What to Do When Your Tween Gets Bullied

Now that my daughter is getting older, I have found myself faced with the question of what to do when my tween gets bullied. It's not like when they were toddlers. My daughters seem to be magnets for bullies. Despite being nice kids who are friendly with almost everyone (according to their teachers), they always [...]

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Postponing Motherhood and the Consequence I Never Considered

I never thought of the possible consequences of postponing motherhood but  lately, I’ve been missing that new baby smell. It’s crazy that I am saying this out loud because it feels a little like something I should be keeping to myself but what they hell, I figure when I go through these difficult times, I’m not usually the only one feeling this way. I can’t be the only one who has regretted not having more kids or wishing they’d started having babies earlier. […]

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Creepy Clown Hysteria and Why I’m Dressing Like a Drunk Chuck Norris for Halloween

Apparently, it’s not enough that this election has our country going to hell in a handbasket with a political slope that is slicker than chicken grease now we're on full out Creepy Clown crisis even the White House says so. Okay, so they are not killer clowns yet but these sons of guns are sure as hell [...]

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What to do When Racism Happens to Your Child at School

What do you do when your child comes home from school and tells you about all the blatant racism she experienced at school that day? Racism is nothing new but I've never had it directed so closely at my children. Wait, let me clarify, no one called my daughter a “Beaner”, “Wetback” or “Spic”; none [...]

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Definitive Proof that Too Much Sex is Unhealthy

Oh you read that title right? And I'm the barely living proof. In case you’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been all week, I got taken out of the game by a U.T.I. Yep, I said it. No alibi just a damn U.T.I. I’m feeling like I’m upside down in the middle of nowhere. [...]

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Wicked Good for the Entire Family

Feeling a little wicked this morning. Something just has my heart nostalgic for quieter times. We are caught up in the storm and chaos of everyday life. Somehow, it seems like the world just spins a little faster once school starts back. I thought things were crazy when the Big Guy and I were dating [...]

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My Daughter Taught Me an Invaluable Lesson

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is one of our family’s favorite animated movies. It has been since before we even had children. In fact, when I met my husband it may have been one of the first things we had in common; we both loved the story of Belle the beauty and how she saw [...]

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Mommy in a Coma

I feel like I've been in a mommy coma for the past 10 years. While all of you are trying to find your way back to who you were before you had your kids, I think I've spent so much time putting out fires that I forgot to enjoy the last 10 years of motherhood. [...]

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I’ll Miss His Smile

There are people who come into our lives and make it better, people who make you want to smile. They might not do anything in particularly special but to you those simple actions; a kind word, a crooked smile or a hand and heart of support make them everything to you. These people matter and [...]

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That Time I Had to Hide in a Bathroom Stall with my Daughter

Ever think about what it really means that we are parenting in a world where it's completely necessary to teach our children what to do in case someone enters the the building with a gun? Something happened last week that left me more than a little freaked out. I haven’t talked about it on here because I didn’t know [...]

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