Three Tiny Rings

Today, I woke up and remembered that I should be snuggling a 3-year-old in my lap this morning. Celebrating with giggles, random hugs and sweet, baby voiced, “I love you”s. Instead, my lap is empty. The only things I have to commemorate what should have been are three thin stackable rings, the birthstones of the […]

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Grades are Ruining Education

Do you worry about your child’s grades? Last week we attended annual Parent/Teacher conferences for our girls. They are always fairly uneventful. We go, the teachers tell us how good our girls are doing and we all go home and pat ourselves on the back. There are never any surprises.
We usually have a report card […]

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Quick Tips for the Busy Mom

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Life Hacks to help you feel and look beautiful even when you’re exhausted. One thing that I’ve learned from being a mom for 10 years is that, we cannot have it all. We can have a lot but not […]

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What Grandparents can Teach Us

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What do you think the roles of grandparents are in the lives of grandchildren? Are they figureheads who buy them too much candy and spoil them rotten or are they something […]

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How Playing More Could Save Our Kids Lives #FuelGreatness @FUTP60 #Sponsored

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As a parent, one of my biggest responsibilities is to teach my daughters healthy habits so they grow up healthy and strong. I am setting the tone for the rest of their lives. […]

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Parenting Means Nourishing the Mind, Body and Soul

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Weekdays are crazy at our house; absolutely chaotic in the best possible way. This is what being a family and having children is all about. I remember as a child myself, there were six of us […]

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I Just Want them to Enjoy Their Childhood

I want my daughters to enjoy their childhood. My goal as a parent is simple; to love my children so unconditionally that they believe that they can do anything they set their minds to because I will always love and support them. My wish is that one-day they look back on their childhood with no […]

Back-to-School means Time to Get Back to Me

Summer was insane around here, packed full of traveling and the making of all the fun childhood memories but now it’s time to get back to me. It was awesome for the girls and us too. I love having them home but for me it was a little bit of the summer of Mom Interrupted.

My […]

Stress Incontinence 101, How to Stop Leaking When You Sneeze #TryImpressa

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Do you ever find yourself leaking (just a little bit) when you laugh too hard, dance too hard, sneeze or cough (that’s the worst) or workout? It’s so embarrassing. I am a grown […]

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School Uniforms Destroy Girls’ Body Image

Have you ever thought about how our daughters’ self-esteem and body image could be affected by the school uniforms or dress code policy? Sounds crazy, right? I mean isn’t that the entire purpose of school uniforms in the first place, to level the playing field; to equalize all children and neutralize all social hierarchy? Isn’t a […]

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