I Keep My Kids Home on September 11th, but Not for the Reasons You Think

Last night, I watched as social media became heated and divided over September 11th. These are just a few of the slurs I saw hurled at people.
“Do you live in fear? Do you send your children to school? Do you keep them home? You are stupid if you keep them home. If you keep them […]

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Every Inch of You is Perfect from the Bottom to the Top

Today, I’m all about that Bass.
This just makes me smile. I needed this today. My gift to you from me! Just trying to embrace life as is. We should all be about that bass!

I want this to be the anthem of the next generation of girls. No photoshop. No plastic surgery. No impossible standards. Let’s […]

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Learning to Disrupt the Pink with GoldieBlox Giveaway

When I was a little girl, I was raised that little girls did “girl things” like play with baby dolls and Barbie dolls. Boys played with Legos and Lincoln logs. Girls were pretty and boys were dirty. Boys got to have all the fun while all I got to do was chores and play with […]

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Sometimes You Just Need a Little Hideaway in your Life

My daughters, they saw an Instagram video of a friend’s little girl lip syncing Kiesza’s Hideaway. It was the first time they’d ever heard the song. They were instantly obsessed and being my children, of course they never do anything to scale. They had to take it and run away with it. After making several Instagram […]

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Back-to-School ~ Diary of a Recovering Helicopter Mom

Back-to-school school is upon us.
Yesterday morning, I took my girls back-to-school. I know that I should be rejoicing. I thought I might be. This summer has been very busy and trying but instead, I was sad. Sad that another summer is gone and there are so few left before they go off to college. When they are […]

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Losing Our Saffaron Still Breaks Our Hearts

As a family, we love animals. The first thing the Big Guy and I did together as a married couple was adopt a gorgeous brindle boxer puppy. We named her Saffaron and she was our first little girl; our first dip in the parenthood pond. We were young and in love and we adored this […]

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My Promise To Baby Was Made Before I Ever Met Her

What was your promise to baby?
I am partnering with JOHNSON’S® Baby and Latina Bloggers Connect to share with you avery special campaign that Johnson’s has undertaken to make moms feel safe.JOHNSON’S® Baby always listens to moms and although their products have always been safe, they took a stand and changed their formulas to give moms peace of mind.

We […]

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Do you Get Your Freak on In Your #SwaggerWagon ?

Wait! Have you heard that the latest technology in minivans makes it so that I can yell at my kids in the car without having to scream over the Kids Bop #71 millionth edition CD and the two of them out octaving one another to the tune of, “NO, YOU’RE THE worst sister ever!” What?

Disclosure: […]

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Only 9 More Summers

Mom work life balance, is there even such a thing?
Oh the working mother guilt in the summertime is almost unbearable. UNBEARABLE. I thought I couldn’t handle leaving my girls all day and going to an office to work because I didn’t want to miss anything and I still don’t. There are only 9 more summers […]

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Things to do in Boston When Traveling with Children Part.1

I’ve made a short list of things to do in Boston when traveling with children.
When my family was in Boston,Massachusetts we saw and did a lot of wonderful things.Honestly, too many things to mention in one post but I would like to mention some of our favorites.

I won’t lie, I drug my kids all over […]