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Yoselyn Ortega, Krim Family, Marina Krim, Murder, Nanny, New York

Yoselyn Ortega the Sociopath Nanny who Destroyed Marina Krim ‘s Life

by Deborah Cruz

I’ve been thinking a lot about Marina Krim and her children waiting to see what excuse their nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, gives for murdering Lucia and Leo Krim. I have been following the Krim murder case since the day it happened. It is one of those cases that I need answers to. When something so horrendous happens in the world, I need an explanation to be able to wrap my brain around it and process it. I called for prayers for the Krim family but now I want justice for the Krim family.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, two weeks ago, Marina Krim, returned home from swimming lessons with her 3-year-old Nessie to find every mother’s nightmare. The nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, who Marina considered part of the family and entrusted on a daily basis with her children’s well being, had brutally stabbed and murdered her children.  Then, in front of Marina Krim, Yoselyn Ortega turned the knife on herself.


Yoselyn Ortega, Krim Family, Marina Krim, Murder, Nanny, New York

This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Yoselyn Ortega

In my book, that was the only merciful thing Yoselyn Ortega did for Marina Krim.

I’ve yet to get my explanation as to what really happened that day at the Krim family home. As time goes by, more evidence comes out. In the latest interview of Yoselyn Ortega by the police, she has told them that she was disenchanted with Marina Krim on the day of the murders. She says that the Krim family treated her badly. Yoselyn Ortega says that she was underpaid, overworked and that Marina Krim was a bad woman, a crappy mother and that Marina Krim didn’t say goodbye to her the day of the murders and it hurt her feelings.

You know what I hear? Wah, Wah, Wah! This bitch is mean. She got pissed at her employer, because she is a spiteful, horrible person and then, just to hurt them irrevocably, she brutally murdered two small, innocent children, Leo and Lucia Krim.

I’ve read all kinds of crazy reactions to this case. People somehow placing blame on Marina and Kevin Krim.  Onlookers judgmentally saying that Marina Krim was an entitled mother who didn’t care about her children, only using them as blog fodder but not really wanting to actually take care of them.  The key word in that sentence is “entitled” people somehow think it’s a sin to have nice things, to be wealthy. I don’t know the Krims but I know that becoming wealthy takes a lot of hard work and drive so there is no entitlement to it. Besides, when did it become a sin punishable by murdering your children to have money? People are justifying Yoselyn Ortega’s brutal murdering ways because they feel that the poor nanny with her money problems and mental problems needed more attention.

Fuck her. She was an employee. Sure they may have cared for her but they hired her to take care of their children. That was her job. If she couldn’t do her job, I don’t think it is logical that people think the Krims should have paid her to have the privilege of coddling her and dealing with her issues. They tried to help her. They gave her extra jobs to earn more money. She didn’t like the jobs they gave her. Tough shit. From what I am seeing, she is lazy and crazy and a murdering, sadistic person. I’d like to see her get the death penalty. The truth is that this could happen to any one of us.


Yoselyn Ortega, Krim Family, Marina Krim, Murder, Nanny, New York, Lucia Krim, Leo Krim

If you think she deserves mercy, remember there was no mercy for little Leo and Lucia, only betrayal and brutality.

Yoselyn Ortega brutally and painfully murdered Marina Krim ‘s two beautiful children that loved and trusted her.

She violated that sacred covenant between children, the nanny who loves them and the parents who trust these women to protect them and care for them. All nannies aren’t bad people; parents who have nannies aren’t lazy parents. Yoselyn Ortega was a crazy bitch and unless the situation was that Marina Krim chained her up to a radiator naked, beating her and depriving her of food and water, not paying her and making her care for her children and then Yoselyn Ortega slit Marina’s throat while trying to escape that nightmare, this case can never be justified.

I think people are scared and clutching at any explanation as to why a nanny would murder her charges because it truly is unthinkable. We want to place blame on someone, anyone. We don’t want to think that this could happen to any one of us. We don’t want to believe that bad things happen to good parents but they do. So, it’s easier for some people to blame Marina Krim for being a bad mother, for mistreating her nanny, for having a good life, or for being a bad person but she wasn’t.

Bottom line is that Yoselyn Ortega is a fucking mean and vengeful monster who deserved to have died along with those children. If I were Marina, I would have decapitated that bitch with the same knife she murdered my babies with. These are not thoughts that a mother should think but no mother should ever have to endure what Marina Krim has had to survive. Yoselyn Ortega deserves to suffer the same fate that she inflicted on little Lucia and Leo.


Yoselyn Ortega, Krim Family, Marina Krim, Murder, Nanny, New York

If mercy for Yoselyn Ortega comes to your mind, as a mother, imagine the all-consuming pain Marina Krim was/is feeling over the loss of her two beautiful children. Yoselyn Ortega did this!

My thoughts and prayers are with the Krim family and more specifically, Marina Krim. I imagine that every day that she keeps herself above ground is a win for her family. I’m also confident that what propels her forward is her love for her only surviving child, Nessie. May God bless this family and give them the strength to endure this grief.

As for Yoselyn Ortega, I pray that she experiences the same mercy that she extended to the Krim children. Perhaps, we should bring back quartering just this once. Yoselyn Ortega makes me sick and may her journey to hell be slow and painful.

What do you think would be justice served for Yoselyn Ortega and retribution for Marina Krim?

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Liza 2012/11/08 - 2:03 pm

I’m so heartbroken and enraged by this story. I can’t seem to stop reading about it and since there is nothing to add, keep reading the same upsetting depiction of event. I just can’t make sense of this heartless, cruel and fucked crime. How this selfish bitch could justify herself is beyond me. It’s obvious that she wanted to inflict the worst pain imaginable on the Krim family. Not to mention what she caused her own son and family. She’s a heartless, fucked up piece of shit and the only consolation is that I hope this stupid ugly cunt goes to jail soon enough to get the crap beat out of her each and every day for the rest of her useless life. Hell has a special place for monters like this. And child absers don’t do well in prison. I cannot wait until they get their hands on her – she’s going to wish she killed herself then. What a pathetic low-life!! I’m obviously infuriated and never post like this but I just can’t help it. Murdering two beautiful & innocent children like that. Someone please beat the living shit out of this terrible, horroble woman!!

Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. 2012/11/08 - 3:06 pm

Amen! The only thing sicker than the nanny murdering these darling children is the sickos who somehow place blame on the mother. Nothing she ever said or did to her employee justifies murdering her darling babes. Disgusting.

Olga 2012/11/11 - 11:23 pm

There has not been a day that went by that I did not cry for Marina Krim and her family. What happened to her is a freak accident, and sadly, there is nothing she could have done to prevent it. It blows my mind how people have the nerve, and ignorance, to judge her. All these judgements stem from jealousy and ignorance. That’s all. Yes, she is wealthy, and had a nanny. So what? It is because of the Krim’s financial status that this bitch, Ortega, was able to get a job. She was stressed out because of finances? Are you kidding me? She wanted to live in NYC and have her 17 year old son go to private on a salary of a nanny. She was delusional. People making three times her salary can’t afford that! So, she decided to take it out on two beautiful, innocent children. She probably thought … “Oh, my son deserves no less than these kids”. Go out, get an education that will enable you to get a higher paying job, work your ass off, and put your kid in any private school you want. And now she is painting an ugly picture of Marina to justify her actions. Not happy with your employer? Knock yourself out and get another job. I do not believe for a second that Marina was mean or entitled or a bad mother just because she lived a privileged lifestyle. Not for a second. To assume that of a Marina just because she is wealthy is the same as assuming that people who don’t have money are lazy and stupid. Ortega should rot in hell for the rest of her life. Death sentence is an easy way out for her.

Liza 2012/11/12 - 1:31 pm

Regarding some of the FB posts on this page… I have to think that Ms. Krim initially called the ambulance for her kids, who were still technically alive but pronunced dead at the hospital. So sad! I ranted earlier about a crazy fucked up cunt I think Ortega is. There’s NO excuse. I’m still searching for answers weeks later on this because I cannot believe it happened, cannot believe that someone could be THAT cruel. The various reports that Ortega was upset about money, etc., give me the “Who gives a shit??” feeling. She had the option to walk away. But she apparently wanted to hurt Marina Krim even more than trying to murder Ms. Krim would have possibly done. This Ortega woman is evil, evil, evil!! Two defenseless children are mercilessly stabbed (a very painful way to go I would imagine) and we’re offered these STUPID fucking moronic explantions by the media about the nanny’s sorry life. The ONLY mistake the Krim family did is not fire this sorry bitch as soon as they noticed her decline. But like most people, they probably wanted to be nice/fair to this LUNATIC!! Meanwhile, I bet you that Ortega was going to be fired any day considering the epic argument she had with Krim, and I bet you anything Ms. Krim was unfortunately just waiting for her husband to return home so she could solidify the decision. Such a ruthless horrible act. The murder itself was bad enough, but the method she chose just shows you what a fucking disgusting animal this woman is! I fucking hate her and I’m so SICK of hearing excuses about her. I hope she fucking dies a slow and painful death like she caused those poor beautiful kids. UGH!!

Liza 2012/11/12 - 1:40 pm

PS. Deborah, I wanted to thank you for writing such an excelent article on the subject. It was one of the few places where I found someone was talking about reality. Sorry I have gone crazy posting on your page but it has been VERY cathartic. Thanks so much for keeping it real.

Karen 2012/11/18 - 3:36 pm

I agree with everything said. This woman makes me sick and angry over the cruel and heartless act she carried out. How could anyone attack two innocent little children that they were being entrusted to care and protect. And to think she is a mother herself. It is just sick and one can only hope that she spends the rest of her life tormented and punished for what is a most disgusting crime – choosing to take away the lives of two innocent children in their own home where they felt safe and loved. One can only pray for this family. The heartache will live with them forever. Why are there evil people like this out there. Why did she not quit and walk away. Obviously the poor family were just giving her another chance to lift her game and this is how she repays them – an evil murderer who acted purely out of spite and resentment.

The TRUTH About Motherhood | The Krims, Zack Sobiech & Daryl Raetz: From Tragedy Comes Inspiration - The TRUTH About Motherhood 2013/05/23 - 10:55 am

[…] parents of Lulu and Leo Krim, the two beautiful children slain by their nanny last fall, Marina and Kevin Krim are expecting another child. If anyone ever needed a new baby, […]

Ann 2013/12/24 - 6:22 pm

Words. Cannot. Express the pain I feel for. The parents. Two. Innocent. Angels. Massacred. By. A. Jealous. Bitch. Who. Thought. She hit the lottery. Landing. That nanny. Job. The. Problem. Was. She. Didn’t. Want to work. She wanted to. Live like marina krim. She. Expected them. To. Bail. Her. Out. And. Give her money. She thought. She was like them. She. Is. Not suck. That price. Of shit. I. Only. Hope. Someone. In. Prison. Hacks her up. With a knife. And she survives so they can do it. Again. Again. I. Pray. That. She. Gets beaten. Daily. For the rest of her like. Death is too. Good. For her. TORTURE. Is what she deserves.

Johanna 2014/06/05 - 2:48 pm

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Sarah 2014/06/10 - 8:58 pm

“Fuck her,she was an employee!” Yeah,just the attitude I would expect from a middle class,moo like yourself.If you had actually read about the Krims you would see they referred to her as being like “one of the family” but it is utter crap because you can’t treat an employee like family and they never did.So they offered to give her extra hours for more pay,wow! How about just paying her a living wage? You say Deborah she was lazy just because she didn’t take extra work? How about the possibility she was already working lots of hours as it was hence the reason why they should maybe have just paid her more than probably just paying her under the table.Do I speculate? Well,no more than you are my dear.

Not that anyone would agree with what this crazy nanny did,but the way most of you go on fed up over others going on about the story when you do the same yourselves.Thankfully I don’t live in the good ol’ US of A.

And a spic cunt like you should no how your ethnic counterparts are treated in your country.

Deborah Cruz 2014/06/11 - 8:04 am


Wow! Just wow! I’d tell you to use your words but seems you don’t have many in your arsenal. I can see that you are seething with a lot of misplaced anger. When I wrote this piece, I agree it was inflammatory, as I was very upset and angered by the actions of this woman; the nanny. Perhaps, I was a little harsh with my words but none of it changes the fact that what she did was heinous, criminal and completely disgusting for any human being to commit against another human being, especially when the victims are children.

No matter if she were like family or not, once she murdered their children she stepped out of bounds. Whatever you think about me personally, you have to agree that what she did was horrific. Me being a “middle class moo” and a “spic cunt” aside. You do a fair amount of name calling and speculation yourself. You don’t know me, or my situation so while you are certainly entitled to your opinion ( everyone is) please keep the name calling to a minimum.

P.S. Are you related to Yoselyn Ortega? Just asking because I’ve never seen someone so protective of a cold-blooded child murderer.

Ann 2018/03/02 - 9:55 am

First, let me say that nothing excuses what Ortega has done, and my heart aches for the Krim family. I am a mother, but before that I was a live-in nanny (granted I have never been mentally I’ll, like Ortega is alleged to be). I worked for four different families, and one was amazing, supportive, and caring. The other three were nightmares! I was paid for 40 hours a week, but expected to work 80+. I was hired for child care, but expected to cook, clean, do laundry, run errands, and run a household in addition to child care. On top of all that, I was berated and criticized multiple times (a few times because of a bad day at work, and most were over things that should not have been the responsibility of a nanny). One family had little to no interaction with their children, pawning them off on Grandma when I had a rare day off (that was truly heart breaking to me). The three horrible families all bragged about how I was a member of the family, but treated me like a servant with no rights. This all happened in my native country, not in a foreign land, and, despite holding out in misery as long as I could for the sake of the children I grew to love, I resigned from those awful families. I was with the amazing family for years, even after my marriage (when I stopped being a live-in) until I was 6 months pregnant with my first daughter. Now, I wonder how one could entrust the most precious gift I’ve ever received to another person, and then treat that person as sub-human.

Deborah Cruz 2018/03/02 - 10:14 am

I am so sorry that you were treated so poorly by people who entrusted you with their children. I never understand that. I was never able to leave my girls with babysitters other than family, but I know that is a luxury many don’t have.

I think my issue with this particular case is the brutality and the betrayal. You resigned when it got to be too much. I can even understand hating people who mistreat you, especially if they at other times make you feel like part of the family. That would feel like a betrayal, in itself but the fact that this woman chose to murder the children, who loved her, rather than quitting or attacking the parents themselves is the worst.

We place our trust in people and we pray they live up to it. This nanny did not. She butchered 2 innocent, defenseless children who couldn’t protect themselves and even if they could have, probably would not have because they trusted her. As a mother, I cannot imagine walking in and finding my children butchered in this way. I’m honestly surprised she didn’t snap herself and kill the nanny. I think most of us would have.

Maybe the Krims were not as loving to the nanny as they believed but that is no reason for the nanny to murder the children to hurt them. She could have just quit.She should have just walked away. She murdered the children to hurt the parents.

I am curious to hear her testimony.

JJ 2018/03/06 - 1:27 am

I believe she killed the children out of envy and rage at Marina Krim.
First off, Yoselyn Ortega have NEVER been hired in the first place. It was her sister Celia, who was/is a nanny herself, who seemed to have stalked Marina Krim, who was new in town – (had recently moved from California) – and had a daughter in the same dance class or something as a child or children Celia watched.
So Celia, thinking of her sister Yoselyn, and thinking work as a nanny would be a better paying and/or easier job, was enticing Marina to hire her. Apparently Yoselyn was working as a cleaning lady at this time – (so it is all the more strange she was so offended at being offered cleaning work to make additional money by the Krims) even though she had an accounting degree. <–That is a bit of a red flag I'd say: an educated person in their late 40's working as a cleaning lady for a long time. Plus she apparently never had any experience as a nanny or babysitter before then, nor references. But Celia talked her up and convinced Marina to hire her. That was a mistake as family members are NOT objective. Marina should have done more research and digging.

As for the children being "blog fodder" that is ridiculous. It is easy to see she was in love with and fascinated by her children. She had them in great schools, all kinds of music, dance, sport lessons and activities and so on.

According to others in the building who'd seen/met the nanny, she was poker faced and cold compared to all the others.
I think neither Marina, nor her kids, seemed to have good intuition with that woman.

What happened is that Yoselyn, inspired by what the Krims did for their children, wanted the same for her son, who was being raised by his grandparents back in her homeland. So she sent for him and enrolled him in private school. This was more than her budget, but before her downward financial spiral, she was apparently doing better than she'd ever done before. The Krims paid her $18 and hour, and she had some side business with Avon and perhaps others.
But then, she wasn't paid for her Avon orders, and an apartment/house she'd rented for herself and her son to live in, was being "taken away" right after she spent a heap of money renovating it (so again she was spending more than her salary/budget could manage). See she leased/rented it from the owner who'd initially planned to go overseas and live for years. So Joselyn thought she'd be able to live there for a long time.
But the owner changed his mind and came back, so Joselyn and her son had to go live with one of her sisters.
She was no doubt angry and indebted due to putting so much money in that home, and then losing it.
So everything that she had been building towards was unraveling.
In her anger, she would see the contrast with Marina Krim, who was wealthy, whose husband had a good job, and whose three children were thriving with their schooling and activities. So she started resenting and hating Marina, and obviously wanted to hurt her as much as possible. For sure, the nanny would have killed the other child too, if she had the opportunity.
It is said she waited for Marina to come home and see her children dead, so she could see Marina's reaction, before she attempted suicide.
She is an evil woman, and I don't think she like those children at all.
From all accounts, they were well-behaved easy children, who could entertain themselves for long periods of time. Marina wrote that in her blog. So her job wasn't hard. $18 an hour is decent pay for glorified babysitting.
The Krim family also paid for her plane tickets to see her family in the Dominican Republic – and I think more than just once.

Deborah Cruz 2018/03/06 - 7:29 am

I find this all fascinating information that I had never heard before. How do you know all of this? Wow! This whole story is crazy.

jj 2018/03/09 - 1:25 am

Well I know this because I remember reading about it when it happened – I read many articles, and even read some of Marina Krim’s blog, and discussion forums. I tend to get caught up in things that really catch my attention (I become a bit obsessed) and was still searching and reading after other people stopped discussing it. Plus I am the kind of person who tends to retain the nitty-gritty details and trivia. This case sort of haunted me, and I’d think about it from time to time.
Other details I recall (from memory of back when it happened), are that the father of her son (her son is named Jesus), was a taxi driver in New York, but was from her home country I believe. In the articles he said she never asked for child support but he would willing help if she’d asked.
I also recently discovered, after watching the Krim’s video on their foundation, which was linked in an article, that Marina Krim has her own youtube channel and a few posts. She posts a video of her surviving daughter, Nessie, ice-skating, and she is very good for an 8-year-old.

Rachel Vaughan 2022/03/13 - 1:17 pm

I feel as you do. However, I want that cunt to live a long life! This whole “get whitie “ shit has gotten real old! At the end of her trial when she says, “I hope no one ever has to go through what I, have gone through”. I wanted to smash her!

Jf 2023/06/03 - 1:23 am

I’m little late but uh.id kill the bitch if I found my kids dead and that’s the god honest truth of it. Albeit she’s better off dead then in a mental hell of her own making and rotting in prison. She just too crazy , Killin two kids like that


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