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Ann Romney, Mitt Romney, miscarraige, grief,loss

Throat Punch Thursday~ Condescending Politicians Edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday~ ann romney, abortion, women's rights, mitt romney, miscarriage, loss, grief,votes

Ann Romney Over shares for Votes

Ann Romney today you are the recipient of the Throat Punch. I’ve made it very clear that I feel that the politicians should back the fuck out of my uterus.  Well, now they have their wives trying to sneak them in the back way and that really pisses me off. What’s worse is they have taken to using a personal tragedy to wiggle their way into our votes. Fuck that, I see you!

In an interview earlier this week, Ann Romney spontaneously and irrelevantly burst into a speech about a miscarriage that she went through when she was in her 40’s. It’s sad for sure. I hate that any woman ever has to go through that loss and experience such a huge devastation in life; for that, my heart breaks for the Romneys. The part that bugs the piss out of me is that in the video it seemed as if the entire thing were done to make the Romney’s more approachable; more relatable. Let me be blunt. Ann Romney and her spiel didn’t seem very authentic to me. It seemed like a ploy to get the female population’s vote and that, my friends, is disgusting and despicable.

I am not saying that she did not experience a miscarriage. I am not saying that her family was not devastated. I am not saying that I am not sorry for her loss. My heart breaks for any and every single woman, even if her husband is trying to rob the rest of us women of our reproductive rights, who has ever known this life altering pain but why now? Why disclose it now? Why is it relevant now? The only answer my mind can come up with is for the votes.

Ann Romney, Mitt Romney, miscarriage, grief,loss

Ann Romney is Mitt’s Biggest Fan

In the interview, she goes off on a Stepford wife like tangent about having the miscarriage and then telling her children before leaving to the hospital. She dropped a bomb and then left before it went off. That seems kind of like an asshole thing to do to me. Then she recounts how when her 10 or 11 year old son ( yes, she was not sure.Which I found bizarre as well. I remember the day my miscarriage happened vividly and I remember the year and how old my kids were and their reactions. How can you be confused about the year? My miscarriage is burned into my brain like a torturous scar earned from surviving the hardest day of my life this far) came home and collapsed on the floor with grief. I believe that. Telling my children about our miscarriage was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

His mother told him heartbreaking news and then sent him off to school to digest it, alone. I don’t know why Ann Romeny is telling people this. It only served to piss me off more. In the interview, Mitt Romney looked moved and said that Ann never told him about how his son reacted that day. Where the fuck was Mitt? Your wife just had a miscarriage. She should be in bed dealing with her own grief, Mitt should have been the one meeting the kids when they got home from school and comforting them. Where was he? It’s just one more example of how out of touch the Romney’s are with reality. Even when experiencing a universal tragedy, they react in a way that the average family would not.

In this case of exploiting your miscarriage for votes, I kinda can’t stand the sight of the Romney’s now. Heartstrings manipulation is a crap way to get votes. In any case, what kind of a husband would ask his wife to share such a personal and painful event in her life for votes? Or worse, what kind of woman would use such a painful experience to get votes? Ann Romney, what were you thinking?

Ann Romney Sorry You just Lost One More Vote


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Elizabeth 2012/08/30 - 11:28 am

I avoid watching anything with the Romneys so I’m glad I missed this speech. But, really? She didn’t remember how old her son was when she miscarried? I miscarried on October 7 and 8, there were 2 in there, of 2008. My kids at the time were 4 and 1. My appointment was at 12:45. My ultrasound was at 1:50. The doctor I saw only that day had green frames on her glasses. My husband never left my side and the only person I told was my mom so she could tell everyone else because hell no, I wasn’t in the emotional state to do it myself! I call BS. I’m sorry, but I do. I have lived that day over and over in my heart so many times, I will never forget any detail. The light cover above the bed I was on had a horrific seahorse image to keep me distracted. I wanted to break the glass. I couldn’t imagine having gone home and told my kid and then let him go to school and sort through the feelings himself. What a bitch if she really did that.

I fucking hate the Romneys.

Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. 2012/08/30 - 3:23 pm

Amen! I watched her because I was curious if she could humanize Mitt. I was offended at her first giggle. Seriously. Please don’t try to tell me your giddy about your marriage after 40+ years. I don’t buy it. I was also horrified when her abortion comment came so early in the speech. I was still hoping to not completely hate her and wham: all children have rights born and unborn. Mentioning her miscarriage was such a horrid way to try to humanize this family that lives life in a stratosphere the rest of us will never even visit. I don’t doubt it hurt . . . at the time. And if it was yesterday I’d feel some pity for her. But this is not the time. Disgusting.

Truth be told they had not shot at getting my vote. But now I’m just utterly bewildered by Romney/Ryan supporters.

WorkingMom 2012/08/30 - 6:21 pm

Cannot believe you’re condemning this woman for how she and her family dealt with THEIR loss – “She should be in bed dealing with her own grief. He should…” – the parents who attended the support group we went to ran the gamut from those who were still attending two years later who would visit their child’s grave with balloons and a cake on the anniversary to those who would attend one or two meetings and then stop, telling the nurse facilitator they were coping and moving on. How very judgmental of you – hopefully you’ll never experience someone doing the same thing to you. Throat punch indeed – this is hitting below the belt.

Grace Tronny 2012/08/31 - 1:40 am

I have no problem with Ann Romney sharing about her miscarriage for it is somewhat relieving to her when she talks it out. But if she had a motive behind it then that makes the whole thing wrong.

Amber @fourkidslater 2012/08/31 - 12:45 pm

I did not see the interview so I can only go on your version of it. I will agree that using a story about a miscarriage in a political strategic way is sketchy. But, you could pick apart every single word out of any politician & their supporters during any election & find lots of sketchy strategic moves. That’s bipartisan, for sure. That’s just the way it is, sadly.
I just want to say that the way she & her family dealt with their loss is not for me to judge. Everyone deals with grief differently. I chose not to tell the world about my own miscarriage until well after. I made that choice partly because I didn’t want people analyzing the way I grieved over it. “She’s not sad enough” or “She’s overreacting” or how about “He doesn’t even care.” It all boils down to the fact that all people are different in the way they outwardly deal with things.

Born27 2012/09/03 - 12:53 pm

I’m sorry, but I do. I have lived that day over and over in my heart so many times, I will never forget any details.

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