36 am

The ugly doctor kinda.

Mike 2012/12/28 - 11:39 am

You people are all out of ur mind, the food you eat plays a major role in your health and creates a ton of issues … wake up and smell the coffee .. lol

Mike 2012/12/28 - 11:59 am

you people do realise if mother nature intended for you to eat cookies, there would be a cookie tree, if you eat crap food filled with poisen and stuff that isn’t supposed to be in the human body, your body is going to show you exactly how much it didn’t appreciate it further down the road. just like you wouldn’t put water into your gas tank in your car, same goes for your body. mother nature put food on trees and in the dirt for you to eat, when you have health problems don’t blame the doctor for that being the 1st qeustion, it’s your own fault

Deborah Cruz 2012/12/28 - 6:17 pm

@mike, Did you even read the post. I don;t have any issues relating to weight or what I eat. I am NOT a binge eater. I went in for sinus issues. They had nothing to do with food. I know the difference. Please save your nutrition talk for someone who has not already thoroughly researched the issue and been a long time sufferer of body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders. Restrictor means restricts what one eats, not eats crap from the crap tree or cookie tree or whatever other poison you were referring to. Who are these “You people” you are talking about? I am one person, writing about one topic and one instance.

Mike 2012/12/29 - 12:04 pm

Yes I read the post, you stated you were over weight when you went into the doctors office also didn’t you?. Well you certainly did not get to be over weight by eating the right foods, and as far as you thinking the doctor being judgmental, you walked into their office being overweight asking for help than get mad when they try to point out the most obvious, when you are over weight it puts pressure on every single organ, blood vessels, nerves and so on .. and not eating is just as bad for you, your body will shut down !!

Michael 2012/12/31 - 5:06 am

I would like to say one more thing, your body is made up of Atoms, unless you are eating real food which means from a plant then you are doing damage to your body, You should be eating things like, onions, mushrooms, yams & white potatoes, apples, oranges, broccoli, green beans, black & red beans, stuff like that in the raw along with grains and a little protein from meat, and water. If you are eating anything from a box or can, then you are doing damage to your cells. I don’t think you have any clue what food is along with 95% of the rest of the population, you think oh it’s low fat or no fat it must be good .. WRONG!!! … there is a reason why Wild Animals are so healthy and most humans have issues left and right and that reason is because they haven’t changed what they eat to man made foods, they eat raw flesh, blood and bones and drink water .. If you ate what was natural on this earth, 1 you wouldn’t be heavy and 2 you would be giving the Atoms that make up your body what they need to repair itself ..

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Addie 2015/03/27 - 2:41 pm

Thank you so much for this post! It came up because I was searching for people with similar stories of doctors being super judgemental, and though it saddens me they are common, I feel better knowing it wasn’t my fault.
I was at a clinic earlier this morning because I’d decided it was time to tell someone that I’ve been struggling with disordered eating for years now. But I don’t fit into any of the visible stereotypes that exist around EDs. Apart from not believing me because I couldn’t articulate it well (it’s the first time I’ve ever reached out for help), she yelled, “What’s the big deal??” and sent me away with no further resources. Any courage I’d had about reaching out for help beyond online is gone. I am disgusted by the attitude of these “professionals”.


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