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Honest is as Honest does!

by Deborah Cruz

My girls, I’ve not said it enough lately but they are amazing to me. They amaze me with the things they say, the thoughts they have, the heart they love with, their little bodies that give such great big hugs and make me feel like I am better than I deserve to be..like I am more than I could ever imagine. They inspire and humble me on a daily basis. This post is dedicated to my littles. Their honesty and wit, humor me and simultaneously blow my mind.

Last week , Gabs, my beautiful little 3 year old decided that it might be fun, even hilarious to take a royal blue Sharpie ( that I obviously forgot to pick up after a day full of packing and marking boxes) and drew stripes on her perfect little porcelain complexion. I don’t mean a small line, I mean full on William Wallace “Braveheart” style war paint. There wasn’t much to be done but soap and warm water. I was perfectly willing and able to take it to goggle if that didn’t do the trick. I had my little Gabs in the shower with me and I said, “Gabs, why did you do that?” Gabs:” Uhhmm, me wanted to.” Me: “But Gabs what if it doesn’t come off?” Gabs: “Me no care!” Me: “Gabs what if you’re like 13 and it’s still on your face and you have to go to school with it on your face?” I must admit at this point I was just curious to see what my feisty little munchkin was going to answer. All this was going on while I was washing her face with some new L’Oreal face scrub I had just bought and I was praying..a lot! And then she answered again “Me no care!” Me:”But Gabs, what if people stare at you?” She shrugs, clearly annoyed with my line of questioning, Gabs: ” Me will say “What cho lookin at????” And then I giggled and we enjoyed the rest of our shower singing the Gabbi Gabbi, Bo Babbi, BananaFanaFoFanni….Gabbi song ( she loves that song). All I could think was, how amazing she is. She really doesn’t care what people think of how she looks. And then I said another little prayer, this one with my eyes closed tight…” Dear God, let this never change! Let her always see the beauty in who she is.Let her recognize the amazing that she is just being who she is.”

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This is the face of little girl who doesn't let others determine her own self worth

Then there is my Bella, my 5 year old, this little girl amazes me on too many levels to mention but I must say that her superior humor and adult like wit is what makes me smile on a regular basis. This child is incredibly smart and has always been ahead of the curve in most things. But the things she says sometimes make me laugh so hard that it is almost guttural. For example, the other day she comes home and tells me that when she is star of the week, she want to take toothbrushes in for all of her classmates. Which is great but a little peculiar. Neither my husband nor myself are dentists, so why toothbrushes? Of course, I ask “Bella, why do you want to give toothbrushes to all the kids in your class?” Bella: “Well… ( she takes a deep breath and goes into a whisper) Mommy, I don’ t think they know how to brush their teeth!” Me: “Bella, I’m sure their Mommies and Daddies make them brush their teeth before they go to school just like I do you and your sister.” Bella : “I don’t think so.” Me; “Why would you say that?” Bella: “Because it doesn’t smell like they brush their teeth!” ( I’m thinking ,Oh Lord, I hope she’s not saying this to people). I ask, ” Bella, you are not saying that to them are you? Because that’s’ not very nice and you can hurt someone’s feelings.” Bella: “Oh no Mommy,I don’t tell them. I don’t tell Mrs. Lomie* either!” Me: “Well, Bella you don;t need to tell your teacher if your friends breath smell like they didn’t brush their teeth. That’s between them and their parents.” Bella:” Oh, no Mommy. I mean Mrs. Lomie*. Her breath smells the worst.I don’t even think she HAS a tooth brush.” At this point, I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry. I mean, I am perfectly aware my girls will tell the Big Guy in I first thing in the morning that we need to brush our teeth, usually proceeded by a “Pew WEE, don’t you brush your teeth!” Immediately, I tell Bella :” Please don’t ever tell Mrs. Lomie* that she needs to brush her teeth,OK?” Bella: “I won’t Mommy. But it smells like the dog pooped in her mouth. But I NEVER tell her, I JUST think it in my head!” At this point, I am stifling my laughter. Me: “That’s good Bella. Keep it in your head but never say it out loud to anyone at school. You will hurt her feelings.” Bella: ” I know Mommy.But I think it, right there in my head…every time she talks to me.” Poor teacher..poor Bella. It amazes me that at 5 she knows better than to say something offensive to others. I find it of high character that she knows to keep it to herself.  Just beware that if you see this little girl and your breath is anything less than stellar, she’s thinking you need a tic tac but she has too much etiquette to tell you, so look for her to be holding her breath. That’s when you’ll know.

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This is a little girl who notices the flaws of the world but chooses to see the beauty!

*Names changed to protect the innocent and unsuspecting perpetrators or gingivitis:)


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Laura 2011/02/06 - 11:40 pm

I love your girls! Such sweet, caring little people.

The poop in the mouth thing made my night. Hilarious. I’m so glad my kids aren’t the only ones who think//talk like that!

I want to meet your babies one day!

Truthful Mommy 2011/02/07 - 8:58 am

Thanks Mama! I can’t wait to meet your littles either. Hopefully, I will get to meet your family in August!I’m shooting for Wednesday:) The things that come out of my girls’ mouths are shocking and hilarious mostly.of course, I can imagine that it would sting a bit being the recipient of the news that it smells like a dog pooped in your mouth. I would be mortified. Miss you!I’ll be back around the cyber world this week. I’ve been unplugged sort of for the past week…I needed it:)

Lanae 2011/02/07 - 8:57 am

That is so funny! I love the honesty of children. It’s so refreshing!!!

Truthful Mommy 2011/02/07 - 10:53 am

It is refreshing until she can’t take it anymore and tells someone in her class that they need to brush their teeth. I;m sure the teacher is used to unfiltered children of this age group. She’s been teaching for over 20 years but it will still sting none the less. Hope Bella can keep a lid on it for a few more months…even though she’s thinking:)LOL

Krysta MacGray 2011/02/07 - 10:02 am

That is so funny. Kids are hysterical. The whole it smells like a dog pooped in her mouth thing had me chuckling out loud. Have a great day!

Truthful Mommy 2011/02/07 - 10:54 am

Bella had me laughing so hard I almost cried…I had to leave the room so I wouldn’t laugh in front of her. These kids are honest to a fault and they normally do not utilize the small filter that is actually in existence. I’m sure one of these days, I will be called into the office for one of their transgressions.

Bruna 2011/02/07 - 7:26 pm

I’ve already told you a million times how beautiful I think your girls are so no sense repeating myself here. Ha ha. They are gorgeous! My almost 5 yr old is like Bella. She thinks but is smart enough to know what to say or not say. My youngest is like Gabs, she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She just does!

Hilarious. Teachers should take better care to ensure their breathe doesn’t stinky winky. Not fair to the students! LOL

Truthful Mommy 2011/02/09 - 11:51 am

I learned that lesson about the be aware of how you smell around little ones a long time ago. I was working with a 4 year old and he said, “You stink!” I was almost in tears. I couldn’t figure it out because I had brushed my teeth, used mouth wash, taken a shower, had on deodorant, and perfume. So I asked, “LIKE WHAT?” Because I was in my 20’s and clearly flabberghasted. To which he answered, ” you smell too sweet!’ The culprit was my perfume, apparently Chanel was not to his liking but I’ll tell you what….I learned my lesson. LOL


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