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You kiss your Mother with that mouth?

by Deborah Cruz

God knows I have two of the most precious, beautiful little princesses to ever walk the face of the earth but some of the things that come out of their mouths…well, not so princess like. For instance, this morning, this is what I heard at my breakfast table..
 Gabs: “Me faaaarted!” (apparently, she was having a little issue with flatulence) .
Bella: “Gabs!!!! You don’t just fart and say  ‘Me Farted” . You say, “Excuse me. I farted, OK?” ( almost like, do you have a problem with that.) Mind you I am sitting at the table absolutely losing it, I am literally in tears.. It continues on…
Gabs:”NO, me say- Me FAAAAARTED!” (Uncontrollable maniacal laughing ensues.)
Bella (completely unamused) “What are you going to do when you are in school? (She’s so mature just because she is starting Kindergarten next year. What a big girl!) “Gabs, you have to say EXCUSE ME!”
Gabs: “Why?”
Bella:”Because its rude!!” (She has almost exhausted her very last nerve. I seem to be familiar with that feeling).
Gabs: “WHHHHHHY?” (All exasperated and fed up with Bella’s nagging!)
Bella: “Because it Stinks!!”(Huff Puff)
Gabs: “Me NO Stink!”(completely indignant).
Bella: “What? Are you just going to fart and run away??”
Gabs: (So completely over the conversation) “Yeah, me run away!” And she got up and left the table!
I was in awe of this conversation because Bella was being so mature and trying to explain manners to her 2 year old sister and because Gabs was completely loving driving her sister bananas. She knows to say excuse me, she just thinks its funny to irritate her sister by announcing the fact that she has broke wind. Oh , my princess, I’m so proud of her fearlessness.

   Gabs: She looks sweet, right? Don’t be fooled!

Bella: All business; no time for your shenanigans Gabs! I’m calling Daddy! You’re in trouble!

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Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip 2010/05/21 - 3:30 pm

OMG. This convesation could be a replication of 50% of what goes on at my dinner table too. Except that no one is telling anyone to excuse themselves. They are just farting away and reveling in their own stink and apparent hilarity. I have a 5 year old and 2 year old also and conversations usually go alot like this, N: "Fart fart fart. Poop poop poop!!" Hilarious laughing by both parties. D: "Fart fart!!" More laughter. N: "Poop" Even more laughter. D: "Eyeball poop!!" N: "Eyeball poop?!" Delirious laughter all around…

Etc. Etc. Etc. This could go on all day actually. At least you have one child in your family that has a respect for what is decent!!!!

Emma @ Mummy Doesn't Know Why 2010/05/21 - 2:20 pm

This made me giggle

Nikki 2010/05/21 - 9:51 pm

Way too cute!!! Your girls are adorable and I love listening to kids talk! They really are sooo entertaining!!


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