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Only 9 More Summers

Mom work life balance, is there even such a thing? Oh the working mother guilt in the summertime is almost unbearable. UNBEARABLE. I thought I couldn’t handle leaving my girls all day and going to an office to work because I didn’t want to miss anything and I still don’t. There are only 9 more summers until my oldest turns 18, then college and then I won’t have these every day opportunities ... »

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Things to do in Boston When Traveling with Children Part.1

I’ve made a short list of things to do in Boston when traveling with children. When my family was in Boston,Massachusetts we saw and did a lot of wonderful things.Honestly, too many things to mention in one post but I would like to mention some of our favorites. I won’t lie, I drug my kids all over Bean town. It was like Disney World to me. There was just so much to see and I only had 6 days... »

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Duracell Batteries Help Soothe Frightened Children on Stormy Nights

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser Duracell. All opinions are mine alone. The song says rainy days get me down but not my family because we’ve got Duracell batteries a plenty from our local Walmart. We’ve got rechargeable Duracell batteries in AA because almost everything we own takes AA batteries and a drawer full of Duracell coppertop batteries in ev... »

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Seussical at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Chicago Shakespeare Theater Presents Seussical A whimsical adventure through the world of Dr. Seuss July 5–August 17, 2014. Do your kids love Dr. Seuss? Do you? I grew up reading Dr. Seuss and now, I read Dr. Seuss to my girls. They love the Lorax, the Whos in Whoville and especially the Cat in the Hat! Well, guess what? The awesomeness that is Dr. Seuss has been made into a musical, perfect for k... »

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Your Period ~ When God Shivs You in Your Lady Bits

Your period, that magical time of month when everything in the world irritates you. Remember when you were in 7th grade, way back before your mom would allow you to wear those whorish tampons that all the “cool” girls were wearing? Remember the good old days of wearing maxi-pads that had wings and were as big as a 747? Way before “First Moon Period Parties.” Back when your period, snuc... »

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Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary Moments of Childhood

I have been finding that the extraordinary moments in motherhood are the ordinary moments of childhood. There is magic in the laughter and giggles of my girls, there are infinite possibilities in the wonder of first steps and words and discovering the world with fresh eyes is like accomplishing the impossible. Watching my girls grow and be in the world, reminds me daily that I am blessed to have h... »

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Stop Waiting For “Special” Occasions, Do It NOW

Stop waiting for special occasions. Do It Now! Don’t Make Your Happiness Contingent on anyone else or conditionals. I will/can be happy when I …. is a crazy way to live your life. In fact, I have spent most of my life bartering with myself. When I get skinny, I will allow myself to finally be happy. When I do this, I will deserve that. When my daughters are no longer bickering and talking ba... »

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Boston + the Walking Dead + Westin Waterfront Boston = Best Family Trip EVER

I went to Boston and fell in love. I am serious. I just got back from Boston and I have fallen madly, deeply and head over heels in love. The people, the food, the beautiful harbor and the accents that had me wanting to ask everyone I met to please say “The Hopper” it was my litmus test, the more “Ha-Pah” it was the more I loved it. It was the first trip to Boston for the girls and I. We stayed at... »

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You Know what they Say About Making Assumptions

This is not the post that I meant to write today. I meant to write about my family road trip to Boston. And I want to be that person who just let’s things roll of her back. I really do but it’s Monday and I’m not accustomed to being called out and belittled for having an opinion. I’m all about respectful, intelligent debate but name calling is for children not intelligent adults. See, way ba... »

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That One Time the School “Misplaced” My Daughter ( Throat Punch Thursday)

The end of the school year was last week and the unthinkable happened…the school misplaced my daughter. Errrr, how do you misplace an entire child? She’s not pocket sized. She’s an actual human being. She talks and breathes and walks and matters in the world. Uhm, she is my everything! Has the school ever lost your child? I mean full on called your house to ask where your child was, af... »

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